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CHRONICLE - Shores of Despair: My life between happiness and sorrow (8), by Safinousta - SEYTOO.COM



Shores of Despair: My life between happiness and sorrow (8)


I would have bet everything to say that the favorite was not going to accept being neglected, but Madam was used to the luxury that she encountered and did not intend to give in so easily.

Published on July 01, 2020, Safinousta

Nothing had changed; my in-laws had still not freed me. I remained enslaved to my husband, tyrannized by his mother. However, a little sigh of relief I had sent when I learned that my favorite sister-in-law was going to settle down abroad for good.

Her friend, the fallen princess, suffered the horrors of the neglected wife. She joined my circle and now realized that our dear husband had alternative desires.

It’s sad for her, but fate had afflicted her with great pain, that of losing her child. She gave birth to a stillborn. Mom Sally was so disappointed that she started calling me a witch.

Who would have believed it? It really takes just a few things to turn everything upside down in the blink of an eye. In front of all this backlash of deprived souls, I argued for the role of the spectator.

I would have bet everything to say that the favorite was not going to accept being neglected, but Madam was used to the luxury that she encountered and did not intend to give in so easily.

Mister, meanwhile, remained subscribed to the miserable husband's gazette.

I endured as much as I could his flaws, his flippancy, and his abandonment. But the drop of water that made the vase overflow made me desist. It was too much! I even wondered how I got there for such a filthy man.

Psychic turmoil was no longer enough for him. It struck me for the first time on the wedding day of one of my cousins. I had just returned with Asta, sir did not hesitate to brutalize me in front of her.

He did it, once, twice, three times I did not give him the privilege of counting a fourth. I left him without wavering. I had decided to save my daughter from the troubles of a cowardly father.

It’s been going to be 2 years now and still today, he’s chasing me, he’s like metamorphosed and says he regrets everything. But for me, I tore off his page with a firm tone from the novel of my life.

I was able to find work in a big local company, “I start Monday InshaAllah, and you want to talk to me about birthday stories.”

-Mina: personally I don't know what to say, I would just like to ask you what prevented you from sending him to graze this Momar for a long time, but I'm glad that you knew how to react. It would have horrified me to find you still married to this guy. I tirelessly question myself but I have not yet obtained a single plausible answer. Eh Mayriam why should women and especially Senegalese women suffer so much for barely grateful men? Under what? We did say marriage not an easement contract.

-Mayriam: You are not that angry but I can assure you that we are victims of our hearts, our affection and our education. I don't even know… All I know is that there is an epilogue to all suffering.

-Mina: Yes, fortunately…

Mina looked at her friend, this Mayriam whom she knew so cheerful was forever marked; she bears the aftereffects of disillusionment.

- Mayriam: Well, I don't want to hear any sad speeches anymore, let's go finish our shopping instead.
Mayriam trolled after her, the last few days had not been easy for her. Feeling that her friend was exhausted, even more from the story she had just told him, Mina knew she was strong to hide her emotions, she told her that they would go to a massage parlor afterwards. Mayriam with little choice and a craving to relax a bit agreed.

But as the planet turns, people move, faces are revealed and meet again. Who do you think will meet who this time?

Show your imagination, I even believe that it takes a very small dose to guess. On your keyboards, but please try to answer Mina's questions. I couldn't.

From the same contributor, Safinousta

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