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Immigration and poverty: Why does President Macky Sall hate Senegalese youth so much?

28 July 2021, Seytoo
Immigration and poverty: Why does President Macky Sall hate Senegalese youth so much?

Did you know about it? Senegalese migrants have been suffering in the Canary Islands for a few weeks, or even months, in inhuman conditions. These migrants had Spain as their final destination. But, as a result of the agreements between Spain and Senegal, immigration to Spain by canoes is becoming increasingly difficult. Migrants thus resort to other and complicated routes to escape the misery in Senegal caused by the government.

Why today are thousands of Senegalese still risking their lives to go to Europe? The answer is simple! Because, they want to live with dignity. In Senegal, many young people worked as fishermen. Early in the morning, the fishermen would go out to the ocean and returned around midday with tons of fish. They sold them to feed themselves and their families. The famous Senegalese “Thiebou Dieun” or Jollof Rice (rice with fish) was better yesterday and most Senegalese families could afford it, because the price of the fish was reasonable.

Unfortunately, Macky Sall, this president who shows a deep hatred towards the Senegalese people, sacrifices the future of young people. Instead of looking for boats to help them multiply their tons of fish from Senegalese waters, Macky grants licenses to foreigners. That is to say, Macky Sall opened the ocean to foreigners who fish with boats leaving the Senegalese people to fish with canoes. So, before the Senegalese fisherman can find any fish, the foreign boats have already finished all of Senegal's fishery resources.

That's not all. Young people who can no longer fish and feed themselves on Senegal's fish decide to head to Spain to find human dignity, that is, to survive. But Macky Sall allowed Spanish police to patrol Senegal to block migrants. When these same migrants decide to stay in the country, the state provides them with virtually no assistance. For the few Senegalese people who want to get into farming, they can't because Macky Sall has sold Senegal's land to foreigners. Gas, oil, zircon, phosphate, public bids, etc., Macky grants everything to foreigners at Senegalese prices.

In a Senegal full of resources today, the government has no policies to start agriculture and industrialization. In other words, Senegal creates almost no jobs in the secondary sector because the country produces absolutely nothing. It is therefore impossible for Senegal to absorb unemployment, especially when the population keeps growing. Believing that illegal immigration will stop is utopia and as long as the Senegalese leaders do not commit to doing their job, that is to say first of all privileging the interests of the Senegalese people, nothing is going to change. On the contrary, misery and insecurity will only worsen.

Unfortunately, when we have a president like Macky Sall who hates his people so much, it is also utopia to believe that he will change and will finally decide to look after the interests of the Senegalese people, so that finally the youth can stay working in Senegal instead of fleeing to Europe at the cost of their lives.

The only option left for the Senegalese people is to fight to get rid of all leaders like Macky Sall.

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