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Amadou, Amadou (11): Poor Marietou, by Ladyba

08 September 2020, Ladyba

She had no one, her parents died in a car accident five years ago and she was a single child. She only had her husband, her best friend Oumou and I, there were also her colleagues of course and they took good care of her.

Amadou: baby, Marietou and I, we had a really sick, inexplicable relationship. In fact, she was really everything to me. Wait I tell you what happened but you have to promise me not to cry
Binta: Promised, I swear if I lie I'm going to hell.
Amadou: Good ok:

“One day, I went to the beach with friends despite Marietou's ban and when I came back just before Marietou came home from work, I hung out my swimsuit and my towel.
Binta: Lool bb sorry but I have to stop you looooool…
Amadou: No… but I forgot she said no.
Binta: Hahaha… you run to go the beach?
Amadou: I assure you, in addition there was still sand on the jersey.

“The net was right outside our veranda. In fact it was a big house, with a central courtyard and there was on one side the part for us, from the entrance on the right, with Marietou's room and mine and in front there were 3 rooms that shared his co-wife and children and in the middle, there was the living room. When she had returned, she entered my room..”

Amadou: Mom, are you back?
Marietou: Where were you today?
Amadou: Here
Marietou: Amadou, can you stop lying to me? Didn't I forbid you the ocean? I know that when you are between yourselves you do nothing, besides you cannot swim. What if you drown? Han?
Amadou: Mom, I was not at the beach.
Mom: And why are your swimsuits and your towel drying out? And where does the sand on your jersey come from? Besides I forbade you to go there, but you always do what you want. Do you know I hate when you lie?
Amadou: Forgive me...
Mom: It is my mistake I made you that stubborn. People are right; I'm not tough enough on you. Amadou you do nothing but nonsense, already you flirt with all the girls in the neighborhood to then make them suffer and ignore them, then you constantly run away from your classes I don't even know where you hang out in the evening. Each time, I can't punish you severely and you start over. Don't you pity me?
Amadou: It doesn't matter, I won't do it again
Mom: you always say that, your uncle (her husband) accuses me of spoiling you too much. Even when he forbids you to go out, I let you sneak away and I give you the money to have fun. Amadou? What's your problem? You haven't seen Ndeye's children (his co-wife) they rarely go out, they devote themselves to their studies and are good, can't you do like them? So that we can finally stop accusing me of everything?
Amadou: Mom it's over, I apologize to you too.
Mom: leave me alone, it's the same speech every day, yet you know everything I go through in this house.

Because she was sterile, she was always criticized for that. I never understood why so much animosity against her. Yet these women who reproached him for not being able to have children, Marietou was much better than all of them!

Her beautiful family always came to taunt her, she only took care of the 1st wife and treated her like a queen on the pretext that she was a mother. After each party (Korite, Tabaski, Wedding, Baptism...) in the family, she always came back sad and in tears because a gesture had been made or a hurtful word had been thrown at her to tell her that she was sterile and that she was useless. When a party approached, I myself worried about her. And after the party, no matter what time or day I always stayed with her trying to make her laugh.

Her husband was often absent because of his work and we met very often only the two of us.

She rarely got angry with me, which is why I did a lot of stupid things because in the end she always forgave me. But that day, she was very angry I guess it was for love and she was scared to lose me. It was in the middle of summer and there had been a lot of drowning in Dakar that year.

So she was screaming then at one point she stopped and leaned on my cupboard with her right hand, she held her heart with the other and everything happened so quickly too quickly… she collapsed. I screamed, screamed and I held her in my arms she was unconscious. Fortunately, the son of his co-wife, who was also the only one who was kind, ran and came into the room. His name was Ablaye...

Ablaye: Amadou, what is going on?
Amadou: Laye I don’t know, she held her heart then collapsed. She was on the floor, I was holding her, I was hanging on, I didn't want her to leave, I didn't want to.
Ablaye: let go, go bring me some water, we'll try to wake her up
Amadou: No, no Laye I'm not moving, I can't leave her. (We were wasting time but we didn't know what she had…)

Laye ran out and came back with water. He tried to wake her up, but she didn't move. He asked me to help him to bring him in his car to go to the hospital.

On the way, my tears kept falling. I had never been so sad in my whole life. I prayed, I recited all the Quran I knew: ‘my God let her live, my God I will never thank you enough for having put her in my way but my God I beg you she must live.’

We had arrived at the hospital and since she worked there and was very well liked, people were all looking after her. We waited, Laye and I for hours, I had sat in a corner and I did not move any more. She was alive already, that was it. Her husband was away but Laye had called him to inform him, he had also informed his mother (the co-wife) but she had not come to the hospital which did not even surprise me. At least she was sincere until the end not like some people who hate you and make life hard on you but when you get sick, they go like they're sad.

Marietou had had a cardiac arrest, I was angry with myself I told myself it's my fault, that I pissed him off. But Laye had been great, he explained to me that the stop was surely due to a stress that she had kept in her for a long time and to many other things (it was obvious that her desire for a child was eating her up even though she has found a little taste for life with me). I wanted to scream at him ‘it’s because of your mother and your aunts there,’ but he had always been cool himself with mom, so I held back. We spent the night there.

For days, I stayed with her. She had no one, her parents died in a car accident five years ago and she was a single child. She only had her husband, her best friend Oumou and I, there were also her colleagues of course and they took good care of her.

But I stayed with her all these times, day and night, going home only to take a shower and change. Her friend Oumou came to see her every day and brought her food and also helped her take a shower. She was weak, very weak and had difficulty communicating. She was in hospital for three weeks and was due out in three days as she was getting better. That Saturday, we were all by her side: her husband, Oumou and me for her outing. I was finally smiling again, my loving mom was better and now I would be serious, I will do whatever she wants but you have to believe that God had decided otherwise...”


I really like this story. It's really moving and sad.

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