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Love and family

Is polygamy an avatar of democracy?

15 October 2021, Seytoo
Is polygamy an avatar of democracy?

Ladies, imagine being unable to give birth or being the victim of a disease that renders us disabled or inoperable for reproduction?

Polygamy has a universal character but we can however understand the focus that is made on Africa in relation to this practice. Because Africa is the cradle of humanity and all excess...

And to understand the visceral love of Africans for polygamy, we must take into account the cultural and sociological dimension of the problem. Because for an African man, having several wives responds to a desire to assert his authority, his power or his social rank. As a proof, many Kings, chiefs and unfortunately many executives have more than one wife. In the rural environment where parents are unaware of the benefits of educating children, having several wives is an asset for satisfying libido or having several children which means several arms to clear the fields and lead the herd. (Ooh just for that).

The younger generation of African polygamists practices a new form of having a legal companion and other companions who revolve around the house. It would be ungrateful to want to make a comparison between polygamy and adultery because the comparison is not right. But tell me ladies, what is better? Have a legal co-wife to chat with in the best possible way about your game, or one who will beat you up when you are illegal? It is true that men tend to disregard the rules of polygamy. Our polygamous homes are almost always under stress due to favoritism and injustice and very often undereducated children. This makes the pill difficult to swallow. But as much to accept the bad as to accept the worst, the evil is polygamy and the worst would be to defile one's body through adultery or to have children out of the home.

Ladies, imagine being unable to give birth or being the victim of a disease that renders us disabled or inoperable for reproduction? Would we like to be kicked out for another? Or are we going to let our man commit adultery? Polygamy solves this kind of problem. So let's conceive of polygamy as an evil that solves the worst. Especially since we are not ready to put religion behind us, are we? In addition we do not cease to proclaim and demand all the time democracy and polygamy is an avatar of democracy ladies.

However, men should especially not take the opportunity to make combinations anyhow in the name of religion because according to Holy Scripture, polygamy is an exception and not a rule. Let it be clear!
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