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A passionate love between Penda and Malick. Then an ID card destroy everything... Maze (13), by N47

24 March 2021, N47

I was laughing like crazy, and she was super pissed off. It was not bad, but I was in a logic of building a great bond between us and destroying any form of pride. She was in all these states and it made me laugh. She pouted, and said she won't talk to me again. For one day she snubbed me so at night I called her.

Me: I had a lover somehow, where is she?
Penda: You dare calling me, leave me alone. You have no shame.
Me: I know, but only you know it. Tell me, are you still mad?
Penda: Of course, you insulted me.
Me: Sorry, please let burry the hatchets.
Penda: I don’t care. Never insult me again.
Me: You know I respect you a lot, it wasn't to hurt or disrespect you. I wanted to teach you something. In reality respect in a couple does not lie in this. Insult me as much as you want and I will not give a fuck because it doesn’t mean too much to me. Respect in a relationship lies in not doing things that might demean your partner, such as being in your infrequent places, with people not at all social, and embarking on other adventures. This is to respect your spouse, not to do things that could tarnish their reputation and honor because each other is respected and vice versa. I also wanted to show you that pride is the worst enemy a couple can have which is why I came back to ask your forgiveness and if it was necessary to crawl I will. Love is not a game of personality but of the heart and this game is called “Who loves more than the other.” Take your pride and I will take mine and let’s put them in a box we'll never open again.

With time and a lot of effort we had finally become a model couple in everyone's eyes. It was rare for me to see such a bond in a couple. Our friends, parents even envied us for this precious thing that all couples were looking for.

We had our own codes especially in public, we didn't have to talk to understand each other. She understood my deepest silences, knew my least desires and mastered by chorus my habits and me ditto.

When I think about it now, what got us to this level was the sincerity of our feelings and our actions, the honesty of our relationships. We complemented each other in every sense of the word both emotionally and materially. We supported each other financially, when she had a money problem, I helped her out and she did the same for me.

My whole family loved her and my mom even more. My friends often said to me “Jo, you're lucky, it's a real and rare phenomenon that you have there so don't be stupid, if we had someone who has a quarter of this Penda, we would have settled down. Don't mess it up!”

We were just in love and happy. She brought me love like never before. She had made me the keeper of her heart. She had become my bread when I was hungry and my refuge in bad times. She was inspiration, she was hope to me.

We had become the best partners this world has ever known. Every beat of my heart was for her because she had become the love of my life. I felt invincible and told myself that in joy or in misfortune, in a smile or in tears, hand in hand we will go through everything.

One day when we were together, her ID card fell out of her purse and some other belongings and I picked it up. I was surprised to find that we were born in the same year because in reality I thought I was a few years older than her. But I’m crazy, that’s not really important to me. So, I took it and told her.

Me: Boy, I did not know you were “a mother”, what is your secret?
Penda: Laughs…. “A mother?” No, anything but that. Or are looking for an equal?
Me: Then we are “ancestors” because this “ancestor” is apparently the same age as you.
Penda: Are you kidding?
Me: Of course, I am very serious. Wait I'll show you my ID card.

She had turned all gray and her eyes suddenly narrowed. She ran and left the room. I didn't want to follow her in order to avoid people asking questions. So, I let her go. I was very worried, I admit, and I also knew she wouldn't pick up the phone if I called her right now. I started asking myself a thousand and one questions and it was crazy how helpless I felt. After hours of worry, it was around 11 p.m. when she called me in tears. To see her cry is killing me I swear to you I hated that and I never understood why. Suddenly I felt my chest get very hot and I was angry with myself somewhere even though nothing that happened was both of us to blame.

Penda: Hello… (Sniff, sniff…)
Me: Yes, honey what are you doing to me? What have I done?
Penda: You never told me your age.
Me: Indeed, and besides we never broached the subject. Why?
Penda: Well, I can't marry someone who is the same age as me. I never wanted this. Our relationship cannot continue any longer because I could not live with this weight in my heart.
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