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What is the “First Lady”, Marième Faye Sall good for? (Dictatorship and colonialism in Senegal)

24 July 2021, Jolof
What is the “First Lady”, Marième Faye Sall good for? (Dictatorship and colonialism in Senegal)

Marième Faye Sall, a “good for nothing?” Is she a worthy good wife? It is often said that “behind every great man there is a great lady who gives him good advice and guides him in his actions.” Today, Senegal can testify quite the opposite about to Marième Faye Sall.

In 2012, Macky Sall was elected. The Senegalese people expressed their pride in finally having a Senegalese man and a Senegalese woman representing them at the presidential palace. The Senegalese people expressed their joy to see a Senegalese woman who represents Senegalese femininity at the presidential palace, thus projecting hope for all the people. Unfortunately, this joy was short-lived, as it did not take too much time before the slave Macky Sall betrayed an entire population by offering the fate of Senegal to France on a gold platter.

Today, Macky has become one of the Senegalese’s worst enemies, right next to the French colonizer. If the Senegalese people could endow themselves with the power of God, they would not hesitate to make Macky a good corpse to throw to the sharks in the ocean. May the good Lord spare us from this slave!

But the problem that the Senegalese pwople don't often talk about is Marième Sall's role in such a situation. Marième Faye Sall is the wife of President Macky Sall. She should be the counselor of a man who has gone mad after power has gone through his head. When patriotic Senegalese women are tortured at the nods of the slave Macky Sall, when wives and mothers are brutalized for just defending the interests of the Senegalese people, we expect a Senegalese woman like Marième Faye Sall to give good advice to her crazy husband. But she didn't say a word.

When young Senegalese people, who are the age of the children of Marième Faye Sall are tortured by the police (a band of antipatriotic slaves in the service of neocolonialism), when girls and sons of Senegal are injured, brutalized, tortured, stripped naked… Marième Faye closed her eyes and mouth. Yet these Senegalese daughters and sons are, for the most part, of the age of Marième Faye Sall's children. And their only fault is to defend the interests of Senegal.

Marième Faye is silent as the country got burnt down in front of people who demand nothing more that Senegal be Senegalese first, that the interests of the Senegalese people be first privileged in Senegal before the interests of France. When the whole world knows that Macky Sall's mission is to lick the ass of French presidents like Nicolas Sarkozy and Emmanuel Macron, while the Senegalese suffer and die, Marième Faye shuts his mouth.

Should we not therefore ask the question about the role of Marième Faye Sall, the supposed “First Lady of Senegal.” Is she Senegalese or has she become French? Is she a mother? Does she have children? Is she a worthy woman or is she as much a slave as her husband, the favorite slave of France?

In any case, what Marième Faye Sall must understand is that if Senegal is set on fire, no one is spared. If Senegal goes back to a deep period of colonization, of chaos, no one will be spared, neither her children nor her family.

And if Marième Faye intends to leave the country with her husband, as the traitors do, let her know that patriotic Senegalese people are everywhere in the world and they will never hesitate to take revenge against the traitors who plunge Senegal into hell. .

We therefore call on Marième Faye Sall to be a worthy wife, a good wife and to give her husband good advice. The Senegalese people are fighting for a sovereign and prosperous Senegal. Macky Sall must not sacrifice the Senegalese people to favor the France. We will fight by all necessary means, whether in Senegal or across the world.

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