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What method does France use to eliminate African patriots and perpetuate colonization?

15 September 2021, Jolof
What method does France use to eliminate African patriots and perpetuate colonization?

“Strike the shepherd and sheep will scatter.” In his famous book called “The 48 laws of power.” The American writer, Robert Greene, reminds us of an ancient method used by many emperors to neutralize their enemies and control an entire population. According to this method, “Obstacles can often be attributed to a single powerful and influencing individual. He is the agitator, the arrogant subordinate, the poisoner of goodwill. If you allow this individual to do whatever he wants, others will succumb to his influence. Do not wait for the troubles he causes to multiply, do not try to negotiate with him, he is irremediable. Neutralize his influence by isolating or banishing him. Strike at the source of the problem and the sheep will scatter.”

So how does France use this method to eliminate African patriots and perpetuate its colonization?

If we go back in history, we can trace the use of this method to some of our heroes who cared more for the interests of the African people than those of the West. This is the case of our prophet, Thomas Sankara, who was assassinated for defending the interests of the Burkinabés. Besides Thomas Sankara, Sylvanus Olympio was killed three days before the launch of a new currency that is expected to replace the CFA Franc. In Senegal, Mamadou Dia was eliminated, politically, by Léopold Sédar Senghor (one of the slaves of France), for being concerned first of all with the interests of the Senegalese people before those of France.

The list is long. According to “The African Exponent”, “France has assassinated or had 22 African leaders assassinated since 1963.” All these leaders had been killed for the same reason: they were thinking first of the interests of their people. And very often, France used puppets and black slaves it controls to assassinate these great leaders. For example, in Burkina Faso, the slave Blaise Compaoré was used to eliminate Thomas Sankara, yet the two presented themselves as best friends. These are the same methods that France wants to use to eliminate the African patriotic leaders today who are fighting for the interests of the African people.

Take the case of Senegal for example. Thanks to the awakening of consciences, God has endowed us with patriotic leaders, and I would like to mention two: Ousmane Sonko and Guy Marius Sagna. These two leaders have similar missions - to liberate the Senegalese people from French imperialism which sows misery in Senegal for the benefit of France. Everyone knows that today France is suffocating the Senegalese and African people in general. And the only thing these leaders are asking for is that what belongs to the Senegalese people benefit the Senegalese people first, that Senegal define its own financial and monetary policies and control its own currency.

This position of these two leaders, as normal as it is, disturbs France. Because, as the whole world understands, France has never learned to feed itself. France has always stolen, killed to suck the blood of Africans. And to “eliminate the shepherds”, Ousmane Sonko and Guy Marius Sagna, France uses its favorite slave in Senegal, Macky Sall. France knows that it controls the actions of Macky Sall and as a slave, Macky Sall will always say “Yes” to the wishes of France even if it may sacrifice the interests of Senegalese people or cost the some children their lives. It is for these reasons that Ousmane Sonko and Guy Marius Sagna are constantly persecuted and trapped, because it is they (in France's eyes) who influence the rest of Senegal. France thus believes that by eliminating Ousmane Sonko and Guy Marius Sagna, the patriotic revolution in Senegal will come to an end and that Macky Sall will allow France to perpetuate its colonization.

Oh, how wrong is France!

What France does not understand, or refuses to understand, is that even adolescents in Senegal and Africa increasingly understand the “parasitic” methods France uses to suck blood from Africans. As Thomas Sankara said, you can eliminate people, but you can never eliminate ideas. During the patriotic revolution in Senegal, in March 2021, young people directly attacked French companies in Senegal. This attack shows a youth who is well aware that it is France that is preventing them from succeeding, that it is France that is suffocating the youth and that it is France that sucks the blood of Africans.

And if France allows itself to suck the blood of Africans, it is because it trusts its weapons and takes hostage Macky Sall, its favorite slave. And since Macky has no ounce of patriotism in his blood, he is incapable of sacrificing himself, as a patriot would, to further the interests of the Senegalese people first. As he has always shown, Macky would rather see the Senegalese people die than fight for Senegal. Beyond these two leaders that they are trying to eliminate, the entire Senegalese people are well aware of this. If France thinks that eliminating these leaders will put an end to this patriotic revolution, they should know that it is already a lost battle.
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