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“My husband is always working, what should I do?”

Updated on March 01, 2021, Seytoo
“My husband is always working, what should I do?”

It’s not by choice. It's because his position wants it. It's no secret: in working life, to keep your place, you have to fight, and in some cases more than others!

Does your partner have “acute labor?” His office has become his main residence, you can no longer count the hours he spends, his head in his files, far from you. You even come to consider separation. A word of advice: wait before taking drastic measures. And ask yourself the right questions, maybe there are solutions to improve your daily life...

Do not steer, if he works so much… It is above all for both of you and not against you, to ensure more than adequate comfort in your life. Perhaps this is a way for him to prove that he fully owns his role as protector. Do you consider yourself happy that he is taking his life (and yours) in hand!

It’s because it’s his passion. And if you believe that living together means making concessions, respecting the other's wants and needs, then encourage him to push themselves forward. Of course, the concessions work both ways. Reconciling a very present work and moments for two remains possible. It's up to him to make arrangements and give you your rightful place in his schedule.

It’s not by choice. It's because his position wants it. It's no secret: in working life, to keep your place, you have to fight, and in some cases more than others! You are probably asking for too much… Avoid covering him up with reproaches, he already has enough to deal with!

The solutions

The golden rule: communicate! Know how to tell him, without turning into fury, that you need him, his presence on a daily basis. And not just from 6.30am to 7.15am in the morning and 9.30pm to 11pm at night, when he collapses, dead tired, on his side of the bed. Are you worried about the sustainability of your relationship? Tell him! His dedication to his job does not necessarily mean that he compensates for a lack or a frustration, in other words: that something is wrong between you.

Don't confuse quality and quantity. Few times together, but good times are always better than being glued together and unhappy. And maybe you can try to be present in your professional life in your own way. Meet your colleagues, talk about work at home (instead of making it a taboo subject). Make him feel that you care, that everything that touches him touches you too.

Until then, it was your obsession! Seeing him come home at 9 p.m. and pull out his laptop as soon as he walked through the door would give you hives. Try another approach instead of making yourself sick! Encourage him to work from home. He will be home sooner, and nothing will prevent you from sticking to him, reading a book or watching television. It will be one more time spent together, in peace and privacy.

But what solution to adopt for desperate cases? Does he lead you a hell of a life? To see it, you have to make an appointment? Does he even work on Sundays? He categorically refuses to go out at night because he is too tired? Doesn't he devote time to his children? In this case, the ultimatum “me or your work” seems in order. Knowing that your workaholic spouse may choose his livelihood... But it's a risk. And who knows, his sickly addiction to work may be hiding something else. His overtime hours may have a name… So faced with a textbook case like this, it is so much to find a marriage counselor who will help you in your decision to continue this hellish life and to leave him to find happiness elsewhere.

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