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You must fight as a warrior or die as a loser! Boycott or revolution?


As African, how can you empower Africa?

Updated on December 02, 2020, Jolof
You must fight as a warrior or die as a loser! Boycott or revolution?

In an ideal world, people are expected to live together, work together, and have access to the same opportunities regardless of their skin colour, belief, origin, gender or sexual orientation. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an “ideal world.” Our world is full of imperfections and injustices. And since we are also “animals with brains”, daily events have shown that we still live in a jungle where people kill and betray each other for personal interests, just like a tiger would attack and eat and a zebra to feed his hunger. In such a situation, the only way the zebra could save his life is either to fight back alone, which is very difficult to do, or to search for help from other zebras to defend themselves against the tiger.

In our lives as African descents, we face several challenges and injustices around the world due to the perception some people have towards us, based on our skin color or simply because of our African origin. However, we are not the only ones. People from different origins have also faced different challenges based on their natural traits. The difference between us (Black people) and others is our need to strengthen our forces, to be united and to fight back. For instance, Chinese people have been discriminated against for a long time. In Canada for example, in Vancouver, British Columbia, racial prejudice against Chinese people was commonplace. Chinese people were facing discrimination and were not given the same opportunities than white people, when it came to housing, job, politics, etc. Today, Vancouver is seen as a “city owned by Chinese people.” They organized themselves through unity and determination to gain the respect they deserve and to impose their power. To date, the Chinese power keeps being stronger across Canada and around the world.

If we African descents want not to die as losers, we must step up our fight. As I mentioned above, the world is a jungle. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as compassion in a jungle. Black Americans have been fighting against police brutality and injustice for decades. To date, bad police officers are still murdering them despite the “pacific” speeches given by Martin Luther King Jr. And the United States of America is not the only place where Black people face injustices. There are hundreds of videos across the internet of Black people being mistreated in Europe, America, Asia, Middle East and even in Africa.

This demonstrates that speeches, pacifism, forgiveness and/or “turning to God” are not enough to fight. We need to use “all means necessary” regardless of what it will cost to fight back and earn the respect we deserve. But how can we fight back? There are several ways, ranging from pacific to non-pacific revolutions. Here are two ways that we can use to fight back:


It is one of the most effective and pacific ways to fight. Western countries sometimes call it “Sanctions” as a way to disguise it or legitimize it. They have been using boycotts for decades against countries that do not agree with the West (e.g.: Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, etc.). It doesn’t matter what you call it; the principal is the same: You stop doing business with a specific person or entity (e.g.: country, organization, companies) with the aim of economically weakening the person or the entity. As a result, the person or entity will struggle financially and may later surrender to the will of the “boycotter.”

As Africans, we can fight the same way, especially during these times where there are alternatives to any product or service. For example, to protest against France’s intrusion in African governance to further their own interests, we can decide to boycott French products where possible. This will have an impact on French companies and down the road, it may push France to reconsider its manipulative tactics against some African countries. We can also apply the same kinds of boycott towards any companies or countries that are taking actions against any country in Africa.

Individually, you can easily boycott any company: you have control over your money and how you spend your money. You can decide to boycott products or services from any company or any country. As African, you have power to defend Africa and to defend the Black Community worldwide. Where possible, take action, show your patriotism and help Africa thrive. You must defend Africa and you can do it without spending a dime. Boycott, when needed. Africa needs your engagement.


It is the last resort, but sometimes it is absolutely necessary. Under certain circumstances, we do not have any other options but to revolt against the oppressor. This requires human sacrifices, a willingness to be martyrs for better lives for Africa. In fact, most free African countries that have free control over their economy had to go through revolution against the oppressor. This was the case of South Africa. After trying pacific solutions without results, South Africans took the weapons, fought the oppressor and gained their freedom. The fact of the matter is that some oppressors do not know anything else but violence. They will treat you the way you accept to be treated. If our grand-parents crossed their fingers and did not revolt against their oppressors, today I won’t be able to write this article from my computer. I would be a slave. That is why, under certain situations, we have nothing to do but fight back violently and brutally. Revolt if necessary, because there should be no limit to the fight for freedom and respect.

African sisters and brothers, fellow Black people, we still have a long way to go and the revolution must continue. By all means necessary, we must continue fighting against police brutality, against colonialism and against manipulative tactics employed by imperialist countries to divide us. We must not stop, because the moment we stop, we are telling the oppressors that we accept the way they are treating us.

In a jungle such as our world, you will only be treated the way you accept to be treated. Think about it and start reclaiming the respect you deserve by all means necessary.

From the same contributor, Jolof

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