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Black Genocide, Bill Gates and the Covid-19 Vaccine: Why should every African be careful and vigilant?

27 July 2021, Jolof
Black Genocide, Bill Gates and the Covid-19 Vaccine: Why should every African be careful and vigilant?

As Black and African, it is my duty to protect my community as much as possible. And I am inviting all of my fellow Blacks and Africans to be careful and vigilant about the Covid-19 vaccine.

Whether or not you should take the Covid-19 vaccine is a matter of personal responsibility. We also must protect our children because they are the future our our Africa. If they are robbed of their lives and their destiny, the entire Africa will be robbed of its destiny. Because of my concerns and my African patriotism, I would like to bring your attention to the following historical facts. Before making any decision to take or not take the vaccine, I would like to invite you to thoroughly read these facts.

As we may already know, history and current events across the world have always shown how we are perceived as Black people. We are not the most liked people around the world. We are refused opportunities, depicted as animals and even killed for no reasons by random people or those who sworn to protect people (the police). Those are just the tips of the iceberg. What you may not be aware of is that there were worst attempts “to wipe out” Black people from this earth using other methods.

The Black Genocide.

The Black genocide is characterized as the mistreatment of Black people by both the government and White people in the United States, both in the past and the present. The decades of lynching and long-term racial discrimination were first formally described as genocide. In the 1960s, Malcolm X accused the US government of engaging in genocide against Black people, citing long-term injustice, cruelty, and violence against Blacks by Whites. Today, US police officers are still targeting specifically Black men, oppressing and killing them in a random manner, sometimes literally for no reasons.

Aside from oppression and murders, more subtle methods were used to slow down the growth of Black populations across the world, such as sterilization of Black women and what is disguised as “Family Planning.” In the past, Black women were forcefully sterilized. Some US states performed sterilization procedures on low-income black mothers who were giving birth to their second child. The mothers were told that they would have to agree to have their tubes tied or their welfare benefits would be cancelled, along with the benefits of the families they were born into. Because of such policies, sterilization of Black people rose to 64%, white people were having children as they wanted.

These are just some examples of attempts that have been used against Black people to oppress and reduce the Black populations. Others include the increased use of Black people during wars where they were in front rows and were killed first. Additionally, family planning was also seen as a Black genocide by some Black leaders.

Regardless of the method used to limit the growth of Black populations, all of the methods have a common denominator: White people decide on how Black people should live their lives by forcing on us their own methods. That is why, some rich White people, such as Bill Gates, think that they should set a limit to the world population, especially Africa’s.

Bill Gates obsession on Africa’s population growth.

For years, Bill Gates has been “complaining” about the world population, especially Africa’s population growth. In an interview, Bill Gates expressed his concern on the fact that Africa’s population is growing at a fast pace. To Bill Gates, it is a must to slow down Africa’s population growth with methods he thinks should be in place. “Rapid population growth in some of Africa’s poorest countries could put at risk future progress towards reducing global poverty and improving health,” according to a report by the philanthropic foundation of Bill Gates. “Population growth in Africa is a challenge,” Gates told reporters in a telephone briefing about the report’s findings. Asked about the best ways of tackling the growing population and poverty challenge, Gates said improving access to birth control was key, and this should be combined with investment in young people’s health and education. “The biggest things are the modern tools of contraception,” Gates said. “If you have those things available then people have more control over being able to space their children.”

Aside from his own concerns, people have also expressed concerns towards Bill Gates and his obsession on population growth. Gates, who has announced that his $40 billion-foundation will shift its “total attention” to fighting COVID-19, has been accused of a range of misdeeds, from scheming to profit off a vaccine to creating the virus itself. On April 8, Fox News host Laura Ingraham and Attorney General Bill Barr speculated about whether Gates would use digital certificates to monitor anyone who got vaccinated. A Christian Right broadcaster, Brannon Howse of “Worldview Watch,” warned that Gates and the “medical globalist deep state” were using the crisis to regulate people’s fertility depending on their worldview, through “procreation tickets” and microchips.

Accusations against Bill Gates are endless. By combining those accusations with Bill Gates’ own obsession against population growth, people should wonder whether or not there is a specific forced and hidden agenda to reduce the world population, especially Africa’s “rapid” population growth.

The Covid-19 vaccine: why should we be careful?

As Black African, a combination of historical and current events raise questions about the intent behind the Covid-19 vaccine. In addition to the historical facts, the fact that Bill Gates is so concerned about the population of Africa and the fact that he invested so much money in the development of vaccines, reinforces my worries. Furthermore, in the history of human beings, no vaccine has ever been developed in 9 months. This is the first time ever a vaccine is developed in less than a year. Vaccines usually take years to develop, test and approve a vaccine for public use. According to the World Economic Forum, a vaccine usually takes 10 years to develop. The speed with which researchers and pharmaceutical companies have responded to the coronavirus epidemic has been described as "unprecedented" by Dr Jerome Kim, Director-General of the International Vaccine Institute. So to see a rush to force a vaccine to the world is worrisome and it is hard for lots of people to trust big pharma companies.

Besides, the West is known for forcing trial vaccines on African people leading to disastrous consequences such as deaths of innocent Africans and sterilization of African women. For example:

In 2010, according to Al Jazeera, “a former staffer with a government health initiative in Ghana made a shocking claim: a project partially funded by the Gates Foundation had tested the contraceptive Depo-Provera on unsuspecting villagers in the remote region of Navrongo, as part of an illicit “population experiment.” The new narrative was that Gates was waging “chemical warfare on poor women” in a neocolonial effort to suppress African births.”

In 2013, according to Type Investogations, the report, “Depo-Provera: Deadly Reproductive Violence Against Women” used the Ghana story to anchor claims of a massive international conspiracy, led by the Gates Foundation, to push dangerous contraceptives on poor black women as a means of decreasing African births and advancing “population control ideology.”

In 1996, as reported by Al Jazeera, “Kano State in Nigeria was the epicenter of a huge meningitis outbreak. At the time, Pfizer, one of the largest research pharmaceutical companies in the world, decided to conduct clinical trials to test a drug it was developing. Pfizer neglected to acquire informed consent from the parents of the patients, who were, anyway, too stressed to make rational decisions. It was only in 2009 that Pfizer settled out-of-court and paid $75 million to the Kano State government and $175,000 to the parents of four of the children who had died during the outbreak and clinical trials.

Similar trials and tests were conducted in Zimbabwe in 1994 with the drug AZT – projects funded by the US-based CDC and NIH resulted in adverse effects for patients. In Namibia in the early 1900s, sterilization tests were done on Herero women by German doctors who sought to provide “scientific” backing to ban mixed-race marriages.

These are just some out of several examples of attempts to use vaccines and other medical means to harm the African population, sometimes with the objective of reducing the African and Black population, which indeed can be characterized as “Genocide”. And clearly, it is hard based on the events, to trust Bill Gates as he showed deep obsession in reducing Africa’s population.

So, what questions should you consider asking before deciding for a vaccine?

As Africans, how can we trust the Covid-19 vaccine? Is the Covid-19 vaccine another attempt against the Black race? Will the same Covid-19 vaccine injected to White people be sent to Africa or will they send a poisonous vaccine to sterilize our children? By presenting the historical facts, my intent is not to cause paranoia. Instead, I am inviting each parent, each African and each Black person to think before making any decision to take any vaccine. If they tried to kill us before and to reduce the Black population, why wouldn’t they try again?

So, please, open your eyes and think as a Patriotic African!

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