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Hard to understand! How can a president hate his country and his people so much? (Macky Sall, France’s favorite slave?)

27 July 2021, Jolof
Hard to understand! How can a president hate his country and his people so much? (Macky Sall, France’s favorite slave?)

To feed and keep his people in comfort, a White person is ready to kill and destabilize a country to do so. This is what France has demonstrated for centuries. Therefore, Macron spares no effort to defend the interests of France. Meanwhile, some of our African presidents, especially in francophone African countries, don’t even think twice when it comes to sacrificing their people. This is the case with President Macky Sall, one of France's favorite slaves. Since coming to power in 2012, Macky Sall's mission has always boiled down to serving France no matter what the cost to the Senegalese people will be.

One of Macky Sall's first decisions, in 2012, was to bring the French army back to Senegal after Abdoulaye Wade had succeeded in restoring Senegal's sovereignty. Wade had succeeded in making the French armed gang leave and recover the land so that the Senegalese people themselves could benefit from it. Unfortunately, the slave Macky Sall preferred to satisfy the wishes of the French colonist, this was only the beginning of the betrayal that Macky Sall will execute against the Senegalese people to satisfy France.

Abdoulaye Wade's presidency was marked by a flow of money to Senegal, as Abdoulaye Wade had opened up the Senegalese economy to any investor, regardless of origin. Thanks to this openness to the world, Senegal welcomed many investors from the United Arab Emirates, Iran, China, Sudan, India, Nigeria, the United States, and of course from the France. Access to employment had become easier for young people, and infrastructure projects was multiplying in the country. Wade’s presidency ended in 2012. Until today, Macky Sall has never been able to achieve what Abdoulaye Wade has been able to do. On the contrary, Macky Sall brought Senegal back to a period of colonization by making sure to put himself body and soul in the service of France against the future of the Senegalese people.

Today, all major sectors of Senegal are under the control of France. Water, banking, telecommunications, real estate, retail, etc., everything is under the control of France. Senegalese investors are sacrificed or receive no support from the state. The saddest example is the agony that the company created by the Senegalese Kabirou Mbodje is experiencing today. When Wari wanted to acquire Tigo to expand its business in Senegal, Macky Sall did not come to Wari's rescue. As a result, Tigo was sold to a French company, Free. In another country like France or Canada, the state would intervene to save a national company. This is also the case with the French company Alstom, which in Senegal was awarded, in 2016, an overcharged contract for trains that have still not run, 5 years later - we are in 2021.

If he does not sacrifice Senegalese entrepreneurs, Macky attacks Senegalese political leaders, especially those fighting for the patriotism. After the political elimination of Khalifa Sall and Karim Wade, today, in 2021, it is Ousmane Sonko, the "patriot" who suffers a state plot. Sonko is known for defending Senegal’s interests and criticizing French exploitation and colonization which still persists in Senegal. As a result, Sonko has become arguably the number one enemy, not only of France, but also of France’s slave Macky Sall. Traps are thus set for him, with the complicity of a unilateral parliament and a corrupt police force, to execute the last opponent of Macky Sall. As if that weren't enough, Macky's administration is attacking patriotic citizen organizations like the Front for a Popular and Pan-African Anti-Imperialist Revolution (FRAPP), “Y en a marre!”, etc. because these organizations are seen as threats against colonization that France wishes to perpetuate. And since the main mission of the slave, Macky Sall, is to serve France, the corrupt police are used against these organizations to destroy them.

With his dictatorship against the Senegalese people and his slave mentality in front of France, Macky corrupts many Senegalese media which only put the Senegalese people to sleep. Youssou Ndour's channel, Groupe Futurs Médias, has today become one of Macky Sall's tools. While Senegal is set on fire, the media channels of Youssou Ndour's group have instead focused on what suits Macky Sall and refuse to disseminate information that highlights the corruption and the dictatorship that reigns in Senegal. If it does not bring glory to Macky Sall, Youssou Ndour's network begins to put the populations to sleep at times when the conscience of the Senegalese people needs to be awakened to decolonize itself from France. What a betrayal!

All these actions of Macky Sall push us to ask ourselves the question about the mission of our presidents and what pushes a president to hate his people so much while White people go so far as to kill to defend their people. What is happening to our presidents? What possesses them? How can a president like Macky Sall make his reason for living a mission against his own people, a mission for his people to die in colonization, live in slavery, misery and poverty? So many questions that we always ask ourselves, but which remain difficult to understand.

When Abdoulaye Wade called Macky Sall a descendant of slaves, people got mad at Wade. But today, all the facts show that in reality, Macky Sall is indeed a slave and a traitor against his people, the Senegalese people.

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