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What do men really like about women?

27 July 2021, Seytoo
What do men really like about women?

Who wouldn't want a man full of humor, intelligence, flexibility, confidence, ambition, spontaneity and gentleness? It's simple, isn't it?

When it comes to attraction, no one knows the magic bullet, but men (like women) appreciate certain character traits. For those who thought that men were only interested in the physical, it's time to admit you were wrong: men have hearts and brains and they know how to use it! Here are the qualities that these gentlemen appreciate in a woman:


Stop taking yourself too seriously... Having a sense of humor, knowing how to laugh at yourself and funny situations, this is what makes men melt. A woman who laughs is luminous and has a thousand times more charm than a woman who spends her time bitching.


Superficial girls, who have no conversation, it is bearable one evening but rarely longer. Logical! Who would want to spend time with someone who has nothing interesting to tell? Attraction also involves the exchange of ideas and points of view in order to check whether the psychic connection is also there.


And we're not talking about your flexibility! Men don't want a little chef who commands them, tells them what to eat, what to drink, who to see, what to think. They agree to go halfway to you, you do the other half. Adapting to the person you love is both a renunciation and a discovery, an essential mixture to build a new life for two. We are not asking you to give up all your convictions but to take into account those of your darling.


We are talking here about two types of trust: the one that grants to one's man and the one that allows oneself towards the other. Men like women who are confident and assertive, regardless of their waistline. There is nothing pleasant about having a woman who depreciates herself all the time. Likewise, having a sweetheart who never trusts you for no reason is stressful and unfair.


Knowing what you want and doing everything to get it is a quality that men appreciate. To be ambitious is to move forward, to evolve. Warning! That doesn't mean you have to crush everything in your path, but you have to have faith in yourself and your dreams.


It's great to be an exceptional organizer, but knowing how to detach yourself from the program and accept the unforeseen is sexy and liberating.


No, they don't want you to play moms with them, but a sweetheart who takes care of them when they're depressed or sick is a happy medium. Sweetness and tenderness in their right dose, love in short.

There you have it, nothing inaccessible and, finally, only obvious and normal things. Who wouldn't want a man full of humor, intelligence, flexibility, confidence, ambition, spontaneity and gentleness? It's simple, isn't it?

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