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Happy to be single and this how I am enjoying life!

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When you do something for others, you will forget your “me”.

Updated on November 27, 2020, Anna Diagne
Happy to be single and this how I am enjoying life!

Before, a girl was prepared from an early age to get married. Today things have changed considerably, but there remains a cultural pressure to get married and conform to the norm of living in a world of couples. Singles can often feel that they are doing something wrong, that they are not good enough, or that God is not listening to their prayers if they are not married.

How to deal with the expectations of others?

Don't feel guilty. Maintain your emotional integrity. Don't let others take you on a guilt “journey” for failing to meet the expectations they have placed on you.

Stop worrying about the future. Most of the things you choose to worry about don't have a solution. Live fully each day. Don't let worrying about what will happen tomorrow rob you of the joy of being alive today. If you are single today then live the best that you can.

Make choices that are in harmony with what God expects of you. Don't blame circumstances or others for your marital status. Accept yourself, use the power of determination that God has given you to decide how you are going to act and react to life's circumstances.

Set goals for your life. Separate them into modules one step at a time. Studies show that only 5% of singles set real goals for their life; join a group of singles in their church, mosque, learn a hobby, get a degree, work in a daycare.

Do something positive every day. Push yourself to show kindness. Don't let your marital status become a barrier. When you do something for others, you will forget your “me”.

Start being honest - all the time. It is okay to say: “look, I'm not comfortable coming alone when everyone else is a couple. Why not come and have a drink with me and I can update myself with what is going on in your life. I really want to know but I'm tired of trying to deal with situations where I feel like a fifth wheel. ”

Break the routine. Do something every day that comes entirely from you; eat something new and different, take a different route to work, start a hobby, volunteer in humanitarian work.

Bring your pain and frustration to God. He hears, understands and knows the feelings of hostility, pain and anger, the tingling of rejection and the loneliness of pain. He takes care of you and can give you the strength and courage to live as a single person.

From the same contributor, Anna Diagne

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