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Do you know what your man really wants?

23 September 2021, Seytoo
Do you know what your man really wants?

Once you have clearly defined what is expected of a love story, learning what men want in a relationship can be helpful.

When one is looking for a relationship and is sure of what one is looking for one's own happiness, knowing what men want in a relationship can prove to be the absolute weapon. This would in fact make it possible to know how to adjust one's technique of seduction or even to preserve a relationship that is important to us. However, we have to face the facts: not all men expect the same from a relationship. We can nevertheless indulge in some typical situations to better define what men want in a relationship.


Generally, what men want in a relationship is harmony. Men often seek to be completed in a relationship. They, like women, need to be understood and to be in agreement with their partner. They are comfortable in their relationship when they are certain that the person they are dating ultimately wants the same thing as them.


It is commonly accepted that men also aim for their personal development through a couple relationship. This fulfillment requires the complicity that unites the two members of the couple and in the accomplishment of projects that they have started before meeting their partner or along their history. Generally, a man expects his partner to integrate perfectly into his plans until he becomes one of the main actors – both lovers.

Something different

Although these principles are valid in most cases, each individual has specific expectations. Some will seek a passionate relationship, others a fusional relationship. It sometimes happens that men seek through their partner a surrogate mother while others seek more a friend, a sister as much as a lover.

To conclude, defining what men want in a relationship, in general, comes down less efforts than we may think. Men want happiness in a harmonious and fulfilling relationship like everyone else. On this basis, it will be necessary to deal with the particularities inherent in his partner in order to live a relationship in a rewarding way for both. However, care must be taken not to forget oneself and not to despise your own desires in the context of a relationship.
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