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A one-way trip aborted by a return... (3): Happiness is so simple, by Elle

25 August 2021, Elle
A one-way trip aborted by a return... (3): Happiness is so simple

Over the two years of fixed-term contract, I had had time to develop more of a special attachment to my second family, which I appreciated day by day. It had indeed been renewed as I had somewhat envisioned when making the decision.

On the other hand, I had regained that closeness to the biological family. I rediscovered that socio-professional balance that was so dear to me and of which I had been deprived for many years. I learned continuously, from the daily life of life and participated in the events of social life. I took advantage of friends, of society, of the little moments that sometimes can seem so insignificant when later they will be flashy memories that will make us feel good.

Of course, I sometimes came up against pejorative qualifiers of a lost girl, Westernized and emancipated, weighted down with principles. I was learning to defend my positions without attacking mentalities and cultural dogmas. I shared the pain and was there for those in need. I immersed myself in local tourism: I finally had the opportunity to travel to certain corners of the country and to discover other realities and cultures. It's crazy how from one geographic area to another, life could be lived and perceived differently. Multiplicity and diversity of cultures, each richer than the next, their history, civilization, empathy, generosity, simplicity, humility but above all their pride, integrity and authenticity. Whole human beings. This is what we found. Everything was clean and spacious. In such places, all we need is a little isolated moment, a distant view, barely perceptible background noise in the distance, and it is easy to get lost in our thoughts. And this is where we see how much in life it is important to put into perspective. We others are often in a perpetual search for what we ourselves ignore. Happiness is so simple. I didn't like this new version of myself. Why was it stopping this momentum?

Good living and socio-professional balance made me validate the open-ended contract that was put on the table. Yes, the young adult has taken the plunge. Why did everything she lived there have to be time-limited? Why should she slow down the expiration of this happiness by separating it from that of her professional employment contract? Well, as long as it did, it germinated well in the company like a well-sown, well-watered, well-tended seed, which took what was beneficial to it in order to grow well and kept away whatever it had to part with. The phenomenon of photosynthesis, you see a little? To come back to this analogy between the professional contract and this balance that I was experiencing, the logic that followed was simple. Happiness and careers are built everywhere; the main thing is to give yourself the means to do so. Local tourism had taught me a lot. Know how to take advantage of what you have and do it in the most beautiful and healthy way. This professional experience was so rich, enticing and reassuring that I validated its indeterminate character. Always smoothed over the family, social and human side. Down with the idea of going on an adventure again.

The situation was changing. The final installation resulted in gradual readjustments on a daily basis, which is quite normal. Coming in for a short period is always different from coming back definitively. My career path continued to gain momentum. The responsibilities arose and it was always in a good atmosphere, the challenges more motivating than the others. I gained visibility both on a micro and macro scale. Confidence was becoming more and more centrifugal. I was even able to give up collaboration offers. Above all, I shouldn't stray from what I had set out for myself. Now was not the time to move. Plus, it's important to note that not every opportunity offer should be a smile on your face. You should only give in to what you cannot afford to refuse.

At the same time, with my parents I took over as much as possible for the responsibilities of the house. My mother could in turn allow herself to breathe. The back-up of running his house was definitely covered. The periodic errands, the management with the house staff, and so on. In addition, you know the heavy social life of our dear mothers in the bled. They don't say no to anything. Between weddings, baptisms, deaths, assistantship, advice, various requests of a financial, social, psychological nature. At one point, they end up accumulating so much stress and pressure that they would allow themselves a vacation as often as possible.

On the other hand, the company was undergoing a reorganization, you can see the periodic orientations which are made on the instructions of the parent companies and which are managed and structured differently with the passage of each new principal. A small unit, barely made up of ten employees, had been set up and directly attached to Top Management. It was mainly composed of pioneers. Strategic collaborators defended by their career, their experiences, their reputation. They were almost all directors and / or participated in the executive or management committee. They managed local and regional teams. I was co-opted in this silo as well as two of my eldest, who were part of my mentors when I arrived in internship.

They were both equally shivering. One with a profile like mine had already capitalized over a decade in cabinet, leading regional and international missions. The other was working in a perimeter more detached from mine. We had a common area, which justified some work together. His background was just as impressive. My star had shown in the space of four years. Through my work, I had succeeded in my bet: to build myself a faithful reputation sanctioned by appreciated outputs.
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