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Huge debt and laziness: Why France is unable to survive without Africa? Africans, let's demystify France!

25 September 2021, Jolof
Huge debt and laziness: Why France is unable to survive without Africa? Africans, let's demystify France!

Have you wondered why France continues to suck the blood of Africans for centuries and assassinate or have African patriots assassinated? Well, here is one of the reasons: its colossal debt which represents 106% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and which is an unsustainable economic and social policy issue. France thus consumes more than it produces and when it lacks the means for its policy, it arms itself to steal Africa's resources.

What you need to understand about France is that it is a country “imprisoned” by an arrogance that often prevents it from taking a step back and asking questions about its policies. France has too social a policy for native French people. And this policy encourages the French to remain lazy and not to put in enough effort to get out of their misery. As an example, France remains one of the few countries to pay unemployed people for a very long time. Imagine in France, an unemployed person can be paid, without doing anything, for 30 months. This means that a Frenchman can spend 30 months lying down on the beautiful beaches of Africa while France, with the money stolen from Africa, pays him monthly.

Beyond unemployment benefits, there are other benefits available to the French that are unsustainable in the long run. This is the example of the long duration of leave, health which is completely free, almost free daycare, etc. Meanwhile, France manages to sell almost nothing abroad; or at least in countries it is unable to take hostage. France only manages to sell in Africa and for one reason only: it uses its armed gang to take African leaders hostage so that it guarantees a monopoly for French companies. And since this policy makes these African countries poorer than ever, most Africans cannot afford these French products, and some may refuse to buy these products out of patriotism unless they do not have alternatives!

Therefore, since France is unable to export its products well and does not want to review its policy either, it has taken on debt to finance its social policy. France's debt today is US $ 3,106,174,900,000. Yes, according to Commodity, France's debt as of March 30, 2021 is nearly US $ 3.1 trillion, or US $ 3,106 billion. If we convert this into CFA Franc, the colonial currency of France, we arrive at FCFA 1,738,351,600,000,000. Try to read this!

So you can understand why France so desperately clings to Africa to the point of plunging the African people into misery and poverty. To finance this debt, France wants to suck the blood of Africa and will do everything, as it has always done, to eliminate African patriots and continue to steal resources from Africa. If you are among those who say that “without Africa, France is nothing,” you are absolutely right. It is we Africans who feed France, in spite of ourselves. France offers no aid to Africa; everything is a sham because the money it allocates to some African countries is actually Africa's money. It is Africa from which France extorts its resources with a weapon over the heads of our leaders such as the police, thieves and armed terrorists.

To our leaders and to all Africans, there is nothing positive to learn from France, there is nothing extraordinary about copying France apart from creating our own army to be able to become militarily strong to face a parasitic France which sucks our blood. We must pursue a policy of continuous decolonization to get rid of France, which is sinking and wants us to think with them.

Let us fight, because only the fighting liberates!
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