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CHRONICLE - Amadou, Amadou (16): Why did Amadou leave Marietou’s house?, by Ladyba - SEYTOO.COM






Amadou, Amadou (16): Why did Amadou leave Marietou’s house?


“Uncle Alioune turned to me and said: Amadou if it was you who took the money, give it back to her now, I don’t want trouble in my house.”

Published on September 27, 2020, Ladyba

It is true that they had put this plan in place as soon as they knew their mother would not come to the party, since she had been forced to attend a death in Saint Louis. Nabou knew that Binta was in pain and she had made this proposal to him to try herself to reason with Amadou.

A few minutes later, Nabou entered…

Nabou: How are you am?
Amadou: Nabou, how are you
Nabou: Ah brother darling, I am not happy. For a long time, you have not even come to see me… (She said as she sat down next to him.)
Amadou: Lol, I was just a little bit busy with work. As you may know, I have neither Saturdays nor Sundays off.
Nabou: I don’t even know how to be angry. We’ll come to term when we discuss.
Amadou: I agree, from now on, I will pass by more often since I know the house.
Nabou: I love Binta, and I will like whoever she loves.

Amadou wondered how they could have been so different from their own mother, but that was the perfect example that you don't inherit everything from your parents.

The birthday was over and the children were starting to come home. Binta set the table and Nabou's husband joined them later. Binta had prepared her darling's favorite dish, a “Thiérré Bassi Salté.” (Senegalese traditional dish). Seeing her going into trouble to please him, Amadou vowed to fight for her, for their love. She was right about one point: He had not had the possibility of fighting before to keep people with him. He loved but now he could still do it.

After dinner, he discussed with Nabou and her husband, the latter encouraged him to go and ask their father for Binta's hand. It is true that the mother had an important role, but the only one able to give her daughter's hand was the father. He promised them that he would see him very soon. He was not stayed too late because he had to go to a restaurant early the next morning.

Since he got hired, he hadn't had much time to speak with Oumou and she had asked him to arrive earlier so that they could discuss. The next day, he found her in his office.

Oumou: Wow, hello my eldest son?
Amadou: How are you, aunty? We don't see each other too often anymore?
Oumou: I was just a little busy with the business. How are you? Do you like the work? Abdou told me that he was very happy and that you were very welcoming, polite and very pleasant with customers.
Amadou: Yes, I like the work, I really love what I do.
Oumou: Great, don't hesitate, if you have a problem; come and talk to me about it.
Amadou: Don't worry.
Oumou: Tell me, this weekend, I was at a baptism of the son of a friend that I have in common with Alioune. And I asked him again about the cause of your departure and he told me that you had fled overnight, is that true?
Amadou: Aunty I did not run away. Of course, I felt less comfortable when Marietou left but I would never have run away. That's what happened.

“After the death of mom, I had re-enrolled in high school because she wanted me to have a Baccalaureate at least and I had promised myself to have it only for her. But on a Saturday when I was studying quietly in my room, Adji called me and it surprised me seeing that she had not spoken to me for a very long time and that she was not giving me food either. I got by with what uncle Alioune gave me as pocket money and also, I had a girlfriend at the time who lived in the neighborhood and who very often invited me to her house to eat. And to avoid the fuss, I hadn't told my uncle who couldn't see anything because he was away a lot. And when he came back from a trip and it was mealtime, he would ask after me, Adji and his daughters would tell him that, like I said, I wasn't eating, or I wasn't eating later because I didn't want to share the same dish with them… They tried to demonize me.

So, she called me and I went out to join her in the yard and there she said to me…

Adji: Amadou there was an envelope with 500,000 FCFA in my dressing table drawer, and this morning when I was going out with the girls, it was there and there. Now, it’s gone.
Amadou: So, what? What do I care?
Adji: You were the only one here to today.

Indeed, that Saturday I was the only one in the house, they had all gone out. Looking back, I tell myself that it was all calculated. I told her that precisely since I was the only one in the house, I would have been really stupid to steal his money then.

Adji insisted and started shouting: I don’t care, you were the only one here. And today I forgot to lock my door. I don’t want any trouble; I just want my money back.
Amadou: So, you are saying that it is me Amadou who has been in this house for almost 10 years. You mean that me today for some reason I entered your room, me who does not even know the color of your bed, I have NEVER been in your room…
Adji: Save me with your theories… Give me back my money, hurry.

Uncle Alioune who was in the living room came out when he heard his wife shouting.

Uncle Alioune: Adji, what is going on?
Adji: This bad “Talibe”, this ungrateful thief got into my bedroom and stole my envelope with 500,000 FCFA in it.
Uncle Alioune: Adji, I always told you to stop wrongfully accusing people. Amadu has been there since he was very little, he never took anything that does not belong to him. He even does not spend time in the living room, and you dare to say that he has entered your room and stole your money.
Adji: Annnnhhhh, you are taking his side? As usual, you always think that anyone related to Marietou is better. During the whole day, he was the only one there. The girls were gone and Laye is not here this week. It is for the first time of course, since this is the first time that I left without locking my door.

Uncle Alioune turned to me and said: Amadou if it was you who took the money, give it back to her now, I don’t want trouble in my house.

And there my life collapsed again, he was my only ally. If he had any doubts and dared to ask me that question I had nothing more to do here. I didn't answer, went back to my room, grabbed some clothes and stuffed it in a bag, and then left.

Uncle Alioune tried to grab my hand by saying: Amadou, where are you going? I just asked you a question. Maybe you had the desires of young people of your age and you were tempted. Marietou would have wanted you to stay here.
Amadou: Uncle, thank you very much for the welcome and the support you have given me since entering this house, really, I cannot thank you enough. But if Laye, Colé or Penda had been alone here all day, they would not have been accused of theft. And Marietou who made me come into this house had just picked me up in the street and yet she trusted in me and loved me like his own son. So now I realize that the only one who loved me is no longer in this house so it's better that I go. In fact, I should have left a long time ago.

And I left. I had kept in touch with Demba and so I went straight to his place, he hosted me for free at first and I looked everywhere for work and found nothing. So, I started washing the cars with him so at least I could help with the rental costs and I didn't want to sit idly by. There you go, aunty, they told you that I fled because they were simply ashamed and this witch knows very well that I never touched her money. Amadou is perhaps ungrateful, a Talibé, a child that nobody wanted. But Amadou can never be a thief. I have never stolen even a penny. And it's not because I'm poor that I should lose my dignity.”

Amadou: this is it aunty, that's why I left this house.
Oumou: Good… At list, for the witch, that does not surprise me coming from her. But Alioune he loved Marietou so much and was so nice. But I wonder if it's not even better for you to have left this house because this witch I'm sure that, after eliminating Marietou, you were next. She was going to kill you I am telling you.
Amadou: Loool.
Oumou: Han… You are doing like your mom, I am telling my truth and you are laughing. If I see Alioune again, he will hear me out. For you, I'm sure Marietou would have been very proud of you.
Amadou: Ah I hope, I hope…
Oumou: We are talking to much… the service has started. Well above all I'm repeating myself but don't hesitate if you need anything, ok?
Amadou: Ok auntie. Let me hurry before Abdou warns me, LOL.

And he resumed his work. He finished around 11:30 p.m. and called Binta. Telling this story had made him realize that Binta deserved a fight, especially as he was crazy about her.

Amadou: How is the woman of my life? You are no longer calling me; do you have some new friends?
Binta: Loool… why are you rushing to say what I wanted to say?
Amadou: I had to; otherwise you would kill me with that. I miss you…
Binta: I miss you too, did you just finish?
Amadou: Yeah and I am tired…
Binta: Lol… What do I owe the honor of your call?
Amadou: Ah I don't have the right to call the woman I love anymore?
Binta: Not when you have ignored this woman for weeks...
Amadou: Oh no… is it necessary to argue? I'm calling you just to ask you when do you want me to come see your daddy?
Binta: Really? Are you going to come see my father?
Amadou: Ah it became a question of life or death for you, since you have stirred up the whole universe. If you could, you were going to call people from Mars, Loool. Last week Demba and aunt Astou gave me a lecture so that I don't let go. Yesterday Nabou and her husband did the same.
Binta: LOL... Don’t make me change my mind.
Amadou: I am just teasing you. But i love you even more because once again you showed me that you love me and that you care very much about me. You are my princess? Don’t be angry?
Binta:Hihi, I am happy! Daddy he's going to a seminary next week for 15 days so if you can come before he leaves so we can settle things once for all.
Amadou: By the way, are you so sure your daddy will accept me?
Binta: First because he is very religious, I know that when two young people love each other they must be united as soon as possible before Satan breaks their love.
Amadou: But, will he force me to marry you? I'm not ready yet, it's true that I'm putting money aside and I want to take an apartment but I'm not there yet.
Binta: No, no, don't worry it's just so that he knows you and that he knows that I'm with you. If not he may force me to marry someone else.
Amadou: Who?
Binta: Nobody.
Amadou: You know what is amazing with you, and this time you are really unlucky? I know when you lie to me. I am a little bit tired now. Let’s catch up tomorrow and you will tell me his name…
Binta: Shiiii…
Amadou: Ok, kisses baby, I crazily love you, don't forget.
Binta: I love you too, bye see you tomorrow.

From the same contributor, Ladyba

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