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Amadou Amadou (20): Binta’s “religious” dad unmasked!, by Ladyba

15 November 2020, Ladyba

The next day, Binta was watching a movie in the living room after dinner when she saw a number she didn't know calling her.

Amadou: Of course, you see it sounds like I am unique in this planet. I always face weird situations… This guy is Binta’s dad.
Saly: Eh? Binta, your Binta?
Amadou: Saly, how many Binta do you know?
Saly: Loooool so the religious, strict dad you were telling me about is him?
Amadou: Yes and very very busy with his work, he loves going to “seminaries.”
Saly: It sounds like his seminaries are happening here? He has been coming here for two years. And it is you who told me that he is religious because, he never talked about marriage ever. And it is Tapha who introduced me to him.
Tapha: Hey guys, guys are you going to fill me in. What’s up?
Amadou: Dude, thus guy is amazing. I wanted to marry his daughter and he refused. Supposedly i am not rich enough for their family nor well enough. They despised me because of that.
Tapha: Nooo, really? You are not good enough? I don’t know who, but apparently you are better than him. I know too much about this guy.
Amadou: What? Other than cheating on his wife, what else do you know about him?
Tapha: Lol… It looks like you love her daughter?
Amadou: Binta? Of course. If, I would never be at her house. She's really a very good girl.
Tapha: Ok, so let’s pick up a day so we can go ask to marry her daughter again.
Amadou: Looool, you are not listening to me
Tapha: No, you are not listening to me. If this old guy see me at his house, he will accept everything we ask for, including the hand of his daughter.
Amadou: Dude, it's too early. At this moment, I'm looking for an affordable apartment and I do not have enough money for the dowry.
Tapha: Looool. This old guy will never dare to ask us for dowry. Don’t be afraid, let’s do it.
Amadou: OK, give me a month until I find a new apartment.
Saly: But Amadou you can marry her and she stays with her parents until you find a home, it is not a big deal. And seeing what is happening between you and Binta, it is better to hurry before bad luck shows up.
Amadou: You are right, but Binta is mad at me since what happened last time.
Saly: Don’t worry about that, I’ll take care of it. Do everything to have her come to your place, I'll come and explain.
Amadou: Ok, I will.
Saly: The only problem is that if you marry Binta, I would have oto break up with my Sugar Daddy.
Amadou: Loool, of course. You’ll have to respect Binta.
Saly: Your friend being the father-in-law’s girlfriend. I have seen anything but I have never seen something like that.
Tapha: Loool… didn’t you say anything happens.
Saly: You are right, maybe that happens and people just don’t know. But Binta is a good person. I can't do this to her even though I could go on just to annoy her mom.
Amadou: Nooo Saly, you have to leave old men. Be careful, they will give you AIDS.
Saly: Don’t say that! God preserve me. But I will stop. I have no feeling for this old Dude anyway.
Amadou: Eh? What about the money he gives you?
Tapha: Lol, it's the end of the month, and we need to pay the rent. By the way, Saly we are hungry, bring the food while Amadou explains to me in detail his story with this Binta.
Saly: Lol… You giving me instructions like you paid for the food.
Tapha: Loool… Whatever.

Amadou told his story with Binta from the first day he met her until the day he made this plan with Saly.

Tapha: Waouhhh, it looks like Binta loves you. And you know, nowadays, it is rare to see real love without material interests. That is the kind of love I am looking for.
Amadou: I know, and I really love her. I tried to forget her because I said to myself his family does not love me and I cannot accept that they see me that way.
Tapha: You see, the look at you down, but God knows that you are better than them. Since I've known you, you have a big heart. Saly told me how you took care of Marietou when she was sick, you didn't even go out. Not all young people can do this. In addition, not many young people would also have agreed to wash cars, there are other easier ways to make a lot but a lot of money. Even you are better than me, it hard to hear but it’s true.
Amadou: Looool…
Saly: That is true, even me too. I chose the easy way. (Said Saly who returned with the Tapha dish…)
Tapha: It's true, and even your current work, I will never have done it even if it's more honest. I think you are spoiled this old dude, I'm telling you. You know I had problems in France and they gave me his number, when I got back I called him. Although at the beginning I wanted to be clean but, it is hard if you are used to easy money. I tried the first months to be a security guard, it was too hard, my body didn't want to follow even if I wanted to, I assure you. And I held out for a few days, but after that I gave up.
Amadou: Hahahah, Tapha you are killing me.
Saly: Looool, seriously, you only seent 3 days at that job.
Tapha: Hahaha, you see me as a security guard at a bank? Everybody sleeping and you are the only one there on a chair for hours… What a job.
Amadou: No tapha… But that's what making a living from your own sweat is all about. It's valid for both of you, Saly you're a girl.
Tapha: Loool, dude you're not listening to me. I accept, I could do better.
Saly: Hahahaha, Tapha thank you for accepting it.
Tapha: Lol, Amadou will not change. You are lecturing us. Okay I'm going. In fact, this old men is always on fishy things and I won't give you all the details. But trust me, I have all of his files.
Saly: Now Amadou, you have to be reconciled with Binta. Schedule a date so you can go see her.
Amadou: Ok I hope Binta will forgive me, I was really stupid.
Saly: You made a mistake indeed.
Amadou: Pffff, and you helped me on that.
Saly: Lol, but I didn't know Binta. But seriously when I saw her that day, I felt bad.
Tapha: Both of you are the same. Saly, as usual, you accept everything Amadou asks you.
Amadou: We are friends.
Saly: And you cannot do anything against it. Leave us alone.

They spent the rest of the day remembering their youthful delusions.

On the way home, Amadou was thinking about how to get Binta to forgive him. She wasn't calling him anymore and he was sure she wouldn't answer his calls anymore. When she got home, seeing Mother Astou's children playing in the courtyard, she had an idea and went to talk to Astou about it.

The next day, Binta was watching a movie in the living room after dinner when she saw a number she didn't know calling her.

Binta: hello
Tata Astou: hello Binta, it’s Astou.
Binta: Ah mom, is everything OK?
Tata Astou: Yes, everything is fine. I want you to come and talk about Mamy and her work at school. Since I don't know anything about it, I would like your opinion on something.
Binta had a lot of affection for Astou's children, she often brought them cookies, sweets, clothes etc…. and the latter too had become attached to her. She often played for hours with them when she came to see Amadou.
Binta: Ah Ok mum, no problem. Tomorrow I will not be able to come. But Thursday I will pass by.
Tata Astou: Thank you very much my daughter. I miss you, you abandoned us.
Binta: Don’t say that, I will be there. Say hi to the children.
Tata Astou: Ok see you on Thursday
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