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If you are looking for a spouse, you need to read this! - SEYTOO.COM





If you are looking for a spouse, you need to read this!

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How to know if your man will marry you?

Updated on December 01, 2020, Seytoo
If you are looking for a spouse, you need to read this!

For women looking for a husband, here are the signs that warn you that a man will never marry you:

1. He declares from the start that he is not interested in getting married. Believe it and don’t waste your time.

2. Her friends, brothers and sisters are not married.

3. He sees marriage as a financial arrangement where women stand to gain the most and men get tricked.

4. He is a good talker who goes from one long relationship to another. If he doesn’t commit to anything in the first six months, then run away, or he’ll make you walk too.

5. He still lives with his parents.

If you don’t bring up the marriage issue, you can be pretty sure he won’t. Men rarely bring up the issue of marriage, even if they think about it.

Men are attracted to your body, but they marry women for their temperament. For example, a man will be inclined to marry a woman who takes care of him when he is sick.

In our society, a man already has everything he wants outside of marriage, so why would he go for it? His darkened conscience is in no way disturbed to live in sexual immorality because his values are modelled on that of the world and not on the Word of God which he considers outdated.

It follows from this that the self-respecting woman will also attract the attention of respectable men; the best candidates for marriage. The one who gives in to sexual advances before marriage shows that she has not really understood the meaning of marriage, any more than the man who is courting her. There is therefore less chance that it will end in a marriage, and above all, in a successful marriage.

Many are unable to realize the common sense of what has just been written, they will have to experiment to grasp it.

Six (6) main differences between women who marry and those who remain single

1. Women who marry insist on marriage.

2. Women who married were less likely to have wasted their time in dead-end relationships.

3. Women who have married love each other more than they love men. If a man does not meet their expectations, they call him a loser and move on.

4. Women who truly believe in marriage are more likely to get married.

5. Women who are thin are more likely to meet someone and get married.

6. Time is the enemy of the single woman. As a precaution, a woman should seriously start looking for a husband in her late twenties, having children is a sine qua non, so start in her mid twenties.

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