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CHRONICLE - Amadou, Amadou (9): Rape, jail... then true love, by Ladyba - SEYTOO.COM






Amadou, Amadou (9): Rape, jail... then true love


The daara was now managed by his two older sons but several parents (those who cared a little for their children) came to pick up their kids, as they say the misfortune of some makes the happiness of others. Admittedly this girl was raped but this act made it possible to return their childhood to several others.

Published on August 24, 2020, Ladyba

“My uncle had gagged a 13 year old girl with his hands and was doing weird stuff downstairs. He gave Koran lessons in the mornings during the holidays and sometimes on weekends as well, so a few neighborhood children came to the daara in the morning when we weren't supposed to be there. His “Tiaya” (Huge Floating Pant) was lying on the floor, and it shocked me to see him almost naked. At the time I wasn't sure what it was. The choked cries of the girl proved that there was something wrong. I returned to the room, shocked by what I had seen but I did not know what to do, I was going to find Marietou in the hospital since that day she was working and so I had to go get the keys to his room.

She didn't trust her co-wife and always locked her room. I then told her what I had seen, she cried, I did not understand the gravity of what I had seen even though I knew it was wrong. Marietou asked me not to tell that to anyone. She told me that she would come home the next day to surprise him. And 2 days later, she arrived around 11am and as expected he was “having fun” with the same girl. In front of the door Mariétou looked at herself and opened the door very slowly. She took a picture with her phone just as my uncle noticed her presence, he was in profile and didn't notice it soon enough, he screamed and the girl took the opportunity to run. She insulted him, called him all the names that even decency forbids me to repeat. In the end, he began to beg her and ask her not to divulge the photo, he even pushed the plug very far by saying that the girl was consenting and there my aunt gave him a big slap. I was even afraid…”

Marietou: consenting? a 13-year-old girl? Oh my god I will have really seen everything in this world, how old are you? No but all I want is for you to let me. By the way, give me Amadou, I want to adopt him.
Uncle: Ok, ok but you have to give me your word that you won't tell anyone what just happened, don't forget that all these children and their parents are counting on me.
Marietou: Tchipppp, their parents are just crazy. I won't tell anyone
Uncle: ok but then erase the photo in front of me.
Marietou: I'm not erasing anything at all, how dare you try to give me orders?
Uncle: Marietou, you erase it immediately otherwise Amadou will not go anywhere, I'm his legal guardian here so you can't do anything with him until I agree.
Marietou: Ok I came with the papers I had done for a long time. So you just have to sign this certificate here which says that you are no longer the legal guardian of Amadou here in Dakar, and you agree to leave him to my husband and me while waiting for us to reach his biological parents.
Uncle: yes but you erase the photo first.
Marietou: Ok I'll erase it in front of you

She handed him a pen he signed and my aunt showed him the photo she erased. I was finally free, no I was happy, I was finally going to live with my mother of heart, I was finally going to have a happy normal life. I thanked the good god then went to retrieve the few clothes I had there.

Before leaving the neighborhood, my aunt asked me if I knew the girl and where she lived. I showed her her house and we went there, she talked with her mother for a long time in the living room while we were in the yard. A few minutes later, she went out with the girl's mom and we were all headed for the hospital. I think they must have taken some sample of sperm and then went to the police with it. Leaving the hospital, we were heading towards the police station and the girl's mother spoke to Marietou:

The Girl’s Mother: Marietou, will the police really believe in us?
Marietou: Just thank the inventor of MMS.
The Girl’s Mother: What’s that?
Marietou: In fact, uncle thought that I deleted the photo. In fact, I sent it to my husband who just sent it to me back.
Mother and daughter: Thank you to MMS… Let’s go the police then. This guy has destroyed my daughter and he has to pay for it.

And we filed a complaint. Some time later I learned from Demba (who often came to see me) that the police had disembarked in the Daara and had taken the “Serigne” away to jail. The daara was now managed by his two older sons but several parents (those who cared a little for their children) came to pick up their kids, as they say the misfortune of some makes the happiness of others. Admittedly this girl was raped but this act made it possible to return their childhood to several others.

As for me, well I finally had a happy life, Marietou was always so kind and her husband also. The only downside was his co-wife and his children who did not treat me too well but in view of where I came from, their actions really didn't hurt me. I continued my studies and I was even able to pass my BFEM 3 years later. I was a very temperamental as a teenager and dated girls, lots of girls and messed up about like any teenager.

Here you know my story...”

Binta: and Marietou? Where is she? And why did you stop studying?

Amadou looked at Binta with such pain, in his eyes, so intense that she shivered, his eyes filled with tears but he didn't cry.

Amadou: I really can't tell you about it today, besides it starts to get late you have to go home
Binta: Ok take your time baby…
Amadou: here you know everything now, pretty much everything; I'm not good enough for you. You are a good and very beautiful girl, you deserve a man who can take care of you. I can't even if I wanted to and I'm sure your parents wouldn't give their daughter in marriage to a man like me. It's for your own good.
Binta: I love you Amadou. And if you think that you told me this story so that I would run away, you are wrong. On the contrary, I want to be with you even more…
Amadou: No you're not a normal girl. Binta, I can't offer you anything.
Binta: I ask you nothing more than your heart.
Amadou: You have my heart, I struggled not to fall in love with you but it's stronger than me. I love you I really love you but…
Binta: Let's live our love
Amadou: Binta you realize that I do not even have a bachelor
Binta: So what? It means nothing. There are people who have a Bachelor with 5 years at the University, and yet they are very stupid (she was thinking of Khalil). You are a good and very intelligent person; you have just had no luck in your life.
Amadou: No, I've seen people in my life, but one as stubborn as you, I have ever seen. Come into my arms.

Binta all smiling put her head on Amadou's shoulder.

Amadou: What am I going to do with you?
Binta: Love me.
Amadou: Lol I love you already.

He lifted his head, holding her chin…

Amdou: I love you so much and don't doubt it. It's just that in life only love is not enough.

He was about to kiss her when Binta stopped him…

Binta: Wait, wait, ask me to be your girlfriend first…
Amadou: Seriously, loool? Does that still exist?
Binta: Yes I want to, I am romantic. Even if I almost took the first step but hey at the same time you would never have come to ask me.
Am: Um wasn't it you who kissed me yesterday?
Binta: Yes I know but it was a test and also to shake you up.
Am: Well ok, Binta my beautiful do you want to be officially my girlfriend?
Binta: Hum… Hum… I don't know I have to think about it.
Amadou: No you are too crazy! Well I love you, you know and if I tried to resist it's because I wouldn't want you to suffer, I'm used to suffering so I'm armed for everything that follows.
Binta: Baby don't worry, you already make me so happy just like that.
Am: Ok, ok but know that you are already driving me crazy. Your kiss yesterday kept me awake.
Binta: Hum, I’am crazy about you too baby. And know that I will do anything for just your happiness and that I ask you nothing more than your heart.
Amadou: But it's gonna be hard, I'm sure your parents won't want me.
Binta: Cheuteuttt we are not there yet

From the same contributor, Ladyba

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