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How did President Macky Sall turn Youssou Ndour into a parasitic animal, as predicted by Kocc Barma?

24 September 2021, Jolof
How did President Macky Sall turn Youssou Ndour into a parasitic animal, as predicted by Kocc Barma?

“When you want to kill a proud man, give him the food he needs every day. In the long run, you’ll make him a serf.” (Kocc Barma, Guelewar, a film by Senegalese writer Ousmane Sembene). By making him a “Counseling” Minister (no one knows what that mean), Macky did in fact turn Youssou Ndour into a parasite, and animal.

These words resonate in the ears of the Senegalese people today in the face of the current situation in Senegal. And the attitude of the Youssou Ndour reflects exactly the serf that Kocc Barma described.

Let's go back to 2012. Do you remember Youssou Ndour who made international headlines after deciding to engage politically against the monarchization of power by Abdoulaye Wade? His decision to get involved politically had made the Senegalese people proud at the time, because the country needed influential people to deal with Abdoulaye Wade's abuses. Youssou Ndour had even been on the cover of Time Magazine considered by Westerners (not by us Africans) to be one of the most influential magazines on the planet. I even remember defending Youssou Ndour's cause and even swore that I would vote for Youssou Ndour if he became candidate for the presidential elections. Because I saw in him a person who made his fortune on his own from nothing.

Alas, today, this idol that I saw in Youssou Ndour no longer exists, maybe I was blinded at the time by the appearance that this man projected. But today, opening my eyes, I see in Youssou Ndour a person who only thinks about his interests, a leech that Macky Sall has managed to transform into a parasitic animal. Between 2012 and 2021 Macky Sall turn the State into a family affair, with the plundering of the country's resources that Senegal has never experienced before. He made Senegal the property of France and other foreigners. Senegal no longer belongs to the Senegalese people and the average Senegalese person has less chance of succeeding in Senegal than the French and any other European. Macky Sall tortures the Senegalese people one by one using the police (a gang of unpatriotic slaves armed with guns). The Senegalese democracy has become a drift, because Macky Sall wishes to bring back the times of Abdou Diouf, who was the pride of France like any submissive slave. Macky's list of abuses is long. And despite all this, Youssou Ndour not only keeps silent, but also uses his media network to defend the dictatorship of Macky Sall.

The Futurs Médias Group was yesterday considered the media of the people with journalists who spared no effort to tell only the truth, as it is. Today, Senegalese people, all, feel that Futurs Medias is filled with corrupt journalists, colonized people with slave mentality who are only there to lick the ass of the president who in turn licks the ass of French presidents. If you watch a channel like TFM, within 24 hours, you will undoubtedly see the following programs: political debates which defend the dictatorship of President Macky Sall, music and dance to mentally diminish the Senegalese population, or wrestling to reorient the scientific and technological dreams of Senegalese youth.

Since being appointed Counseling Minister of “Nobody Knows What”, Youssou Ndour has become a disgrace for Senegal. He has shown that the only thing that matters to him is himself. We must therefore ask the question whether this man was ever sincere with the Senegalese people. Because, when you have the influence to positively impact the fate of a country and prefer to remain silent because you are corrupt, then you become as guilty as the dictator President Macky Sall is.

In short, they are all the same ... slaves directly or indirectly in the service of France.

Youssou Ndour sur Time Magazine
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