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Did you know these kinds of men every woman love?

Updated on February 23, 2021, Seytoo
Did you know these kinds of men every woman love?

Why do they drop like flies? Because she would like to be the one to make him change! He understood that he had to be inaccessible (besides, it's always her who calls him).

Some male profiles are very popular with women. He is no more handsome or more muscular than you and yet all the girls are at his feet. Stop being jealous! It's not all about charisma or beauty... There are certain personality traits that attract women like magnets! And that, they understood! Some men will recognize themselves, others will misuse this article (to trap women) so I advise you ladies to take some notes!

The Romantic Guy.

He's considerate; he's the type to call back when he says he does. He is not stingy with compliments and he is certainly not the type to say "you are good". He treats women like queens, even with his friends he's like that! He knows that women like to be appreciated and pampered. Spending hours listening to you complain doesn't scare him! With him, women feel unique, he can make you think that no one affects him so much.

Be careful though, he uses the same tactics with all the girls (and it works), his number is already running.

Why does it work? The romantic guy still has a bright future ahead of him because some men mistakenly think romance is dead. The more boorish and macho other men are, the more the romantic man stands out. On his social media profile, he listens to romantic songs that girls are quick to comment on. All the girls appreciate him and a woman doesn't hesitate to use a plethora of possessive adjectives to address him: “my darling to me”, “my man just mine”... (Note the “double possession”) He already has a harem of potential target.

The confident guy.

At home, it's innate and natural; he knows what he is worth! In the street, he walks with his head held high and his chest bulging, he rolls machines. Other men don't like him and find him pretentious! His confidence makes other men turn green with jealousy and in addition all the women fall at his feet. He's the man to kill! He wins wherever he goes. He has a sort of aura, it feels like he's powerful and he's in control. When he's in a relationship, he's not even afraid that his wife will be unfaithful to him! He makes you believe that if you go for someone else, you will be the loser! There is nothing more terrible than a self-confident man; he has everything he wants because he can say to the world, “I'm special and fuck you” without saying a word! It’s all a matter of posture, body language and attitude.

The artist.

He paints, he writes, he dances, he composes, he sings... There no need to draw you a picture, he has something more! But in addition, he cultivates a completely offbeat character (consciously or not!). He's upside down, eccentric, fiery. He is disconcerting; with him women know that everyday life will be exciting and full of surprises. He can be calm and dreamy one day, completely violent and destructive another day. He is like that because he is "misunderstood". If on top of that he offers you portraits of you or invents a dance step especially for you, you are trapped! He can even go further: you are his muse, you inspire him with the most beautiful melodies; as soon as you are in a room, he is inspired! What woman would not allow herself to be charmed! He knows how to make each woman unique and special. Art and his complex personality make him a woman's trap (even if he doesn't succeed).

The guy far away.

They see each other 3 times a year, he comes or she comes… When he is there, she lives her relationship 200%. Another scenario: he's married and sees each other in hiding from time to time, he works a lot and doesn't have much time for her or he's a globetrotter, he's always on the move. No matter how far or how difficult the relationship, she only lives for him! When he is away she doesn’t see you, she talks about him often; it’s as if you don’t exist!

Why are they successful? Because some women like to idealize and fantasize about their relationship, even if Men make mistakes during their short stay, it won't matter! They will erase these flaws because this precious moment should not be wasted! No conflicts, no routine, this is the perfect relationship even if the distance is rough. The secret to this kind of relationship is that no matter how much time passes, they are still in the seduction stage. The feelings are increased tenfold and their emotion is at the peak.

The bad boy.

He is still in trouble, his life is complicated and yet all the girls are at his feet. He's got the look to go with it, he's not particularly smart. He smokes; he hangs out at nightclubs every weekend. He is narcissist, psychopath and Machiavellian. Do not become like him Men!

Why do they drop like flies? Because she would like to be the one to make him change! He understood that he had to be inaccessible (besides, it's always her who calls him). She mistakenly thinks he's a challenge that she's going to save him. The bad boy always has a mysterious side, he never smiles and she wants to know why. She is going to dig into his past to explain his behavior when it is just a genre he gives himself. He is a fake neglect; his style should reflect his personality. He's confident, he says whatever he thinks about and she likes it. The more calm and orderly she has, the more attracted to him she is.

The smart guy.

He has an impressive general knowledge, debating is a breeze, he knows everything about everything! She is impressed, what she loves is her wit! She can listen to him talk for hours... If he knows how to be interesting, he's already half won! No pretense, everyone loves smart people so Men turn you into a homoencyclopedus!

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