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“Black people never help each other:” Don’t be discouraged by this opinion!

17 October 2021, Jolof
“Black people never help each other:” Don’t be discouraged by this opinion!

It is often said that we Africans never help each other. If we want to be successful, never be put off by this statement!

Is that familiar to you?

• This African friend who never stops criticizing his African compatriots all the time.

• This Beninese who suddenly becomes jealous of learning of the success of his Beninese compatriot, and sometimes of doing everything possible to put the sticks in the wheels.

• This Ivorian immigrant in the United States who refuses to spend his money in the Ghanaian business which is in the same location in New York.

• This Senegalese leader who prefers to offer contracts to French companies while the same work and the same terms of the contract show that an African company can do the job well.

• These Gabonese women who think that only products from abroad are of good quality and that African products are undesirable.

• Those South Africans who are so xenophobic towards Nigerians as they open their doors to the West.

The examples do not end. We see them every day between Africans, both in Africa and between Africans abroad.

When facing betrayals from his own compatriots, an African may wonder if it is a good idea to help his fellow Africans, to trust them, to do business with them, to help them get a job when they meet abroad, to spend their money on local African businesses, etc. Of course, such feelings are understandable. However, they should not push you to generalize, to put the entire African community in the same boat.

We absolutely must not be discouraged by this belief, this perspective which says that Africans do not help each other. There are many Africans who will spare no effort to help their fellow Africans.

My personal experience has shown me that despite facing jealousy and envy coming from our own African compatriots, there is still hope. I have certainly met fellow Africans who have shown jealousy and wickedness towards me, both in Africa and abroad. But I also met fellow Africans who showed solidarity and with whom I made projects that led to success.

As I said in some of my articles, I strongly believe in solidarity between Africans, between Blacks. I strongly believe in inter-African unity and mutual aid, as they are essential to the success of Africa and Africans, wherever they are in the world. By letting ourselves be discouraged by the lack of solidarity that some of us may show, we risk turning envy into an incurable evil that we can never cure and that will continue to drag us down. Let us not be discouraged, because we will all perish from it.

So, if there's one suggestion I can afford to make to you, it's to be positive. If you have a project that requires more than one person to complete, approach your fellow Africans. Among them, there will always be someone who is ready to be your ally, and together you will go far.

“… Together we will go far… ". Isn't that what they say in Africa? So why not make it our eternal strength?
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