Lydia, an unmasked liar and cheater... Maze (7)

Published on January 24, 2021, N47

“I can't take it anymore; I have to tell you the truth. My ex and I actually never broke up, we still see each other.”

Time was doing what it knew how to do best: flow, and we didn't realize it. Like at the start of any relationship, everything was going very well. The world revolved around her I felt in love and loved. At one time I was doing an internship which was not very well paid but the most important for me was the experience capital. Lydia was always waiting to be oriented in the meantime we were still living our romance.

I trusted her and showed no jealousy. I had asked her one day in a chat how the breakup went with her ex, she must have been unwilling to talk about it but that she had done well with him. I replied that is fine with me as long as the breakup has been consummated and since that day I have not raised this debate. She often came to the house, and my sisters, my mother knew her and liked her very much. I even introduced her to my only friend Yann who told me about one of their discussions.

- Yann: you know my friend likes you.
- Lydia: (laughter) I know it and have no fear I will take care of him.
- Yann: Y better take care of him, because I don't know if you realized it but it is a man that you have, a real one. It's not because he's my friend but I'm just saying what I know about him. He is very sincere in what he does and in what he says, he is faithful to his associates but a little stupid I admit. We've known each other for almost 15 years, I know everything about him and him about me. He is kind, generous, however I warn you no matter how strong his love for you, if you cheat on him or do anything like that, you will lose him and know that no one will make him go back. Remember him, he doesn't escape, a whole people like him running the streets. But be careful too, to my knowledge he has never hit a woman but there is still someone nervous, I told you that he can be crazy. If he got angry, he does not back down easily. On the other hand if he wrongs you, he will ask forgiveness without embarrassment. He is also proud but know that a woman is able to do to her man things that her own mother could not get from him, what you want is love you will never understand. So it's up to you to know him well and know how to get what you want from him. I won’t be the one teaching you the tips. Finally, in any relationship, it is the woman who is the regulator, they are certainly mutually responsible but the woman is much more.
- Lydia: Yann you are a sincere friend I admit he has told me a lot about you but don't worry I love him with all my heart and I am not crazy enough to let him go. When I look at him it is my future that I see, I want to be and stay with him. You never know I haven't been so much in love in my life. Pray for us, you will see for yourself.
- Yann: Ah God protect you and bless you then.

I was very happy to hear those words. However as the awakening is always brutal in the nightmare, mine was even more so and I realized that I had been dreaming for too long.

It all started when their orientations were out and she had to return to Gaston Berger University in Saint Louis. One day around 4 p.m. she called me:

- Lydia: hello (in tears)
- Me: Yes honey what's going on? You cry?
- Lydia: Babe, can you come by please I need to talk to you.
- Me: ok I'm coming, but calm down.

Not knowing what it was, I was worried but I kept my calm.

- Me: what's going on honey?
- Lydia: We are going to be separated my heart, the orientations are out and I have to join Saint Louis.
- Me: What? Are you kidding me? I thought someone wanted to kill you or else, you are telling me those little details.
- Lydia: Details? Han details? Do not touch me. It’s my fault. I am the one crying for details…
- Me: Listen, don't get angry please. What I meant was that we both knew this could happen, plus we have to secure our future first. Be a little positive and tell yourself that a lot of high school graduates wish they had this chance, to go to the best university in West Africa. The future is first and foremost individual and it is neither I nor anyone else who will build it for you. So dry your tears, be strong and go manage your future. As far as we are concerned, if in the end we will always be together, then it would be just because of the strength of our love and our common will to be together. By the way, did I say I did thirteen years in Saint Louis?

- Lydia: Who you? You never told me.
- Me: well you will undoubtedly fall in love with this city, its beauty and its calm, I guarantee it.

In the end I managed to calm her down and encourage her, but inside me too I knew that this departure would create a great void since we had become too attached to each other.

The school year had started and she had been gone a few months now. I missed her very much, so one day I surprised her around 7am I called her:

- Me: Hello baby, did I wake you up?
- Lydia: What, you say “I wake you up?” You did it on purpose.
- Me: Lol, I can smell your slime so far. So tell me, do you want a visitor?
- Lydia: Of course.
- Me: Perfect! I am in Saint Louis currently. I am going to the Sindoné district, after I will come to the campus.
- Lydia: What are you there? Don’t play around with me.
- Me: I am serious. Take a bath and make a good breakfast, I'm coming.

She cried out with joy like a child.

- Lydia: ok my love.

It was a Saturday morning, we spent the weekend together and it was with great regret that I had to leave her on Sunday, but I took comfort in the idea that it would soon be the end of school.

I don't know why but people have tendency to change and that's a shame. For me it is the symbol of the weakness of a person. During the holidays I ran into her ex near her house, I didn't watch him far from home but I recognized him. However, I didn’t have enough elements to discuss with Lydia about that. Me in these kinds of situations I do not rush, I take my time, I gather evidence with dates and hours before broaching the subject otherwise she would know that I suspect something, it would make her suspicious and suddenly I will have great difficulty in discovering the truth.

She had become distant, she was hiding and even refused that I touched her cell phone. I then felt the end is nearing. I'm talking to guys. Don't get me wrong these are the warning signs that you are being cheated. The holidays were over, she had to go back. Her text messages, her calls were becoming scarce and that's why she sent this message “all inattention is attention to something else.” She justifies herself after that to say that the lessons take all her time, but that does not mean that she does not think about me. So I was talking about it with Yann.

- Me: Boy you know me, I'm not going to hide it from you. Things are not like they were with Lydia anymore.

I explain everything to him.

- Yann: What are you talking about? With all that she has served me as promises.
- Me: you make me laugh. In any case nothing that the human being does will surprise me now because a human being is capable of everything. I'm telling you one thing, either she's very sincere or she's a great actress, but either way I got used to the idea that it can stop at any time.
- Yann: You are not losing anything. She is the one losing. But life goes on.
- Me: Lol, you know my old philosophy, if the eyes are at the front of our head and not at the back it's because whatever the case we should always look ahead and move forward.

I would say that it is from there that I made an emotional detachment and devote myself entirely to my career and I said to myself what will happen I am ready since I was born, I am currently resolutely committed to go forward and sweep away with the back of the hand anything and everyone that would hamper or retard my advancement.

We sometimes went a week without speaking on the phone and to my surprise I was not at all sorry. So far I haven't told her anything and it was on purpose, I wanted to push her to surrender on her own, to tell the truth about herself without constraint. Something she soon did. We saw each other again over the Christmas holidays and two days later she sent me this text that I will never forget because it was so eagerly awaited.

She said “I can't take it anymore; I have to tell you the truth. My ex and I actually never broke up, we still see each other.”

I smile and say to myself: for God's sake why is fidelity so difficult? How is it difficult for women to be honest? When we love the person more or are happier with them, there are not 36 solutions we tell him and we leave him damn it. I did not respond to her message, I took my shoes and headed home...

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