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Murders and manipulations: How does the West rob Africa and how can Africans end it? - SEYTOO.COM





Murders and manipulations: How does the West rob Africa and how can Africans end it?


The West wants Africans to stay in poverty forever. It’s a matter of survival for Western countries, and they will not stop robbing Africa until we, Africans, stop them.

Updated on December 03, 2020, Jolof
Murders and manipulations: How does the West rob Africa and how can Africans end it?

For centuries, Western countries relied on their weapons to rob Africa, destabilize governments, and threat African leaders and their families. They steal African resources for the survival of Western companies. Have you ever wondered why Qaddafi was assassinated? Have you ever wondered why Libya, a previously rich country that did not want anything from anyone, now swims in poverty? Where did the Libyan oil go? How come Niger remains a deeply poor country despite its uranium? How many African leaders were murdered for defending African interests? And right after their assassination, some Western countries act like peace keepers when, as many Africans know better, their hands are often dirty. According to a 2017 Global Justice report, every year, Africa loses $41 Billion that goes directly to Western countries. This is due to the fact that the West keeps robbing Africa by relying on their weapons and manipulations.

How does the West use its military to rob Africa?

Western countries do not want other countries to get nuclear weapons. Yet, the United States, France and the United Kingdom all have nuclear weapons at their disposal. The West organized itself around NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). One of NATO’s objectives is to defend its Western members. That has allowed some Western countries (e.g.: France) to throw bombs on African countries (e.g.: Côte d’Ivoire) without fearing any consequences.At the same time, Western countries do whatever they can to prevent a United Africa.

So why is the West preventing Africa from building its own nuclear weapons? Why do they not like United Africa? Because they know that a United Africa and a strong African army would defend Africa from the robbing of its natural resources. When a country like France places its army in Mali or in Niger, close to where natural resources are being extracted, it is about protecting their interests and robbing Africa’s natural resources. When France stroke Côte d’Ivoire, it was not for the interests of the Ivorian people, it was about getting rid of an African leader who was defending the interests of Africans first. It was about getting rid of an African who was protecting the robbing of African natural resources. When Qaddafi was murdered, it was not about “saving” the Libyan people from a “dictator.” It was about assassinating the Libyan leader to avoid empowering Africa but also to steal the Libyan oil.

Murdering Africans has been used by Western countries for centuries with the aim to rob African natural resources. However, those murders are not the only tools used by the West to keep stealing Africa’s wealth. Because people are becoming more and more sensitive to injustice and to unjustified assassinations, the West uses more and more manipulative tools to disguise its actions against Africa and to keep stealing its natural resources.

How does the West manipulate the world to keep robbing Africa?

One of the biggest manipulation tools used by the West are the media. Have you noticed that, when Western media talk about Africa, it is often about poverty, disease, hunger, war, and any negative things you can imagine? Well, there is a clear agenda: making Africa look like a continent that needs help, so the West can “justify” their military interventions and poisonous “aids.”

Before Qaddafi was murdered, the media was used to assassinate its character. Despite the fact that Qaddafi was defending African interests and Libyans were living “in paradise” with one the best health system, Western media turned “Qaddafi into the devil to eliminate” in the world’s eye. This went as far as turning other African leaders against Qaddafi despite all of the Libyan help in Africa and all investments made by Libya across Africa. Character assassination is a classic manipulation tactic used by the West for decades against leaders who defend the interests of their own people against Western interests.

Aside from character assassination, the West has often used epidemic and pandemic viruses as a tool to “help” Africa, while using the situation as an opportunity to test their drugs and vaccines on human beings. Western companies have even been accused as being the ones that bring those viruses in Africa with the aim of reducing the African population for their own interests or creating demands for pharmaceutical companies. The most recent manipulation is when the head of the United Nations (UN) predicted “catastrophe” and “millions of COVID-19 related deaths” in Africa. It was like they were wishing, as always, for disaster in Africa. Meanwhile, facts have shown the opposite. Africa was able to better manage COVID-19 than many Western countries. The “medical” manipulation has been used for decades by the West to advance their own agenda and enrich their companies to limit Africa’s population growth. Africans know better and better.

Now the question we should ask as Africans is if the West will ever stop robbing Africa? What must Africans do?

How can Africa stop the West from stealing its wealth?

In my opinion, it is a matter of survival for Western companies, and some like France will become nothing if “they stop drinking Africans’ blood.” Therefore, they will never voluntarily stop robbing Africa as far as they can rely on their weapons. It is up to us to fight back and free ourselves from the Western gangsters. But how?

First, Africa needs to build a strong army.

No Western countries dare to invade North Korea, Iran, China, etc. Those countries were able to first build strong armies to protect themselves against Western aggressions before launching their economies. Western nations are offensive. We’ve seen France and the United States invade countries, kill their people and take controls of those countries’ natural resources. They dared to do that because they rely on their military forces. Yet, they never dared attacking North Korea despite all of the “hate” they have against them. Libya was bombarded because the Western aggressors did not fear any consequences.

To launch its economy, Africa needs first a strong defence ready to strike back on any robbers. The nuclear weapon is the most feared weapon to date. Through manipulation, South Africa was tricked to abandon its nuclear program. It is time for African to think about using our uranium and building our own nuclear weapons to protect Africa. If needed, Africa can cooperate with countries like China to empower our military forces with more sophisticated weapons. Without a strong army to protect ourselves, it will be hard to fight against Western gangsters. And the worst mistake we are currently making is inviting Wester military forces into our soil.

Africa needs its own improved education system

We’ve been tricked with Western Education systems for years. Africans need an education system that works for Africa. We don’t need to know the history of France or the biggest French writers or philosophers. We just don’t care. Such an education system was created for French colonies in Africa to keep them asleep so France can keep robbing Africa. What Africa needs is an education system to help Africa use its own natural resources for its own people.

Botswana is one of the rare African countries with a high Human Development Index (HDI), which is an indicator of how well people live in a specific country. To exploit its own diamond, Botswana taught its people how to polish diamond. Therefore, instead of exporting its raw diamond, Botswana transforms it and exports finished products. This creates jobs for its own people leading to a better life for Botswana’s population.

African countries need to learn from Botswana’s example. Instead of letting the West seal our natural resources, we first need to consider transforming our resources ourselves and sell finished goods to the world. Education will help us build the skills necessary to do so.

Unity and an “Africa first” mentality.

If France is able to rob Africa without fearing consequences, it is because it not only relies on its own army, but also on other European nations. What makes the United States strong today is unity. Unity gives strength. If it is up to the West, Africa will always be divided. The “divide and conquer” strategy has been used by the West for centuries. Today, they are still using it in a much disguised manner.

If we want to benefit from our resources, we must think “Africa first.” Africa has diverse natural resources across its countries. Instead of selling our natural resources to Western nations, our first choice should be other African countries. African countries should be able to trade natural resources between themselves.If a country like Senegal does not have enough electricity, it should be able to source uranium or oil from Niger or Nigeria to generate power. As Africans, we must learn to buy African wherever we may be around the world unless there is no African-made product available. We must help other Africans succeed, whether it is in Africa or abroad.

Chinese people have proven the power of supporting each other. Even in foreign countries, a Chinese doctor would recommend his patients to another Chinese doctor. Chinese people always eat at Chinese restaurants to support them. They understood that only themselves can empower each other and that power is necessary for Chinese success wherever they may be around the world. Africa needs to learn from the Chinese unity. It is unacceptable to see African xenophobia towards each other. Western countries are happy when they see African countries or African people tearing each other. We must not accept that, because unity is no longer an option.

We’ve been robbed for centuries. We opened the doors to “Western wolves,” and for centuries they keep robbing us, they are never satisfied. They keep dividing us and secretly killing us. They do not like us, but they love our natural resources. The truth is that they will not stop. A country like France will never stop robbing Africa. It is up to us to fight back and kick them out. It will not be easy to fight guns with swords. But, if we unify our forces, choose sacrifice over comfort, we can strengthen our armies, face the robbers and get Africans out of the poverty circle. Each African has a role to play on it. Yours must start now.

From the same contributor, Jolof

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