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The art of attracting and keeping a good man: What should every woman know?

24 September 2021, Anna Diagne
The art of attracting and keeping a good man: What should every woman know?

Four tips to attract seduce and keep a good man, the art and manner of pleasing a man.

To please a man you tend to want to bet everything on the physique: make-up to erase the slightest imperfection, outfit among those which are the most fashionable, stylized and structured hairstyle. In short, the model physique is your goal in a way. But be careful not to overdo it either at the risk of seeing the opposite of what you expected... And then let's not forget one thing, if the first attention a man will pay you is often thanks to your physique, indeed, it does not take that to please them. Everyone has their preferred criteria but ultimately, many agree on certain points...

Be natural, be yourself

We cannot repeat it enough; being natural is good, both in terms of your physical appearance and what you show of yourself. For the physical, it’s very simple. Make-up is yes if you don't put on too much, just put on what it takes to show off, no need to be made up like a stolen car. For the physique, don't overlook the detail; that’s what will make the difference. You don't know what the man you are going to meet today will look at in particular: your eyes, your hands, your neck, your mouth... For that, leave nothing to chance. Get in the habit of putting on a bit of mascara before going out on a sunny day, redoing your nail polish when it's time, and applying lipstick to highlight your lips.

To please a man perfectly, nothing too much, just put on what is needed. For what you show of yourself, it's the same. Be natural; don't give yourself a gender when you meet a man you like. What do they like least? Women who take themselves too seriously: the icy and inaccessible beauty girls or the pretentious girls are not roles that work. So instead of trying to be someone else, just be yourself. Nothing can compete with your natural charm. An honest smile, a frank laugh, a lively look, this is what we will like. If you like life, all the better, don't try to hide it for fear of scaring people in transport with your good humor, on the contrary. A happy, fulfilled and assertive woman is sexier.

The behavior to adopt

To be natural, yes, yes and yes! But if you're more of the hysterical, stuck-up, or overly masculine type, you might want to consider working on yourself. The positive leads to the positive, of course, but you also have to know how to put your own in it from time to time if you really want to get results. So what is the behavior to adopt to please as many men as possible, or rather the type of man you are looking for? Generally speaking, you're going to need to have a certain feminine side, even if that's not really your thing. Be careful, you can be feminine even in pants. The heels are there for you, we have little tops that will highlight your chest or your waist.

Don't overlook the importance of your step, either. Don't be hunched over, for example. And as much as possible, although it is difficult with everything you have to do in just 24 hours, try not to hurry too much. I can't repeat it enough dear ladies: you usually have a much nicer gait when you take your time. In the same vein, relax. When you are stressed, anxious or upset, all the tension in your body is expressed in your body movements and it does not make you very sexy or charming. So relax and let the grace of your natural attitudes express itself. As said earlier, don't pass yourself off as the icy beauty and the uncompromising woman. Be funny but don't make too many jokes, don't be shy and without personality. Assume your personality. And be respectful of people, a polite woman is sexier than one who only knows how to insult.

Have a conversation

The physique is important, the fact of showing your natural charm as well. But don't neglect the conversation. Men who are looking for a serious relationship don't want a woman to put in their bed, they want a partner too. This is where your conversation comes in. Conversation is important from different points of view. First of all, what you will have to say: a beautiful, brainless woman will be attractive for a while, but that's all. A woman who has something to say, who knows how to think, will have a lot more chance to please a man, which is more than just attracting him. Don't panic and jump on a general culture book, that's not the point at all. Intelligent conversation is not the exchange of as many author quotes and historical dates as possible, it is conversation that moves forward, that’s all, don’t try to overdo it or impress.

Because it's not just the content of what you say that is important in the conversation you have with your man. It is also the way you express yourself in order to captivate the listener. In short, the conversation is the time to show your charisma, your inner charm. If you tend to stress when speaking, try to relax as much as possible, you do not pass an exam, there is no specific answer expected from you

Don't be seduced

I'm going to share a secret with you, at the risk of getting gagged by my friends if you reveal it. So keep it between us, you promise? Okay; I'm telling you that if a man knows you've already fallen for him, he'll be flattered but have less interest in finding out about you. If on the contrary you do not show him that it is there, that you have totally melted for him, he will not think that he won, he will not risk losing a chance with you if he finds you interesting. So don't show your feelings too quickly, wait until you get real things from him, and make him fall in love. In the meantime, continue with what you usually do to please a man. You can even switch to the flirting phase or at least the more marked seduction phase in order to put the chip in his ear. In short, to please a man, never show yourself to be “acquired” by him.

If this is too difficult for you, move away from this man for a while so as not to ruin your efforts. By doing this you will have the advantage of becoming a rare woman. This will increase your chances in the eyes of this man because it is said that anything that is rare is expensive. This will allow you to distance yourself, perhaps no longer being blinded by your attraction at the same time as it will allow him to realize his interest in you.
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