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Decolonizing from France: What should Africa learn from the conflict between Israel and Palestine?

21 October 2021, Jolof
Decolonizing from France: What should Africa learn from the conflict between Israel and Palestine?

In recent days, we have all witnessed the bombing of Israel against Palestine. Some call it a response to an attack led by Hamas (Palestine); others call the bombings a new phase of a planned genocide. In any case, we all know that these conflicts are not new and that this new escalation will not be the last.

For my part, as an African, I look beyond what many people see. Rather, my thinking focuses not only on the inability of the United Nations (UN) and other countries of the world to end this conflict, but also on the inability of Palestine to defend itself. Palestinians around the world have resorted to every means imaginable. They negotiated, retaliated, wrote, spoke to the UN, pleaded with Israel, etc. Despite all efforts, it seems that there is nothing that can end their loss of human life, but also of their land and dignity.

Allow me to boldly compare one aspect of this Palestinian situation to that of certain African countries vis-à-vis France. Israel continues to bombard the Palestinians because it relies on its weapons. If we compare this same situation with that experienced by French-speaking countries in Africa, we can dare to say that the only reason France continues to colonize is because it relies on its weapons. Although the two situations are not the same, they have one common denominator: military strength. It is this same military power that silenced the whole world when France allowed itself to drop bombs on Côte d'Ivoire, to destabilize Chad, to assassinate African leaders, to fly its war planes over the Central African Republic, to invade Mali despite the anger of the Malians, to assassinate 19 Malians while they were celebrating a wedding, to be complicit in the genocide of more than a million Rwandans, etc. It is this same military power, this band of armed thieves that is the French army, which today frightens African leaders, mentally held hostage, and ready to sacrifice their peoples to please France. And despite all this “torture” that France has carried out against the African people, the UN turns a blind eye and the countries of the world do not even dare to comment on the situation.

Faced with this common denominator, Africa, the African people must therefore learn and understand that the world is still a jungle. What matters above all is military power, a strong army, peoples armed to the teeth to face the enemy. The African people still under French colonization must understand that France does not intend to end its colonization, because it has never learned to feed itself without the blood of Africans, as every leech does. Africa must therefore improve its military defense strategy by acquiring the most advanced weaponry and why not the atomic bomb. The facts have shown that the only power that countries like France respect is military strength. For decades, we have resorted to all means without results. One of the few fully independent African countries today that have never been colonized is Ethiopia that has demonstrated to the world the importance of military might and the ability to defend itself on its own. We must therefore, African people; equip ourselves with our own powerful army instead of relying on the French army, because in reality, France is the enemy. And to fight this enemy who only considers weapons, you have to arm yourself.

Let us remember our prophet, Thomas Sankara, “only fighting frees!”
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