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I left her home completely devastated... Chronicle of a “multi-bachelor” (12), by Amlesage

18 July 2021, Amlesage

First, I took mother's advice that all women are princesses. So I call them all that, all of them. Instead of calling them Princess I use the letter P, which I pronounce Pi to make it sexier.

So each of them thinks they are special when I call them P. And I have a strong visual retention capacity. I only need to see a person once for their face to remain anchored in me, as well as the place where I saw them, the circumstances, all of that I never forget. Therefore, when I save a first name in my directory, I always put P in front. For example, if I had to register a name like Mouni, I would put P.Mouni, so Coumbista would give P.Coumbista and Nabou, P.Nabou. But never ever, there will be P.Nogaye, sorry to insist but it's the truth.

In addition, when I see a woman, it is very rare that I see her again in the days that follow; sometimes it takes weeks and most of them have boyfriends and are with me just for fun. For those I frequent regularly, I have a technique so that each time I see them, their first name comes to me. I gave each of them a pendant with their initials that I made them promise to wear all the time. There were four pendants in all. Sosso, she didn't need it, this girl was special to me. For Bijou, I gave him a bracelet.

Speaking of Bijou, I left her home completely devastated, not knowing what to do and my ideas completely confused. I declared that I was ill so as not to go to class. My cousin noticed that there was something wrong with me.

He came to talk to me and insisted before I told him what had happened.
I told him everything in great detail.
He got very angry and accused me of hiding things from him now.
Which was true but it was because of Bijou who had convinced me not to involve him in our stories anymore. A real bitch this girl.

My loyal cousin cheered me up and assured me that eventually everything was going to work out because he was going to take care of it.

- “Dumb mouse, you are a gentleman” he said to me.

He knows a thing or two about girls, so I trusted him.

I was starting to miss the taste of the forbidden fruit; suddenly I had a hard time resisting the temptation. Whatever the situation, I always find it hard to resist the pleasures of flitting. I had to get out.

Three days later, I dressed elegantly and came to class with a broad smile.

Crossing these two girls there, I hadn't even looked at them, the better I looked at them askance with certain contempt, and I didn't care if the video was seen by everyone.

And when later, they wanted to approach me to remind me of their conditions, I asked them to go and fuck themselves. They did not understand anything, I am not blackmailing.

Basically, I was afraid that they would dare to do it, to show the video.
But a few days later, still nothing, no video and they no longer spoke to me.
So much the better, I said to myself.

My cousin had been there, he's the man for all situations.
Bijou had the video. But one of her friends has an obsessive penchant for my cousin.
He went to see her to ask her a favor. What she hastened to do without hesitation.
She had confirmed to us that it was only Bijou who had the video and not the other two.
So my cousin convinced her to get the memory card from Bijou's camcorder.

She kindly obeyed. Her name is Fatou but is better known as Fifi.
Fifi had stolen the memory card while they were in class, had done the right thing without anyone noticing.

In exchange, Fifi and my cousin became closer but she had to keep her distance from me so as not to arouse suspicion about her guilt.

I don't know what happened next between her and my cousin but she came home several times and one day I saw them arm in arm. Must say that my cousin was grateful to her for what she does.

When I watched the video, I knew I had been in deep trouble. Taken in the heat of the moment, I hadn't seen what was really going on.

My cousin begged me to leave the video to him and a few days he came back with it and had erased everything that compromised me in the video.

Me, chest, that wouldn't bother anyone. Besides, it was with pleasure that I did it because I am very proud of my body.

The hour of revenge had sounded for me, the ball had changed sides, I held the reins.

“The most poisoned hatreds are those born from old loves,” there is no truer than these words. I was really mad at these two. I could take my revenge on them.

I had a fantasy that was to date the two of them and for them to know about it and accept it, it was the best chance to win my case.

I sent for Bijou, she immediately knew that it was I who now had the video.

But proud as she is, she sent me for a walk:

“I don't give a fuck, do whatever you want" she told me. No but what a bitch this girl, a bitch that I really liked.

I managed to convince her that we had to see each other and that I just wanted to talk to her, which she accepted.

As for Adja, it was not difficult to convince her, as soon as I called her she was shaking.

So we made an appointment to talk about it.

They arrived visibly well prepared with well-established lines that they would give me just in case.

Calm as usual, I immediately went to work. When I saw their eyes widen as if I had blasphemed when I had just said FORGIVENESS.

“Sorry, for acting like a jerk, I fucked up and I know I didn't have to.”
“But it was mean of you for wanting to vilify me like this even though I deserved it.”

-BIJOU: "We only responded to what you did" on your defensive and firm one.
-ME: "Okay, I understand but I hope we can erase the slate.

Here is the video, I won't hide from you that I modified it. "

I showed them the edited video and they just realized they were in a bad position.

I do not know which saint was prowling around me, that day; I was not in a belligerent and revengeful mood.

I promised them to erase everything and that if they wanted us to make peace, I was up for it.

What Adja accepted without complaining, she said she was sorry and had reacted on a whim without thinking.

The truth is, she just got caught up in it all and got lost in it.

But the strong head is Bijou, I was so angry with her and yet when she appeared in front of me, I only saw her beauty and her daring only increased my pleasure and my desires.

But, Mata Hari was certainly attractive, but her end was tragic...

What end could I give to this girl, in a sense; she leaves me no choice by sticking to her position. She was playing the freakish and caring one of this video. Until then, she has been indifferent as if she was not concerned.

The truth is she could be as rude as she wanted I couldn't blame her.

Also, I had in my thoughts a desire for radical change, enough to put her in a favorable position.

I might have fallen in love with this girl that is blasphemy, it is! Me, Jules, who admits to being in love. But it wasn't just any girl. It was Bijou; her physique speaks for her and dispels any argument that might make me want to get away from her.

She is simply divine beauty and to top it off she always wore beautiful shoes. And God knows this detail was important.

How could I have resisted everything and I think the words came out on their own because I don't know exactly what I said to him but a few minutes later we found ourselves in a tete-a-tete that will change forever but way of seeing things.

If what I feel for her is love then love is a wonderful thing! And now I wanted to know the right way to love and seduce. It was time to seriously think about organizing and consolidating my love life.

In the meantime, some surprising things will happen. But, one thing is certain; Bijou will not end up like Mata Hari...
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