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Love and family

Remember, being a good father is much more than feeding your family!

23 September 2021, Seytoo
Remember, being a good father is much more than feeding your family!

The role of the model husband and father is beyond providing for the material needs of the family.

The role of the husband is not limited to the duty to provide for the material needs of his family. He must also take care of the moral and spiritual educational aspect of the said needs if he is to fulfill his real responsibilities as a father. We must not forget that these obligations are beyond those that are relatively elementary, which are to provide his family in material needs. Those needs are ephemeral since they are useful only for our terrestrial life for a short time. It is therefore the duty of a father to give his family an education in the basics of life while safeguarding in all circumstances respect for morality. This last obligation is, in fact, a top priority.

It is established that needs in religious, moral and spiritual terms are the fundamental rights to which all families can aspire. It is a pity that sometimes this pious and so important duty is relegated to the background of our daily activities. We are happy to delude ourselves into believing that we have fulfilled our obligations at the time by providing only for material needs. Besides, don't we spend our time in the vain pursuit of the material goods of this world?

In the well-known frenzy of accumulating material goods in order to make a name for them or enhance their prestige, there are many who neglect or underestimate family duties. And if we take care of the family, it is rarely in accordance with its precepts of the Religion on the contrary, it is very often to distance the family from the path to follow and to take the path of perdition.

As a leader, it is the duty of man to ensure the good conduct of everyone while taking an interest in the general well-being. And this responsibility is such that he must remain constantly vigilant. His role as guide requires him to constantly mobilize all his faculties and the means at his disposal in order to carry out his difficult task with the primary objective of the religious and spiritual aspect of education guaranteeing real benefits which, alone, count when we have all passed away from this material life.

This is the reason for being a father.
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