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How to reconcile love and money?

Updated on February 24, 2021, Seytoo
How to reconcile love and money?

If you get married, choose a contract with separation of property.

It is often said that women are spendthrifts and it is a fact, let's face it, that they like to shop and maybe crack more easily than men. As long as everyone lives on their own, the couple does not suffer from money worries, but the day they decide to live under the same roof or to marry, certain points must be considered, if we do not want that money is the "sinews of war" and ruin a romantic relationship. Here are some tips for balancing love and money.

You don't absolutely have to have a joint account. Everyone can have their own bank account. However, when one of the two partners tends to spend more than the other, opening in addition, a joint account in which the money is placed for rent, mortgage, insurance and other common expenses, can be very useful.

Do not rely on the other just because you are in a relationship. If you've been a careerist so far, don't quit telling yourself that you are in no rush to look for work since someone is taking care of bringing in a salary. Be united without falling into the extreme: if you have a job that occupies you almost 24 hours a day, your relationship will not last long.

If you want to save some money, talk to your spouse. It is never desirable to do this sort of thing on the sly, because the day it is known you would seem secretive and the person who shares your life might think that you do not have enough confidence in them.

If you get married, choose a contract with separation of property. It may seem shocking to have to make a prenuptial contract for some people, but when you are in love you imagine that it is for life. Many separations degenerate because the spouses fight over material goods which they consider to be theirs.

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