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Did you know how NOT to succeed in life? Follow this... - SEYTOO.COM



Did you know how NOT to succeed in life? Follow this...

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Do you want to be sure to complain about your life? Going in circles, being dissatisfied, and even depressed? Follow this “wise advice” carefully. Guaranteed results! But...

Updated on October 19, 2020, Seytoo
Did you know how NOT to succeed in life? Follow this...

Managing your life successfully doesn't just depend on techniques like to-do lists, etc. It is also about achieving a balance: life balance but also personal balance. Here is a list of the seven things to do in order not to be a balanced person, ready to turn his life into failure:

Ignore your health.

Don't get enough sleep. Don't take the time to exercise. Do not eat balanced food. Stay in town. Your resistance will decrease and you will be more likely to catch all the little colds and other viruses that lie around, which will give you - oh joy! - lots of opportunities to be on sick leave. Above all, you will be less successful in your studies and will ultimately feel less fulfilled.

Our stressful, fast paced life tires us out and diminishes our strength and is responsible in some cases of illness and death. Have you noticed that when someone buys a new car, they take it to all the maintenance visits, they put the necessary amount of gasoline in the tank, they keep it (for some!) clean. What about human beings? What about you?

Don't take the time to see your friends and family.

Take the example of a squirrel; busy picking up nuts and heaping them on one side of a tree trunk, while on the other side a person makes a hole to collect all the nuts. The squirrel is so busy working that he doesn't even realize the threat to him. On average, an active person spends less than two minutes a day talking constructively with their partner, and less than thirty seconds talking with family or friends.

In our society, half of the marriages end in divorce and the first reason is a lack of communication. If you are a student, you have time to see your family and be with friends. But the pace of studies means that quickly everyone is very busy and voila: the bad habit is embraced, which will last in working life. Above all, if you want to end badly, do not take the time to live, run endlessly from one activity to another, do not take the time to ask yourself or think about your life.

Don't worry about your finances.

If you are a student, why start saving? Your family or scholarships support you anyway. The “catch” is that far too many people find themselves in their lives with a financial deficit or somehow dependent on government or family support.

Good habits are learned as early as possible. It is very difficult to change afterwards. And how many of us will get to live the life we want? It's more common to live your life because you have to (in some way).

Be careful not to develop yourself intellectually.

You rehearse; you work to get your diploma. And after? You may no longer want to set foot in a library to look for a book. You will hardly have time to breathe if you work (although the workday does change things). TV is so easy to watch! Three-quarters of books in bookstores are purchased by 5% of the population. Others buy them to offer them; they don't read them.

Be content with what you already know, hoping that you have filled your intellectual reservoir enough to keep your knowledge all your life: politicians and the media will be grateful to you. It is easier to rule ignoramuses than intellectuals.

Let the world decide on your choices.

Take the advice of the masses, on what you should do in your life, even if you don't agree with their way of life or what they do. Always consider what others might think about you. Always seek the approval of others and act accordingly. Be reassured that if your life is missing a “leader,” someone else would decide the easiest way for you to occupy yourself, someone will quickly come and take that place and tell you what they want and what there is to do.

Did you know that if people forgave or knew they had been forgiven, if they acted according to their conscience instead of going with the flow, psychiatric hospitals and prisons would quickly become empty and the consumption of anxiolytics or antidepressants would drop vertiginously. But, hush, let's not talk about it; this is frowned upon!

Above all, don't try to improve yourself.

Do not try to change the circumstances of your life; do not look for what is not familiar to you. If you have chosen to study which in the end you don't like, don't think about changing. Stay on the same path. Do not take chances and do not seek the possibilities offered by life to be better. Only do what you want, when you want.

Discipline hurts, it's too restrictive. And as Sartre says: “Hell is other people;” how would I question myself? Ultimately the happiest on earth are those who think only of themselves. Okay, they're a bit lonely and not that peaceful inside...

Avoid spending time on your spirituality.

Do not ask yourself questions about life after your death, or what the meaning of your life is. Look at all the sheep around you; they live well; what is the point of asking these kinds of questions? Let others think about it for you and let the system impose its vision on the masses. Do not think about the One who created you. Does it only exist? Above all, don't imagine that he loves you and wants to know you…

…. If, on the other hand, your want to turn your life into success, do the opposite of all of the advice given above.

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