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Focus, Macky, the slave, is still on a mission for France. Let's stay determined!

16 October 2021, Jolof
Focus, Macky, the slave, is still on a mission for France. Let's stay determined!

To all Senegalese, the patriotic revolution for sovereignty has only just begun. We need unwavering vigilance and determination. The slave Macky Sall lost a battle, but his mission to perpetuate French colonization is still on!

Proud to be Senegalese, proud to be African, proud to defend the sovereignty and prosperity of Africa!

In recent days, the Senegalese people, the true Pan-Africanists, have shown that they will use all necessary means to defend their sovereignty and their most basic rights. The Senegalese youth has shown that it is very aware of this colonization that France is trying to perpetuate in Africa, through its slaves like Macky Sall. The Senegalese people have shown Macky Sall, a slave of France and a traitor against his African people, that we will do everything to put an end to this colonial mission, this mission which pushes Macky to use all means to eliminate any form of patriotism in Senegal. Did he get the message? His speech seems to show that Macky still hasn't figured it out or he's playing dumb in order to step back to jump further.

Macky Sall is a slave of France, a traitor whose mission is to perpetuate the colonization of France. Ask all Senegalese people including children, they will all tell you that Macky is a slave, and he shames all of Africa. This is why the Senegalese people must remain vigilant and on their guard. Macky has lost a battle, but his war against us is far from over, and when a slave wants to please his master, he will do anything to make it happen.

Since the end of the protests in Senegal, arrests against Senegalese demonstrators have been happening in the shadows without the Senegalese realizing it. On top of that, officials suspected of siding with the Senegalese people are being transferred out of Dakar for purely political reasons. We recently saw in the press that even a Senegalese patriot who lost his hand in the defense of the country’s sovereignty was not spared from persecution after the protests. These attacks by the government of Macky Sall will continue quietly, if the Senegalese do not stop it.

What the Senegalese people must understand is that Macky Sall listens to only one God who is his master, Emmanuel Macron. Macky only binds himself in front of the White God. For three days, despite 10 Senegalese patriots being gunned down for defending Senegal, Macky Sall was silent. He took no step to stop the blood flowing. When all the religious leaders spoke, Macky showed that he didn't really care what they had to say. While his ministers allowed themselves to come out to accuse the Senegalese people of terrorists, Macky shut his mouth and even dared to call for the Senegalese army against the people - our soldiers have shown that they are on the people's side, respect to them. If we believe the words of the racist French Eric Zemmour, Macron had to put pressure on his slave Macky Sall to break his silence. Whether Zemmour's claim is true or not, all Senegalese people know that Macky only listens to Macron. And when dealing with a slave who is keen to have his own people murdered to please the white man, when dealing with a slave who has no soul, expect anything and be very vigilant.

In our opinion, Macky has lost a battle, but what is certain is he has not yet lost the war. And with a France determined to perpetuate its colonization, a France which holds its slave Macky Sall by the balls, we will not be surprised to see new traps set against Ousmane Sonko, even assassination attempts.

Let's keep our eyes open, let's stay vigilant, the fight has only just begun!
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