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How does cowardice and fear among Africans facilitate French colonization?

25 September 2021, Jolof
How does cowardice and fear among Africans facilitate French colonization?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? How is it possible that a population of 67 million French people still manage to colonize over 167 million Africans (14 CFA Franc countries)? The drama is worse when we know that France is thousands of kilometers away from these still colonized countries, and that the majority of French people have nothing to do with this colonization.

Well, in our opinion, the answer lies in two categories: cowardice among our leaders and the fear of among a good number of African people.

How does the cowardice of our leaders facilitate French colonization?

You only have to go back through the pages of history to understand the origin of this cowardice mentality.

If one believes in the history painted by the West on Africa, in the days of the slave trade, strong black men were put in boats to be brought to Europe and America in exchange for goods of no value like mirrors, spoons, forks, etc. However, Africans far outnumbered White people who had come to us in Africa to conduct such trade. Other White people, like the French, had preferred to appropriate our lands to make it theirs. Subsequently, they subjected our ancestors to cultural, psychological and mental assimilation in such a way that our African ancestors denied their own identity in order to take on the identity of White people.

The story is long ... But the bottom line is that all of this was happening while our leaders were watching or sometimes being corrupt and accomplices. This is what is called cowardice and it is this cowardice that yesterday allowed White people, the French, to colonize Africa. It is this same cowardice that is facilitating France to sustain its colonization. Even though the shape has changed, the main purpose remains the same.

While the English speaking countries of Africa woke up and are trying to straighten their countries independently and by their own decisions, the French speaking countries are still unable to come out of colonization because of the cowardice of our leaders.

In the shadows, our leaders are controlled like puppets. They are corrupt or are promised completely useless positions or titles before or after these leaders are elected. For example, in Senegal, Macky Sall was awarded the rank of Grand Officer of the French Legion of Honor on March 25, 2008. Four years later, Macky became the President of the Republic of Senegal. This title, which has no meaning, thus obliged him to be indebted to France, whatever the price the Senegalese people will have to pay. And from 2012 to the present day, that is exactly what has happened. Macky offered the economy of Senegal to France while the Senegalese people suffer and die in the sea in search of food in Europe.

The cowardice of our leaders is also manifested when rules totally contrary to our African realities are imposed on us. France and imperialist organizations like the UN use its puppets to force vaccines on our populations, study programs on homosexuality, contracts that deprive Africans of their own natural resources and land for the benefit of White people, or who subject the African people to the eternal servitude of White people.

Without this cowardice on the part of our leaders, France has no chance of feeding on the blood of Africans. When Abdoulaye Wade was president, he was on the right track to gradually break with this presidential cowardice which favors France against the Senegalese people and Africans in general. Wade had opened the Senegalese market to any investor instead of limiting everything to France. Wade had broken with the French army, which occupied one of Senegal's most coveted lands. Thanks to Wade, young people had more access to employment because there were more production or assembly companies in Senegal. Wade refused to sign the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) which sacrifice the African economy. Today, many companies have closed their doors, leaving the market open to French products, which is made easier by the EPAs signed by Macky, the coward.

Today, the African person has less chance of succeeding in his own country than the French, because of this presidential cowardice which still keeps our countries in colonization. But we must also admit that this cowardice, combined with the fear of a good part of the population, opens the door to the perpetuation of French colonization.

How does fear among the people contribute to French colonization?

All the great revolutions in this world have been led by people as a result of the awareness of an injustice which violates the freedoms or threatens the interests of the people. These people are sometimes guided by a patriotic leader or the people organize themselves through several leaders who share the common goal of ending injustice. In most cases, the people end up winning the war even if they lose some battles.

However, the problem is often the time it takes to mobilize a large number of revolutionaries, often because of fear. We all know that, thanks to the support of the colonizer, France, the cowardly presidents are endowing themselves with a lot of means to oppress their populations. The rulers corrupt the judiciary, the army, the police, members of parliament, etc., to turn them into simple mechanical slaves who say “Yes” to whatever the cowardly president wants, and therefore what the colonizer wants. What favors this mechanization is the misery that people live, and as the saying goes “hungry stomach, no ear.” And since the cowardly president holds the police, the judiciary and the army in his pocket, he allows himself to use them to oppress people in order to satisfy the interests of the colonizer. This oppression sows panic among people. Therefore, the true revolutionary patriots continue the fight regardless of the cost, but unfortunately a large part of the population prefers to submit to the wishes of the “slave king”, the cowardly president.

In addition to that, there are also business people. Some have influence, but for purely economic interests and for fear of losing the advantages offered to them by the cowardly president, these businessmen prefer to close their eyes and not speak out on the oppression of the cowardly president. In Senegal, this is the case of Youssou Ndour who was silent on the drifts of Macky Sall while he was very vocal when it came to fighting Abdoulaye Wade.

This is how the oppression of the people continues and the cowardly president uses all his means, not for the people, but to perpetuate colonization. Thus, the fear of being imprisoned or of losing economic advantages contributes to the perpetuation of French colonization.

So what is the people's choice in the face of the cowardice of the leaders and the fear of some?

“Only fighting liberates!” These words from Sankara were true long before Thomas was born. The Chinese understood this well when they decided to fight Japanese imperialism. Ethiopia too understood these same words, which enabled them to refuse any form of colonization. Nowadays, these same words remain truer than ever if we want to fight French colonization.

If we want to decolonize from France, the people will have to wage war by any means necessary, including giving life not for ourselves, but for the freedom of future generations. In a situation where we cannot count on our corrupt leaders, the people must resort to all means, must move from words to deeds to face French colonization, to fight these cowardly traitors who favor French colonization.

What the people need to understand is that no country in the world has totally liberated itself without shedding blood. From China to Ethiopia, from Ghana to Kenya, etc., all the people who decolonized or freed themselves from imperialism, had to shed blood so that future generations could become free and prosper.

Let us remember what our prophet, Sankara, once said: “The slave who is unable to revolt does not deserve to be pitied. Only fighting liberates.”
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