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The problem is that, France has never learned to survive without Africa’s blood!

22 July 2021, Jolof
The problem is that, France has never learned to survive without Africa’s blood!

Even if they have never been fair to us, let’s be fair to Europe! Today, in 2021, most European countries have learned to leave by themselves and/or by fostering “healthy” economic partnerships with the rest of the world, including Africa.

Take for example Germany, the world’s 4th largest economy, no one can accuse Germany today of colonization. Germany’s top 15 economic partners do not include any African country. Germany relies heavily on making great products that the world loves and buys. That is why, they are able to build “bridges” with the world and to make their brands (e.g.: Mercedes-Benz) loved anywhere in the world. From North Korea to Libya, from Tanzania to Uganda people love German brands because they cannot see anything they can hate today against Germany.

Great Britain has had a violent history of colonialism against several African countries. Yet, today, no African country expressed resentment towards Great Britain. Instead, Great Britain is able to build successful business relationships with those countries without trying to change their way of life or culture. African countries and former British colonies like Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, etc. are able to thrive today as they have possibilities to diversify their economic partners. Great Britain remains therefore one of the World’s largest economies with the 6th position.

Other European countries that thrive without the need to suck Africa’s blood include Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Finland, etc. To ad non-European countries to the list, we have India, China, Turkey, Brazil, Japan, etc. Japan for example was an imperialist country in the past. But today, Japan is known for great cars and electronics that they build and sell to the world. China is heavily and unjustifiably criticized by the West. Yet, in Africa, in most countries where the Chinese are, development and growth have followed, such as in Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, etc. Meanwhile, Francophone countries are still wading in poverty and becoming more and more destabilized thanks to the toxic parasite, France.

Today, France may be the only European country that is still acting like a colonialist against Africa, which other countries such as Italy well understood. And France is hanging on Africa, desperately, because it has never learned to survive without stealing and sucking Africa’s blood. So why are we making such a statement?

Well, look at the facts today, look in your own country and tell me what great products can be attributed to France aside from cheese? Just think about it. You see, great brands are often tagged to the countries making them. You cannot think about great cars without mentioning Germany’s Mercedes, Italy’s Ferrari or the United States’ Tesla. When you talk about high tech, you can’t forget Google from the United States, Samsung from South Korea, Huawei from China, etc. The list goes on, there is nothing great that today can be attributed to France, because France has never learned to build something great they can be remembered for, but also that would allow them to survive without robbing Africa. France has always been known and remembered for a long history of colonialism, arrogance and sucking Africa’s blood.

Furthermore, France has taught its people stupidity and laziness combined with arrogance. Yes, arrogance is what prevents France from opening their eyes to understand that their development model is heavily bad, costly and unsustainable in the long term. France guarantees too much money to its lazy people who will do whatever necessary not to work hard. Do you remember the violent protests in France when the government wanted to increase the full-benefit retirement age from 62 to 64 years old? French people are burning down their country just because they refuse to work 2 more years. They dare to refuse to work hard because France relies on its guns to go and rob Africa to fund their social policies; they have never learned to find different ways to fund such policies.

One last example is France’s electricity. Guess who fuels most of France’s electricity? Well you may have gotten it right, it’s Africa. Specifically speaking, one of the world’s poorest countries, Niger, fuels France’s electricity by a big percentage. The electricity sector in France is dominated by nuclear power, which accounted for over 70% of France’s total production. Niger, the largest producer of uranium has almost all of its resources controlled by Areva, a French company. While keeping Niger in deep poverty, France is still not willing to learn to live without Africa; again, because they have guns they can use them to murder Africans who resist colonization and suck their blood.

The examples are endless. France robs everything from Africa: in fact, France continues to thrive by extracting approximately 500 billion dollars from African countries each year. The CFA Franc imposed in 14 African countries opens the door to French companies and closes the doors to not only African countries, but several other international companies. This proves that, in addition to having not learnt to survive without sucking Africa’s blood, France is so weak that it resorts indirectly to guns to get contracts rather than competing against other countries like China, the United States, etc. in Africa.

This is Africa’s nightmare, which is worse in French speaking Africa. Because of France's inability to thrive without sucking blood, francophone Africa is paying the price, just because we are less armed than France and with the complicity of our corrupt head of states who are also France’s puppets. What France may ignore or may not believe in is that we, Africans, will keep the fight going by all means necessary. It is just a matter of time, but sooner or later, we will get rid of the French colonization forever.

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