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A day with Penda that Malick will never forget... Maze (11), by N47

01 March 2021, N47

What encouraged and touched me the most was when things were not right at all it was me that she called and said that chatting with me made her feel good. So I couldn't take it anymore, I told her one day.

As she asked me, I gave her a month before calling her back. However, I was surprised and angry when I realized that she no longer had my number.

Me: Hello Beauty how are you?
Penda: Good, I am fine, thank you. Who is this?

I took a moment to answer her. I was saying to myself “but buddy, you don't need to be interested in someone who doesn't even keep your number, obviously she doesn't care at all.” I was excited when it came time to text her and in seconds I was down and my spirits were at zero. As I stood there wondering if I should continue or not, I received a second text from her saying that she had lost her phone a few days ago and that she was in the process of rebuilding her phone book. Obliged, I answered her and we began a long discussion.

Me: It's Malick, but I'm angry with you, you've already sidelined me by deleting my number and now you're giving me the classic excuse.
Penda: No I swear to you for real, I lost my phone on the bus. What a “phew” story. I was actually listening to the radio with headphones in my ears. Suddenly I realized that the headphones were hanging in the air and that there was no more phone, it had simply disappeared.
Me: wow he's a real magician but you; you would beat the gag record. I'm hallucinating, you listen to the radio on your cell phone and it gets caught without you realizing it. Were you drunk?
Penda: Lol stop please. No he just took a moment of inattention on my part to steal it. By the way how are you?
Me: I am fine thank you. And your exams, I hope you did well?
Penda: Don't tell me about it. It was really painful and long. But actually the problem is that we have a lot of materials to go through.
Me: Our education system is obsolete, I think the authorities have much better time to think about updating it and adapting it to what is happening all over the world. God is great, fight for it is the only salvation for man. Anyway, I called you to remind you that you owed me a visit and I really care. So when are you going to pay off your debt?
Penda: LOL, I haven't forgotten, but I don't want to tell you such and such a day and that in the end I can't keep my word. I have class from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and if I'm not in the classroom, I am studying or resting, it's the pace that's actually the problem for me. But give me a little time I'll let you know. We're together.
Me: Ok, no problem, I'll let you do the essentials, which is to study first and let me know as soon as you are available.

I didn't want her to feel harassed and decide for herself when we could meet again. After this discussion we went a long time without speaking on the phone but I sometimes sent her text messages to take her news by deliberately omitting to remind her of our date.

Three months had passed. It was the end of the academic year. One day, when I got back from sport, I received his phone call; I was happy and surprised at the same time.

Me: hello the beautiful ghost, how are you?
Penda: Oh my God, am I your ghost? I'm fine, and you?
Me: Of course, you appear, you disappear and you reappear as you please...
Penda: Try to understand me. This is not done on purpose, we are assaulted. I do class and internship at the same time but currently we are on vacation since last Friday.
Me: I understand, success is not easy. But God is great.
Penda: Don’t forget to pray for me. In fact it was to tell you that if you are available this Saturday afternoon I will come by your place.
Me: Saturday, I haven't planned much. What time do you plan to pass by?
Penda: Around 5 p.m., is it okay?
Me: It's okay, that's fine with me. Let's say Saturday then.
Penda: Ok, see you on Saturday.

Here it is. I needed just one date to get started. So many people talk about the art of seduction but none of it ever suited or interested me because I hate the general. None of the “great masters” of seduction has underlined an important aspect in the conquest: each woman is unique, each date is unique and therefore any approach should naturally be and the whole must imperatively constitute a unique story.

Penda was a simple, discreet person who knew men well and was very careful. To gain her trust was not going to be easy. This is a part of his personality that I had to take into account because it was the keystone. This is why we had to take as much time as possible with her. My strategy then revolved around her confidence; to make myself accepted, to slip subtly into her daily life and to show her that I am worthy of her trust; that was my goal. Some would say this is manipulation and well it is. In fact, if someone ends up doing what you wanted them to do, it is simply because it is their will. My intention was most noble, I did not seek to cause her any harm. However, there are people who have a heavy past or who have witnessed a lot of abuse of trust that getting theirs becomes an obstacle course and so was Penda. Conversely, there are those who easily give their trust, some out of naivety and others out of kindness. I am a Saint Thomas that is to say that I only believe in what I see and my motto is “what the eye sees and the ear hears, the mind is ready to believe in it.”

The day of the meeting has arrived, I was calm as usual. After lunch I made my room, shaved my beard and took a bath. After the prayer of 5:00 pm, she called me to tell me that she was in front of my house. Really she was natural to die for. She wore a traditional “Meulfeu” like that of Moorish women, not only it suited her very well but also it completely covered her body. I ushered her into my room, let her sit on the bed, and I settled into the chair at my desk, creating a distance between us just to make her feel comfortable. I realized immediately that she was someone who had a lot of modesty because when I speak with someone I look him in the eyes and she could not keep my gaze, so I avoided staring at her. I did everything to make her feel confident and finally got there.

That day I didn't speak much; I just listened to her and realized the passion she had for what she was doing. I had respect for this woman, I swear. She knew what she wanted. The discussion was so interesting that I felt she had taken a liking to it herself. Around 7 p.m. she decided to go home.

Me: Already? Stay a little longer.
Penda: I would like a lot but I live far away, it is getting late and then you made me talk too much about me, I am even ashamed, that's enough.
Me: And yet, I have a different perspective. I see that you are very passionate about what you do and that is good, because, without this passion you will never do your tasks properly. But before you go on vacation, I wanna see you again, promise me.
Penda: I won't promise you anything, but we'll see.
Me: With you, it won’t be easy. Okay, I’ll stay tuned. But just know that I will appreciate it a lot. Bye.

In fact, she understood what this third date mattered and she wanted to run away, which she did. That day I wanted to tell her my feelings in her face. She never came to that third date on the pretext that she was unwell and then went on vacation. However, we were chatting all the time by text and sometimes until dawn.

That's it, this step was taken, and I was part of her life, her daily life. She even got mad at me when I went for half a day without texting her.

What encouraged and touched me the most was when things were not right at all it was me that she called and said that chatting with me made her feel good. So I couldn't take it anymore, I told her one day.

Me: Do you know why I wanted to see you before you left?
Penda: No, why?
Me: I wanted to tell you that I loved you and that from day one. Right now I can't take it any longer. But let me tell you for now that when we saw each other at Yann's, I understood that you were going to turn a lot of things in my life upside down and you are now. I will not tell you the reason I love you because there is none. I just wanted you to know. Accept me or reject me it's up to you but don't say anything for the moment until our next date I will know if it's yes or no. Right now I miss you and look forward to seeing you.
Penda: To be honest, I knew the why and that third date I knowingly missed it because I was not ready to hear what you just told me there. Now and I still am not but like you said, I take note and stay silent for the moment.
Me: Deal closed?
Penda: Market concluded!
Me: Well you owe me a tale today, so I'm listening to you.

We continued our discussions as usual and neither she nor I broached the subject again. Time passed, we got along wonderfully and got more and more intimate with each passing day. Without realizing it, she would sometimes call me baby or darling.

Two weeks later, she was due to return to Dakar and together we had already planned our meeting. She had chosen to come on a Saturday. When I asked her to come home on Saturday afternoon since she was traveling in the morning, she didn't hesitate and agreed. At around 6 p.m. she called me to tell me that she was in front of my house, to come and pick her up because she was ashamed to come in on her own. I go out and fall on her and give her a kiss.

Me: Hi you, I missed you a lot, how are you?
Penda: I missed you too.
Me: Let me take a look at you. Hmmmm! It looks like you were having a great time with your family, you got some “Salamalec” there.
Penda: What are you talking about?
Me: That means you grew from behind.
Penda: Lol, it's true that I put on weight.
Me: Only weight, you are right. Follow me.

With that we headed to my room. This rest had probably done her good, she was in good shape. We were discussing about everything and nothing; she told me about her vacation and asked me how mine was.

This time I was next to her, I breathed in her perfume, I gazed at her closely and unable to resist. I took her by surprise and kissed her. She was certainly very surprised but did not push me away; she just closed her eyes and let it go. It was just fairy. Then she stared at me, not with a threatening look but it was something else that I couldn't quite break down. So I tell him.

Me: Shout, hit me, and insult meif you want, but I don't regret my gesture, on the contrary.
Penda: Why are you saying that? There is no question of any of that.

Relieved because not knowing what that look meant, I give him a shot

Me: Do you remember when I told you that no need for words that I would know whether or not you accepted me.
Penda: Perfectly.
Me: Well I have my answer.
Penda: Oh, good. Sir thinks he knows everything. And what is it?
Me: Is it necessary to say what everyone knows?
Penda: Sometimes yes.
Me: Ok and can a small gesture replace a long speech?
Penda: Absolutely.

And there I kissed her again. However there I took all my time. A mysterious and pleasant energy took hold of my whole body; I took her by the waist, squeezed her against me and caught her delicious lips with passion. It was a unique moment.

Me: Convinced?
Penda: Entirely!

She let go and slipped into my arms.

Me: now what do you want from me?
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