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Where there is France, there is either misery or war! Why is France so toxic to Africa?

23 September 2021, Jolof
Where there is France, there is either misery or war! Why is France so toxic to Africa?

Wherever there is France in Africa, it is exactly the same thing: either the people live in misery in submission, or the people are at war to decolonize from France or fight against dictatorship. However, this is not the case in the countries formerly colonized by Great Britain. What makes relations between France and Africa so toxic for Africa?

Today, if there is one thing that makes the English-speaking countries of Africa, formerly colonized by Great Britain, unique, it is that most of them are developing. Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, just to name a few… All these countries are developing thanks to the control they have over their own economies, their currencies, and an absence of foreign hands over their financial policies and on their governance systems. The citizens of these countries express no resentment towards Great Britain. On the contrary, they have good economic relations based on mutual respect.

On the other hand, what makes France unique is its toxic nature on African countries, or even on all the countries of the world that have been under France colonization. The African countries "formerly" colonized (or still colonized) by France are now (in 2021) either in misery or in hell, for the most part. Despite their wealth in natural resources, Niger, Mali, Guinea, Chad, Central African Republic, Burundi, Burkina Faso, etc., all these countries today live in misery or in the hell of war... These countries are among the poorest on the planet, and development is almost impossible. Even Cote d’Ivoire, which is the world's largest producer of cocoa, is floundering in poverty, as the majority of the Ivorian population lives in poverty.

Today, it is Senegal that is suffering in hell after a long period of submission in misery. Yes, the only reason Senegal has relished peace for a long time is that Senegalese presidents have always been subject to the wishes of the French colonizer, and used the lethal tools of the state to suppress patriots - we remember Mamadou Dia, Sir Babacar Seye, Abdoulaye Wade and today Ousmane Sonko. Today, as the youth have become aware of French colonialism and decide to fight for the sovereignty of Senegal, hell reigns in the country. For nearly a week, the Senegalese people have been fighting against the dictatorial project that Macky Sall wants to establish in Senegal. Because dictatorship has always been an effective tool used by France to perpetuate its colonization through its corrupt puppets and dictators, African presidents.

Why is France so toxic? Because France has never learned to feed itself without sucking the blood of Africans. Unlike almost every other country in Europe and the world, France is one of the few countries, who believe that they will not survive if they do not plunder Africa. France feels incapable of creating its own wealth using the brains of the French people. In this inability to think about healthy, lasting and fair solutions, France turns to the easy way: to use its armed gang to threaten, to manipulate the leaders of African countries so that they guarantee sole contract sourcing in these African countries. France does not like to play in a market based on free competition, where the law of supply and demand is privileged. The most obvious example is the construction of the Regional Express Train (TER) in Senegal. With the more than 1000 billion CFA Francs that Senegal pays for a train that started in 2016 and which still has not run in 2021, Senegal could have 2 or 3 trains thanks to the Chinese. Instead of France learning to be more competitive, it prefers to resort to the hostage-taking of President Macky Sall to secure contracts. This is also the case with Senegalese oil, Senegalese roads, the attempt to prevent competition in the cement sector. Yes, there was even an attempt to avoid the arrival of the cement plant of the Nigerian businessman, Aliko Dangote in Senegal, but the attempt had failed.

This inability or this lack of will to live without depending on Africa, this desperation to think that without Africa France has no future, pushes this colonialist to carry out a policy in the shadow to continue to despise Africa and continue to suck its blood. This policy is ruining Africa, dividing Africa, preventing the development of Africa. Yet Africa is the last major market in the world, especially when it comes to infrastructure. If France was smart, it would have removed his hand from the political governance of French-speaking Africa, so that this region could develop like English-speaking Africa. And when this region thrives, the demand increases and everyone wins in stability. You just need to know how to offer great products and services to win contracts.
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