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Honeymoon: what is the purpose of the“white sheet?”

Updated on March 06, 2021, Seytoo
Honeymoon: what is the purpose of the“white sheet?”

It is forbidden for each member of the couple to divulge the secrets of married life.

The rite of the nuptial sheet consists, on the evening of the wedding night, in showing the sheet stained with blood after the tearing of the hymen, to the family (often the mother, the mother-in-law, the father...). This rite has absolutely nothing to do with Islam, it is a tradition that must be abrogated.

In his book “Succeeding in family life” Ben Halima Abderraouf says this: “we must keep total silence on the couple's sexual relations. The tradition must be abolished instead in certain regions, to wait impatiently after the husband enters his wife's house, that he comes out with the sheet stained with blood from the rupture of the hymen. What a detestable, shameless and disrespectful tradition!”

It is forbidden for each member of the couple to divulge the secrets of married life. Much more, it is one of the worst acts. Here are some hadiths and verses that show that disclosing a couple's intimacy is a sin:

In this regard, the Prophet (sws) said: "Among the men who occupy the worst places on the day of Resurrection the one who reveals secrets related to his relationship with his wife.”

Asma bint Yazid was in the Prophet's assembly alongside other men and women when he said, “Perhaps there is a man who talks about what he does with his wife or a woman who talks about she does with her husband.” The audience observed dead silence. No one answered. I say: Yes, in the name of Allah, O Messenger of Allah! They certainly do and so do they. He said, “Do not do it. It is like the case of a Satan who jumps on his mate on the public highway, in plain sight.”

“Righteous women are obedient (to their husbands), and protect that which must be protected, during the absence of their husbands, with the protection of Allah.”

“The worst person in the sight of Allah on the Day of Resurrection is the man who reveals (secrets) to his wife and she reveals to him (secrets) and then he discloses her secrets [to her] (to others). )”

“Among the worst people on the Day of Judgment, there will be those who have sex with their husbands (wives) and who reveal the secrets of their relationship.”

This tradition which humiliates some women must end, some will never bleed despite their virginity, others may have sinned in their lives and have repented ... and disclosure of past sins is prohibited.

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