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Whatever your feelings, be a man, that’s what women want!

13 September 2021, Seytoo
Whatever your feelings, be a man, that’s what women want!

Being a man with a woman is not about techniques. Make it a state of mind and you won't have to work at it and get bitter over time.

Being in a relationship and in love makes some men very emotionally weak: they become submissive, they deny their virility, their character, their independence of mind; because they imagine that this is what women want.

Others, on the contrary, are aware of this: they are suspicious of their feelings, so much so that they end up not having any more: they no longer fall in love. They end up killing their emotions and therefore cannot fall in love even if they want to.

These people associate falling in love with a form of sentimental weakness and obsession with love. However, it must be emphasized: there is a gap between a healthy, reciprocal love and a blind, one-sided obsession that turns you into poor rag.

In this case, how do you know objectively if you remain master of yourself in a relationship, or if, on the contrary, you are letting go? Most men tend to be cute doggies when they're in love.


First, the lack of paternal reference points in our current society. Much to the chagrin of our grandparents, no one teaches boys how to be men, no one teaches boys to agree with their masculinity.

Mothers, no matter how hard they try, cannot do it well enough, because by their feminine nature, they cannot know how to become a man. The boys, thus educated in love by their mother, then take on a feminine nature.

Girls, when in love, become (for the most part) more feminine, due to their upbringing / maternal nature. Even in the absence of maternal benchmarks, women like to talk about feelings, while men refrain from talking about them, except to make laconic comments or brag...

Now, many seducers focus too much on technique and not enough on the right mindset. They will act like a “guy” for a while, but when the serious relationship comes, they will then fall into a certain standstill. They think they've got it and they can show who they really are now, and stop this damn game of dating that is so exhausting. And this is where the bottom hurts. Being a man shouldn't be a chore. Being a man should be pleasant and fun, effortless. Why so many worries? You should be masculine by nature and love what you do.

But the problem is, they never mixed emotions and romance with the techniques newly found here or elsewhere. Techniques unfortunately do not become a state of mind, they remain techniques. Love becomes the antipode of being a man, and they shun him like the plague. But once in a relationship, they stop the techniques and instead begin to reveal their true nature. What do you think is happening?

They get down and take off their pants to give them to their girlfriends who end up dominating them and throwing them away.

Women know that there are roles in a relationship, but they just won't admit it. And if you try to fulfill their role, they will subconsciously try to fulfill your role. And since it's not in their nature to do so, the relationship is unlikely to last, and you can say bye-bye to them.

What should you do?

Knowing if you have the right attitude to your feelings is simple: it's when being in love with a woman prompts you to become stronger, more masculine, to fall in love with her and make her feel good, and never forget you.

The male alphas, the dominant males, are what they are, neither a facade, nor an illusion. They are themselves. They can be in love without being fooled because as men they are in touch with their nature and love makes them more masculine, not feminine. The same goes for romanticism. Showering her with gifts, being her servant, or serenading her on his balcony - whatever - isn't true romanticism. We adhere to it because it has been successfully sold to us.

True romanticism is what creates the spark, love at first sight. This is what takes her and brings her into your world.

Being that male lover shouldn't be done through the help of techniques. Make it a state of mind and you won't have to work at it and get bitter over time. Instead, you can just be yourself, satisfied and happy as a fish in water. And she will love you for it.
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