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Macky Sall, an antipatriot and a slave in the service of France!

15 September 2021, Jolof
Macky Sall, an antipatriot and a slave in the service of France!

2012, the Senegalese people decided to entrust their future to a man who presented himself as a patriot, like the one who will get the Senegalese society out of the poverty and misery of which they hang for decades. Unfortunately, the hope of an entire nation soon evaporated. A few weeks after being elected President of the Republic of Senegal, Macky Sall spat on his homeland and put himself at the service of his master, France, as every slave does.

In the words that follow, we will describe to you the reasons why we qualify the President of the Republic of Senegal, Macky Sall, as an antipatriot and a slave in the service of France and other Western countries.

Macky is an antipatriot and an anti-Pan-Africanist, because his actions show that he prefers foreigners, especially those of fair complexion like whites and Arabs, than the Senegalese people.

Patriotism or national pride is the feeling of love, dedication and attachment to a homeland or country and alliance with other like-minded citizens to create a sense of unity among the people. Being a patriot is first of all to prefer one's country, Senegal, and the Senegalese people. For an African, patriotism is first to choose Senegal, then Africa and then the Black Diaspora. It is also the will to sacrifice oneself for the prosperity and sovereignty of one's people, of the black people.

Unfortunately, Macky Sall shows the Senegalese that he prefers foreigners first, that the only thing he wants from the Senegalese people is their votes during elections.

The recent facts that prove Macky Sall's antipatriotism is the "law against terrorism" that Macky Sall and his "puppets" of the National Assembly recently voted on. There is no worse unpatriotic than a President who is ready to label the citizens who elected him “terrorists”, simply because these citizens demand better living conditions. In countries that have patriotic rulers, their rulers listen to the people in order to understand their fears, needs, and concerns and do whatever is necessary to resolve them. For Macky Sall and his puppets, what matters is themselves; the Senegalese people are always put in the last position, sometimes even they are totally forgotten.

It is this same situation that Senegalese citizens also experience when they mobilize to invest in Senegal. While countries like France are ready to kill to support their entrepreneurs, Macky Sall fought heart and soul to fight Senegalese entrepreneurs in Senegal. The Senegalese Kabirou Mbodje wanted the support of the Government to finally obtain the dream of a Senegalese multinational in the field of FinTech, it would have taken the anti-patriotism of Macky Sall to support the French and sacrifice the Senegalese entrepreneur. While Senegal has companies capable of building and maintaining roads, Macky Sall preferred to sacrifice these Senegalese companies for the benefit of French companies, with unbelievable overbilling. Macky Sall even allows himself to embark on inappropriate projects against the Senegalese people to win contracts for French companies - the Regional Express Train (TER) is the perfect example.

The examples of anti-patriot actions by Macky Sall do not end. When Senegalese computer scientists propose projects to the Government of Senegal, the latter prefers to give the same projects to foreigners, especially to the French. When Senegalese youth have opportunities to work in agriculture, the government prefers to sell off land to foreigners, the Senegalese are thus increasingly becoming foreigners in their own country. When Senegalese investors ask the president for hearings to express their grievances, the president refuses and prefers to spend his seven days of the week with foreigners. When Senegalese business leaders ask for subsidies or tax credits, Macky prefers to offer these reliefs to foreign companies leaving the Senegalese companies to suffer...

Macky Sall doesn't like Senegal. If it is necessary to list the number of times he has expressed his hatred towards Senegal, by his actions, we will spend months writing. As a Senegalese, I wonder how a President, elected by his people, can have so much hatred against his country. And the only plausible answer in my opinion is that you really have to be a slave in the service of your master to be ready to sacrifice your own people.

Yes, Macky is a slave in the service of France and other Western countries. What is a slave? He is a person of unfree status, considered an economic instrument and who is dependent on a master.

Macky Sall is not free, he is totally under the influence of his master, the French president and France in general. For example, as the whole world has seen, Macky Sall panics when Emmanuel Macron sneezes. Despite his annoying arrogance vis-à-vis the Senegalese people, Macky Sall is still obliged to bow to Emmanuel Macron and submit to the wishes of France. Macky signs contracts with his eyes closed to do favors to France, even if these favors have negative effects on Senegal's sovereignty and prosperity. Since the industrialization of Senegal and French-speaking Africa in general does not favor France, Macky prefers to keep the Senegalese people in poverty for the benefit of the master by refusing any real industrialization project in the country. Senegal today produces almost nothing, not even needles. When it comes to posting messages on Twitter, the entire Senegal has found that Macky Sall “is not free to choose his own words.” He always sees himself obliged to make shameless mimicry. Follow the profiles of Emmanuel Macron and Macky Sall and you will see it is often copy / paste.

Macky Sall is an economic instrument of France under the dependence of its master. The Senegalese are all aware that the priorities of the Macky Sall are not about Senegal, it is about France and other Western countries. French companies are suffering because France is generally not competitive internationally. Therefore, in order to survive, France has made these slaves in Africa economic instruments that they use to save their businesses. This is how the slave Macky Sall was used to solidify the supremacy of the Bolloré Group in Senegal, to save French companies like Auchan and Alstom, to promote the looting of capital in Senegal by Sen'Eau, to sell off the Senegalese land to the French who even allow themselves to create cities exclusively dedicated to them in Senegal while the Senegalese people are struggling to find where to sleep at night.

While France uses its slave Macky Sall, Senegalese entrepreneurs struggle to sustain their businesses and receive no support from the government. Macky prefers to remain the anti-patriot against the Senegalese people and the slave who prefers to bow to the service of the master, France.

It is for these reasons that the Senegalese people must mobilize to fight anti-patriotism. If the Senegalese people do not mobilize against anti-patriotism, if the Senegalese people do not fight to put an end to these betrayals led by their leaders against them, if the Senegalese people do not show courage to fight submission to France, we will all end up being eternal slaves, our children too will end their lives in the service of the White and of these traitors and slaves like Macky Sall. Meanwhile the rest of Africa is liberating itself and developing independently (Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, etc.).

Let us remember what our African prophet and patriot, Thomas Sankara, taught us: “Only fighting frees!”
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