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CHRONICLE - Amadou, Amadou (13): Marietou bewitched to death? Amadou’s new life destined to fail?, by Ladyba - SEYTOO.COM






Amadou, Amadou (13): Marietou bewitched to death? Amadou’s new life destined to fail?


“Ouhh… no, no, oh no my god not her, in all Dakar, in all the districts, in all houses, all the living rooms… this lady had to be in this living room? No, oh my god…. Sometimes… The trouble is going to start sooner than expected…”

Published on September 16, 2020, Ladyba

Amadou continued his search for a new job, he looked everywhere but had a preference for the profession of waiter. The idea had occurred to him one day when he was chatting with one of the waiters of the restaurant next to which he worked by pure chance. The latter had explained to him that he earned descent money and especially with tips, every day he returned with money without counting his monthly salary. He then asked the latter to introduce him to the manager. Unfortunately, the manager was not looking not need a waiter at that time, he was told. He had then focused his research on restaurants located in downtown with no positive response for months.

Until that day, when he sat near a parking lot on a bench with a few of his fellow cleaners. He had fled the set and was now working near the Cheikh Anta Diop University (UCAD) and they were chatting when a lady called out to him:

Lady: Isn’t this Amadou?
Amadou: Yes, (he said, getting up and approaching the lady in question…)
Lady: Don't you recognize me?
Amadou looked at her for a moment then exclaimed: Auntie Oumou?
Oumou: What? If you hadn't grown up that much, I would have given you a slap. How could you have forgotten me?
Amadou: No auntie, it's been so long, plus you've lost weight and you've changed
Oumou: Hum, hum, lol. I forgive you. My husband was in France and he had some problems, I had to join him urgently. That's why I wasn't at your mom's funeral. And when I got back, I went straight to your house and asked after you but I was told you had fled. I had no way to find you
Amadou: Fled, is that what you were told?
Auntie: Yes… That surprised me by the way coming from you. But what are you doing here?
Amadou: I work here, I try to get by a little… I wash a few cars.
Auntie: Oh Amadou, your mom wouldn't have wanted that? She wanted the best for you.
Amadou: Yes I know, I miss her so much but I had no choice. I had nowhere to go and there is no stupid job.
Auntie: Well you will explain to me in more detail what happened with that witch.

Amadou began to smile, she always called Marietou's co-wife a witch, even when she was still alive. She had even told Marietou, after her illness, that she was too stubborn and had never wanted to protect herself mystically against her co-wife. Oumou thought hard as iron that everything that had happened to Marietou could not be pure unfortunate chance, whereas that witch there had nothing that could hurt her. Marietou who had such a pretty heart, she accumulated suffering after suffering.

Oumou: Well, listen, now I'm the one who manages this restaurant, my husband bought it a short time ago… (She pointed to the restaurant located in front of the parking lot). Come see me tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. I'll give you a job.
Amadou: Really?
Auntie:You know that Marietou adored you as if she were your biological mother and you know my relationship with her. It's normal that I take over now that she is no longer there. It's my duty.
Amadou: Thank you Auntie… Really, that touches me.
Auntie: Wait… (She took a wallet from her bag from which she took out some bills and handed it to him). Buy yourself some clothes for our interview tomorrow, put yourself in black ok?
Amadou: Thank you very much.
Auntie: See you tomorrow son!
Amadou: See you tomorrow.

The next day, he arrived in front of the restaurant at 9.45am and they made him wait a bit since Oumou was not there yet. She arrived at 10:45 am in a good Senegalese “Drianké” style. One has to believe that their watches did not display the same time as the other watches. But hey, he did not take offense more than that, he was already so happy to have this interview. She installed him in her office, after the greetings.

Oumou: How are you?
Amadou: I am doing well.
Oumou: Well I don't have much time this morning, I have other appointments and it will soon be the midday rush hour. But are you interested in a server position?
Am: Yes of course,
Oumou: I will introduce you to Abdou who knows the restaurant well and who will train you in this profession.
Am: Ok
Oumou: It's a difficult job like all other jobs elsewhere, and you must always keep a smile and be patient with certain clients. I know you've always been nice and correct so I don't worry that much. Your salary will be 70,000 CFA francs and all the tips people leave at your table will be yours.

Amadou didn't know what to say, he was so happy. 70,000 FCFA, it's just huge for him, it was a little higher than he had hoped, his aunt had done him a favor.

Amadou: Aunt, I don't even know what you say.
Oumou: Let's start with a thank you, lol.
Am: Thank you… really.
Oumou: You're welcome, we'll talk about what happened about you running away from Marietou's place?
Amadou: Aunty I haven't run away, but we’ll talk.
Oumou: Ah that's what the witch told me. But hey you will tell me; Wait I call Abdou.

Abdou came to get Amadou and his training for this new job began.

He enjoyed his job and loved the connection with people and especially, financially speaking. It was by far a lot better than what he earned as a washer. He didn’t hesitate to work overtime and since he was always very pleasant with customers, he was often tipped a lot.

With Binta, everything was going well, she had been very happy for his new position even if, with her slightly shifted schedules, they saw each other less. They sometimes quarreled like all couples but always patched up after. The frequent topic of argument was that Binta wanted Amadou to come to her house, she wanted her parents to meet him and stop telling her to marry Khalil. After several attempts, Amadou agreed, just to please her. He knew that trouble would start as soon as he set foot in her house, but he figured he would have to spend a day there, so he might as well get rid of this burden as quickly as possible.

One Sunday evening, he arrived at their place around 8 p.m., very handsome. Now that he had a much higher salary, he had changed his wardrobe ("wardrobe" is saying too much even considering that he did not have too much. of clothes before). As soon as he rang the doorbell, it was Binta who opened:

Amadou: Hello my love,
Binta: Hi baby, I missed you, it's been too long.
Am: Looool and say we saw each other yesterday.
Binta: So what? Come in!

They advanced to go into the living room where they found Binta's mother and a lady.

When Amadou and Binta entered, Amadou immediately recognized the lady and it was total chaos in her head: “Ouhh… no, no, oh no my god not her, in all Dakar, in all the districts, in all houses, all the living rooms… this lady had to be in this living room? No, oh my god…. Sometimes… The trouble is going to start sooner than expected…”

Amadou thought even though he tried not to make it look like he was boiling inside…

From the same contributor, Ladyba

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