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I pretend to be super “busy” at work!

17 July 2021, Seytoo
I pretend to be super “busy” at work!

I put my hand on my chin. It does, no need to say, it makes you think.

I'm always on time and for a few times, I come earlier. And I let it be known! I say hello out loud, open my office loudly. And on days when I'm ahead, I never fail to go say hello to my manager for one reason or another with a file under my arm and a question on my lips. Of course, I don't bother to show up early on the days when the Chief isn't around!

I buy glasses. Even though I don't need them. Glasses are good, they immediately make a girl who thinks and who spends the day on her computer or with her nose buried in her files. They sell very well with neutral lenses, it's irresistible, it will raise your rating right away!

I walk at a good pace in the halls. Essential !! This is the B-A-Ba of the overwhelmed glandeuse. And if possible with big, thick, sonorous heels and, above all, arms loaded with files. Above all, even to go fill your kettle or get a coffee, you will never change this look!

I cultivate an overwhelmed air. Smiling because "pleasant and polite even overwhelmed", be sure to keep a glimmer of false concern in your eyes (like "ah damn this urgent file and not scheduled to be returned this afternoon"), and that your smile is not too big. A small smile suggests that you are taking it upon yourself not to show how much you are asked for too much!

I spill over my files. At the slightest opportunity, at the slightest conversation, in front of a cafe, in the canteen, always think of throwing a phrasounette on a work in progress. Oh, no overdose or no one will want to have lunch with you anymore. But for example at the beginning of the meal "ah this file on..." to make you feel that you are giving all you can, immediately followed by a "good to go, we are not talking about work this afternoon, we change our ideas" to show how cool and understanding you are.

I avoid long breaks. It looks bad.

I speak loudly on the phone. The rare times it's a business conversation! It goes without saying that you will avoid giggling and laughing loudly when chatting with your girlfriends. It works to talk about futile or even stupid things while taking a serious and penetrated air !!

I put my hand on my chin. It does, no need to say, it makes you think.

I type quickly and without laughing. On the computer, you are the queen of efficient girls: you type quickly and look at your keyboard as little as possible. Everyone will believe that you took training on purpose, to increase your productivity.

I rarely leave on time. Even if it's a 10-minute affair, as much as possible, don't be too eager to leave. Here too, we recommend the unconstrained approach of the genre I am also overbooked in my private life. The interest? First, you'll be admired and then your boss won't dare stop you in your tracks and ask you an inappropriate question.

Too serious to play glandeuses? So much the better! These 10 tips will help you identify "wankers" in the office. Have fun!

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