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How does life feel for women living with womanizers? (Cheating husbands)

19 June 2021, Seytoo
How does life feel for women living with womanizers? (Cheating husbands)

As popular language says, “love has its reasons which reason itself ignores,” yes! This is what one would be tempted to put forward as an excuse for blind attachment to a loved one. A person whom we cannot help but love despite the harm they do to us.

In a romantic relationship, the wish of each partner is to be the sole love of their spouse. Unfortunately, some men find it difficult to remain faithful to their spouses. This situation leaves her with a feeling of dilemma, divided between the urge to pack up or stay by her man's side to enjoy the rare moments of lull.

In this kind of relationship, the woman, to excuse her partner's behavior, persists in thinking that he is the victim of the seductive assaults. She likes to believe that unwittingly, it's more the “girls” who are courting him.

Indeed, when the couple meet in a public place and the gentleman gives interested glances at a beautiful lady or tries to negotiate a phone number, Madame, lashes out at the lady rather than her companion. Some, to dissuade their spouse from playing his role of cheater, prefer to threaten him with scandal. Usually for those who choose to take their conquest to their grin (to their friends) or to their workplaces, some wives make surprise raids to assault the intruder and bring the fickle husband home. What very often causes a disagreement within the couple, the woman torn between the desire to separate from this fickle partner is maintained by her love for him, most of these women prefer to find strategies to prevent their spouse from indulging to his favorite sport.

Between those who hide the keys to the motorcycle, the car and those who engage in scenes of jealousy so that the spouse gives up going out, the ploy does not always last. And a well-honed cheater always finds a way to pursue his hunt. The best of these cases is to make it up and use feminine skill so that he understands that he is better with you than anywhere else!








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