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What sparks envy in a woman?

14 September 2021, Seytoo
What sparks envy in a woman?

Today we will try to unravel one of the biggest mysteries in the universe: why does a woman want to sleep with you? Hoping that this will serve you well for your next conquests and that you will never come out of a romantic date without being able to understand what went wrong...

- You are beautiful and / or well dressed: because, it will be nice to say, this is what constitutes the essence of the first impression and which makes it categorizes you or not as a potential lover ... If you are very beautiful and / or very well dressed, most of the work is done. Otherwise, you will have to put in some more effort.

So: you have a deep voice, you smell good, you have beautiful eyes, you have a good hair, you are very well dressed, you have a good presence, you have charm, you are well rolled...

- You show your worth: you have an exciting life, you don't try to sleep with just anyone, you do interesting things, you tell interesting things (but are not boring), you know what you want and show it, you don't let it fool you, you're a dominant male, you're a bad boy (but not an asshole), you make people feel comfortable, you are someone different from others, you are original, you are better than the others (a little) ...

- You make her comfortable: if she feels comfortable with you, she won't even wonder if she wants to sleep with you; she'll want to, that's all.

Here: you are a good person, you are nice, she can trust you, she feels good with you and wants to spend more time in your company, you make her laugh, you are on the same length waves, you understand, you have many things in common ...

- You want her: finally, you show her your desire! You want to sleep with her because it's her and you show her! You are natural: she does not feel that you are doing too much or awkwardly trying to seduce her ... you act this way because you want her and all of this is quite usual for you, you are tactile , you compliment her (without overdoing it either), you get closer to her, you make allusions, you stroke her… and you assume!
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