Sonko’s “assassination” attempt: Does Macky Sall want to create a “Club of slaves serving France?”

Updated on March 03, 2021, Jolof
Sonko’s “assassination” attempt: Does Macky Sall want to create a “Club of slaves serving France?”

How would a Club of Slaves of France work? It would be a club made up of traitors who would never hesitate to favor France against the interests of the Senegalese and African people. To pretend to respect democratic rules, power will be shared between the members of this Club. For example Macky Sall ends his two presidential terms and passes the baton to Idrissa Seck. In appearance, democracy is respected, but basically colonization continues and the interests of France will always remain privileged.

Here is a truth that no Senegalese and African should ignore: France wants to perpetuate its colonization in Africa. France is a parasite that feeds on the blood of Africans because it is unable to work hard like China, Germany, Switzerland, etc. Consequently, France would do everything, absolutely everything, to maintain its puppets in Africa. This is the case of Cameroon, Congo Brazzaville, Gabon, Togo, Ivory Coast, etc.

In Senegal, Macky is the ideal slave of France, because, as the facts show, Macky never hesitated to sacrifice the Senegalese people to lick the boots of his French colonist. Since the arrival of Macky Sall, almost all non-French companies, which had established themselves in Senegal thanks to Abdoulaye Wade, have closed their doors, and Senegalese entrepreneurs are still struggling to succeed in Senegal, thus leaving an empty ground for the French parasites who suck the blood of the Senegalese people. The Senegalese market is thus almost closed to Senegalese and African entrepreneurs, and is completely open to the French, who have privileged access to all that is best in Senegal - finance, telecom, water, ports, commerce, real estate, etc. Meanwhile, the Senegalese people starve, lose their lands, and perish in the ocean trying to find food.

Despite all the suffering of the Senegalese people, France does not care and does not want to lose such an opportunity offered on a golden platter by its slave, Macky Sall. The problem is that the slave Macky Sall is barred from running for a third term and the Senegalese’s only preferred candidate, Ousmane Sonko, is a patriot. As history has shown us, France does not want African patriots, because any patriot would put the interests of his people first. A patriot would make sure that Senegalese entrepreneurs can succeed in Senegal. Which would not suit France which has a huge hatred against African patriotism - we remember Thomas Sankara, Sylvanus Olympio, etc.

So, what to do in such a situation? How can France continue to suck the blood of the Senegalese and African people? The answer is simple: they must eliminate the patriots and create a club of slaves serving France. In our opinion, Macky Sall is perhaps in the process of creating this "club of slaves of France" which would do everything to privilege French interests against the Senegalese and other international investors’. Why do we think this club of traitors is being created?

Well, on a previous article, we wondered about the reasons for the alliance between Idrissa Seck and Macky Sall. By allying with Idrissa Seck, Macky eliminates him from the opposition and arguably creates a future puppet for France. All Senegalese people understand that Idrissa Seck would never hesitate to sacrifice the Senegalese people to favor the French. Before Idrissa Seck, Macky made sure to eliminate other potential patriots like Khalifa Sall, Karim Wade, etc. This time it's Ousmane Sonko's turn. Sonko is the last token to be eliminated. If Macky Sall succeeds in eliminating Ousmane Sonko, he will be able to make this Club of Slaves of France a reality, because there is not at the moment a strong enough opponent to face Macky Sall. This club will thus allow France to continue to suck the blood of the Senegalese people because this club will only be composed of traitors like Idrissa Seck, Macky Sall, etc., who could share power, pretending to respect the two presidential terms without actually changing the regime that is at the service of France.

Dear Senegalese and African people, we have all understood the shenanigans. France is a parasite. And as patriots, our duty is to defend Senegal and Africa by any means necessary. Let us fight so that this Club is never a reality.

As our prophet Sankara said: “The slave who is not able to revolt does not deserve to be pitied. Only fighting liberates.”

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