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CHRONICLE - Amadou, Amadou (6): Hidden love... , by Ladyba - SEYTOO.COM






Amadou, Amadou (6): Hidden love...


Demba knew that Amadou wouldn't like it but since the day he had decided to take some distance with this girl he was depressed, he was less alive and still brooding in his corner.

Published on August 10, 2020, Ladyba

A few weeks later, Binta had found a new job in a large local company. Her business was right across from her favorite restaurant where they had celebrated her birthday. She had finally dared to take her mother's car to go to work, the distance between her home and her business had doubled and she could no longer pay for a taxi every day, it was too expensive.

This Monday morning, she was driving cautiously and trying to find a place to park, there was only one place available next to the entrance to the company but it was a niche place and she had horror of this manipulation that she did not master at all. She was stressed out and was hanging onto the wheel when someone called out to her:

- Let me park the car for you, said a voice to him

She immediately recognized the cleaner on her birthday, a month had passed since that day but she remembered that face too much. She found him very, very handsome and charming.

Binta: Hey, isn’t it my friend?
The cleaner: You are my friend? Go park your car before someone steal that spot…
Binta: I am a little bit worried. It looks like this parking is tight.
The cleaner: Let me do it for you.

Binta got out of the car and let the cleaner park it for her.

Binta: Thank you my friend. I would not know what to do if you were not here.
The cleaner: It’s my pleasure
Binta: What is your name?
The cleaner: Amadou
Binta: OK, I am Binta. From now on, I consider you my friend.
Amadou: LOL… You are a generous woman, the last time I didn't even thank you enough.
Binta: Not a problem. In fact for two weeks I have been working here so I would need you more and more because I need your helping. I am not yet good enough in driving.
Amadou: Ah ok. But it is necessary for you to practice, I would not always be there.
Binta: Yes, of course.

Binta took out her wallet and pick a 1000 FCFA bill that she only had. She handed it over to Amadou.

Amadou: No, mother, you are my friend. I don't do this for the money I wanted to help you that's all
Binta: Yes I know but it makes me happy...
Amadou: No, thank you. Not a problem, we are a team. Bye...

He left as if he was running from something. Binta did not understand, since when a cleaner who parks your car refused money...

Since that day, they became friends. Amadou was waiting for her in the morning and found her a slot at that parking, if not elsewhere. Since he never accepted the money Binta gave him, she sometimes brought him croissants to thank him and then the croissants were replaced by shirts, perfumes ... And the little moments of discussion in front of the car were transformed in discussion longer and longer in the evening.

Amadou was being carried away by Demba and the other neighboring cleaners:

Demba: Dude... now you are interested in the young executives
Amadou: Sch… she is just my friend. Why in Senegal you cannot accept that there can be a pure and innocent friendship between a girl and a boy, a man and a woman?
Demba: You better accept it
Am: Pfffff… she's nice and I like helping her with her car because a she is young driver that's all.
Demba: Um… and the breakfasts she brings you and the gifts, and the discussions you have in front of the whole Dakar plateau in the evening?
Amadou: I'm sure she does this because I don't accept that she pays me and I can't refuse the gifts.
Demba: Dude, even you don’t believe in what you are saying.

Am paused and reflected, it is true that he became more and more attached to this Binta. He was happy to see her arrive in the morning and in the evening when she left. He had never fallen in love in his whole life, he had certainly had affairs, but he had always refrained from getting too attached. But this Binta intrigued him, and he had to disappear because he could not fall in love with this girl, he did not have the means, neither financial nor psychological, he had suffered enough because of the people he had loved. Besides, a girl like Binta couldn't be interested in a guy like him.

He decided to disappear a little bit and concentrate on his search for a more stable job than that of the cleaner. He avoided meeting her as much as possible; in the morning he went to look for work and then he changed blocks of buildings.

On the binta side, she hadn't seen Amadou for three days now. She found herself worrying but didn't want to go ask the other cleaners to avoid being believed that she cared about this guy. She could not reach him because he did not have a cell phone, she had offered him one but he returned it to her, telling her that it was too much. Binta couldn't stop thinking about him, in the morning she couldn't wait to go to work just to see him, at noon when she was going to lunch she always managed to walk past him, in the evening like that she pretended to be afraid to go out her car for him to come and help.

And one day when he got out of her car and was about to get out to make way for her, she asked him nicely if he could take her somewhere, she had a headache and it was dangerous that she drives. He hastened to innocently accept just to help her and Binta brought her to the seaside. She asked him to stay with her for a bit while her migraine went by and they chatted for hours. And there she had been surprised at Amadou's intellectual mindset, he had told her that he had been a “Talibe” but had been to school. Amadou wasn't too talkative when it came to talking about his life. And since that day, they felt closer to each other even though they tried to hide it.

She felt sad not to see him anymore, something was missing. She took her courage in both hands when she had not seen Amadou for 10 days and went to talk with one of these Demba friends. Amadou had once told him that they shared the same room.

Binta: Good morning
Demba: Good morning
Binta: How are you? I have not seen Amadou for a while, and I am worried...
Demba: He is there, he’s been even a little bit sick
Binta: What? When? What does he have? Where is he?

Demba refrained from laughing, these two loved each other, but they pretended not to see anything. He had warned Amadou but the latter had preferred to disappear which proved that he loved this girl.

Demba: He just has flu since yesterday.
Binta: But he does not have a phone and I do not know where he lives. Do you live together, can you drop me there?
Demba: Um... but would Amadou agree? You know he’s my brother and I wouldn't like to upset him.
Binta: I don't mean harm to him; he's just a sick friend who I want to visit.

Demba knew that Amadou wouldn't like it but since the day he had decided to take some distance with this girl he was depressed, he was less alive and still brooding in his corner. Seeing Binta again won't hurt him too much. He asked her if he could wait another hour and that he will bring her to Amadou’s, which she accepted with pleasure.

From the same contributor, Ladyba

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