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How can I choose between Mai and my career? Chronicle of a “multi-bachelor” (16), by Amlesage

27 August 2021, Amlesage
How can I choose between Mai and my career? Chronicle of a “multi-bachelor” (16)

Enjoy, a word that could embarrass more than one, I take responsibility for it. I take advantage of every moment I spend with a woman, a delight that should not be deprived of, an endless pleasure.

I know myself better than anyone; there is nothing closer to me than I know my abilities and my faults. Besides, flaws, I don't even have any, I am perfection in the initial state. I can be all the men a woman wants me to be. It is very easy for me to adapt. It's me Jules, no one can prevent the light from shining on me, and it’s just the natural order of things. My presence dispels the light as I am as bright as she is. I'm not overdoing my qualities; I'm talking about facts and reality.

Enough is enough! What bullshit when it comes to fun. You never have too many. Even after having three intercourses in one day, I still love having fun. The next day, I woke up completely drained and sick. I had pain in my lower abdomen.

I was still able to get up to go make myself a cup of coffee as Mai was no longer there to make me. But there was Eva in the living room. Had she spent the night with me? Uh, I didn't know. I only remember when we were having sex, the rest; I don't even know what happened.

Eva was there, seated, her face very worried and too angry at the same time, I didn't understand a thing.

-ME: Hi Princess, you slept well I hope.

She did not respond to my greetings.

So I turned to insist when my cup of coffee fell by itself. For the first time, I had trembled at such a thing.

Eva had apparently spent the night with me.

When I woke up I found a message from Mai asking me to come back right away and the day before I hung up Fatima on her face.

In the morning, I find them all three in my living room. Looks like a faience dog thrown here and there. Faces on fire, these three girls each had a reason to strangle me to death. Yet for the others, I didn't care. If I had to resolve this situation, it was so that my affair with Mai would come out. I had to, I really cared about this girl more than the others who were just trophies to me.

As I picked up my cup of coffee, I cut myself and still had the same unpleasant feeling in my lower abdomen. I picked up the cup and turned my back to them.

-FATIMA: "Hey do wakh ak nioune iow" (hey, don't you talk to us)
-I'm alright? You are doing well, I hope.

None answered; I pretended to go up to my room when they rushed towards me. I did this because there was no way I was talking to them in the living room where Uncle would sooner or later appear.

I went up and they followed me.

I stopped right outside the door and let Eva and Fatima in and grabbed Mai by the arm just as she was about to walk through the door. I pulled her a few yards away.

-ME: Please go home and let me sort it out with them.
-ELLE: Did this girl (Eva) sleep with you.
-ME: No not at all, it's my cousin who tries to do everything to put her in my life.
-SHE: (…)
-ME: You know I chose you despite Uncle and Al's advice so don't make it more difficult.
-ELLE: Okay, hurry up and come home afterwards, we have another pressing issue to deal with.

I went to the bedroom to find the other two. The atmosphere was deadly, you could have heard a fly fly. It was so electric that anyone but me would have left their skin in it. But, I’m JULES.

-ME: Sorry it has come to this but you both know I'm tidying up my life and you're not helping me at all. I’ve been going through such an overwhelming time for quite a while, I think I’m able to cope. Only I don't know what the two of you are playing, it's too confusing for me.

My method was to turn the situation around, and make them feel guilty so that they forget that it was me, the culprit.

-FATIMA: Is that how you get your life in order? Chippppp
-ME: Do you know what we said to each other the other day? I only hope you remember (as a reminder, I promised her I would kick out all the other women in my life).
-FATIMA: Yes, I remember that.
-ME: So let me sort it out my way.
-EVA: But are you kidding me or what the hell are you talking about?
-FATIMA: Shut your mouth, you! Dirty bitch, "rousso sakh di fanane si goor" (you're not even ashamed to sleep with a guy)
-ME before Eva replied: Ouch… I had felt the same pain, this time in my abdomen.
-FATIMA: what do you have baby?
-ME: No nothing, please let me sort this out with her (speaking of Eva).

Fatima was convinced that I wanted to drive Adja out of my life for her. So much the better if she believed that.

As soon as she got out, Eva started to cry. I hate to see a woman cry, that's my biggest weakness. I gave her a hug and apologized for it all.

-EVA: You told me you didn't see any girls anymore and then I discovered that even the maid is in your life. Fuck the good!

She spoke of Mai with contempt and that hurt too much.

-ME: Hey, she just came to collect some stuff that Uncle left for her, her salary from last month.

In that firm, well-calculated tone (neither too harsh nor too affectionate) she knew she had to shut up. That's how it is, with women, you're too sweet, too affectionate, you get kicked out sooner or later, without a doubt; you are too mean, they flee like the plague. You're like me, they're chasing you.

Eva was still crying when I hugged her to tell her that no one had spent the night in my room and that she was the first. It should comfort her, which it was.

She wasn't the first to sleep in my bed, the first was Mai. But because I'm good at getting through the most embarrassing situations, I know how to find every word to reassure anyone in any situation.

Hate me, as much as you like, I don't care, on the contrary it flatters my ego. I am totally indifferent to those who don't love me because "if you don't love me, I prefer myself".

There too, I was the winner but for once I admit that I panicked at the situation. My merit is to have mastered myself in a short period of time and regain control of things.

In the meantime, I had forgotten that I was in pain but going down the stairs with Eva, I fell, I was tumbling down the stairs in lightning weather.

Uncle was just passing by, I remember his scream and woke up in the clinic.

A beautiful woman was leaning over me and doing things that were not too neat, hooking up here and there, she was beautiful so whatever she did, let her do it so that I looked at her beautiful breasts.

After a few moments, she tells me that I needed a rest:

- THE NURSE: You have to rest as a beautiful kid, otherwise you risk splitting in two.

Yes, I had nothing, I was healthy. I am blessed from heaven whether you want it or not.

There was no way I would stay there, even though Uncle had paid for me to stay for a week. This guy is too stupid, he thinks he can lock up a beast like me.

Direction to Maï, the only one I wanted to see.

I was this wise and candid boy, I would even say this child at heart until the day I ran into Al and Uncle. Then there was Fatima with whom I was deeply in love, she did not break my heart but with her, I discovered love. Then, I did a series of conquests that I took for trophies. I chained girlfriend to girlfriend, I made several cry, broke the hearts of some. That's life.

I know that I will pay for my actions but I take them perfectly.

That God forgives me...

Only with Maï, my life had changed. This flame which was extinguished in me rekindled and shines like a star ... It had changed my life on several levels, it put me back on the right path and even encouraged me to resume Salât and so on. ..

The problem was, her mother didn't want me anymore, but she did, and that was all that mattered. Her mother told me that she didn't want me to go near her anymore because Mai was a sensitive and fragile woman. The old Serer, she promised to annihilate me mystically, if I continued to see her. What are these antics again?

No one will stop me from loving this girl, even her sister's beautiful buttocks could not put me off. I was determined to love her no matter what it cost me and she thought the same too.

I asked him to break the game, while these two old women calm down. I also had to get away from her sister to get the image of her beautiful behind out of my mind, otherwise I would still risk giving in to this sweet temptation that she is.

So, I went home and Uncle was waiting for me with so-called good news.

-HIM: you're finishing your semester in a few days… I just found you a good match with a friend who lives abroad. He owns a business and you go there to give it a try and if it's good, he hires you.

I knew he wasn't doing it for goodwill, he was doing it because he couldn't stand my approach to Mai. I hadn't finished my degree so he had to be ingenious to get me that.

-HIM: I have already booked a flight that is leaving in two weeks and I have already told your mother about it, she has given her consent.

No but! Since this was not my life, I still had my say, at least in theory.

-ME: Ton’s too abrupt, I would have to think about it first.
-HIM: Yes, I know, but this is a golden opportunity, you can't miss it.
-ME: What about Al?
-HIM: He's irresponsible, he's going to hang out there while you, I know you'll do the right thing.

How can I choose between Mai and my career? How can I tell her all this without risking losing her?

Most importantly, I only had two weeks to prepare. Go or stay? This is the dilemma.

I want my future to be with her, for her to be my future, but I had to choose: to disappoint Mai or Uncle, it's one or the other.

In the meantime, I have two more weeks to enjoy life, two more weeks to avoid Mai's sister with her nice pair of buttocks.
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