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Is guerilla warfare unavoidable? Either we fight France or we’ll die being its slaves!

28 July 2021, Jolof
Is guerilla warfare unavoidable? Either we fight France or we’ll die being its slaves!

We are in 2021. Is popular guerrilla warfare necessary to free ourselves from France, or will we remain its eternal slaves?

It's a fact: France will never stop exploiting Africa voluntarily, because without this armed robbery, without sucking the blood of Africans, France is nothing. As the other international powers learned to feed themselves on their own efforts, France preferred to feed itself on the blood of Africans by using its armed gang to kill and threaten African leaders, and steal natural resources and capital from Africa.

Take for example a country like Germany with which France compares itself. Germany is the fourth most developed country in the world. Why? Because Germany works smart. For having focused on the development of their countries on the basis of work, the Germans today manage to sell the best cars in the world with brands respected by all. When it comes to engineering, Germany is respected for the strength of their creations. And since they have focused on work and not on armed robbery like France does, Germany is respected by the world without making enemies.

Aside from Germany, there is the rest of Europe, and even the world, that prefer to maintain respectful relationships rather than stealing resources from Africa. China, a military and economic superpower, never thought of bombing any country in Africa or imposing any policy on them. Britain, once a colonial power, now prefers cooperation. All the countries that were colonized by Great Britain have now become free, free to control their own currencies and their own monetary policies. Therefore, the citizens of these countries have no resentment towards Great Britain. These countries are cooperating with Great Britain and have opened up to other economic partners, as any free and sovereign country can afford to do.

But with France, it's a whole different story. When Aimé Césaire said that “Africa's misfortune is to have met France,” he was absolutely right. Today, instead of working as other countries do, France kills, manipulates, steals, threatens and sucks the blood of Africans “for food.” It is as if France is unable to find a decent way to feed its citizens. Despite the demonstrations of the African people, the writings of African hands, the tears of African patriots, the poverty that is killing our African children in the sea, France still clings to our destiny and continues to feed on our blood like a vulture. France manipulates our elections, corrupts our leaders, and threatens them if some of these leaders prefer to look after the well-being of their people. Some of our leaders who lack courage bow to the wishes of France, the armed parasite. Consequently our people are dying of hunger while France sucks our blood.

We have done everything, said everything and written everything. In such a situation, we must therefore ask ourselves the question of what is life for when we are struggling to be free. What is the point of living when you have your blood sucked forever while the rest of Africa relishes total freedom. What good is it to live when France refuses to let go of us just because France has become accustomed to its weapons. What is our ultimate option when life is becoming worthless? It is in such a situation that we must think about a guerrilla warfare, because France will never leave us alone.

There is no country that has been able to obtain total freedom and get rid of the parasite that is France without violence. The best example is Algeria. Today Algeria is enjoying freedom and exceptional development. Algeria controls its currency, monetary policy and natural resources. It did not reach this level without the sacrifice of the Algerian ancestors. These ancestors used guerrilla warfare, by organizing themselves effectively to get rid of France. These Algerian heroes sacrificed themselves, not for their freedom, but for that of Algeria and their children.

Our life as it is today is useless without absolute freedom. It is therefore necessary that we reflect on the possibility of popular guerrilla warfare to free ourselves from France. Why should our currency be controlled, decided, and printed by France? Why should our leaders be chosen by France? Why should France keep its soldiers on our land? Why should public contracts go to France instead of being open to fair and public bidding? Why are we sacrificing African entrepreneurs for the sake of French companies? Why does France refuse to work like all worthy countries like Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, China, etc.? Why do we accept that France sucks our blood? So many questions without logical answers and these answers will never come from our helpless and corrupt leaders who represent the complete opposite of Thomas Sankara.

Let us remember what our prophet Sankara told us: “The slave who is not able to take responsibility for his revolt does not deserve to be pitied for his fate. Only fighting liberates.”

Dear fellow Africans, let's get organized and organize popular guerrilla warfare to finally free ourselves from France. Let's act!

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