Life is full of surprises and you never know... Maze (1)

Published on October 27, 2020, N47

Life is full of surprises and you never know what but something always falls on your head. We will never be in control of what will happen but we always have the power over how to react and manage.

If today I decide to write a column, it's because there are people in my head. Without looking for words, ideas and stories are formed and gurgling in my little head. Alas, I am an unproductive inspiration. I note nothing, they appear I feed them with my imagination until they take shape and develop them until they become a life a bit like yours, a bit like mine and then pafff they are dissipate in the early morning like dew at the tip of the Sun King.

I always told myself it wasn't worth it since I will never be a writer and chose not to live in the spotlight. The sensational is not my thing, I care a lot about the simplicity and tranquility of my daily life. But there is absolutely nothing I can do about it, the desire is still there, so I decided to share with you a part of my short life through this column that I have called the Maze.

A maze is a path full of dead ends, false trails, obstacles which usually loses those who unfortunately dare to venture there. Our theme is very complex, unpredictable, often unfair and deadly, but full of good things that can only be discovered by persevering. We've all been there, and the survivors find that it's precious and paltry at the same time.

A lot of people got lost on the way and it is regrettable. Knowing what you want, believing in yourself and giving yourself the means to achieve it are our only weapons because once inside it is impossible to turn back. The only options left for us are to give up and disappear into the depths of nothingness as if we never existed or to fight incessantly without respite, relentlessly. This maze we are talking about here is nothing other than LIFE. This odyssey with its ups and downs, its sufferings and its joys.

Legend has it that Zeus gave Pandora a box, advising her not to open it under any circumstances, but like any fallible being, curiosity got the better of her and she opened it. Thus came out of this box all the evils that humanity is currently experiencing, hypocrisy, betrayal, greed, dishonesty, lies and so one… and so one, but basically remained a small thing but weighing heavier than all the other elements put together. This thing keeps us going, gives us the strength to believe when everything seems to be drowning. This is my most favorite thing in life and that thing is HOPE. Whoever possesses this element becomes independent, the master of his destiny, and since misfortune feeds on our anxieties and fears, hope is the only thing he fears.

Life is full of surprises and you never know what but something always falls on your head. We will never be in control of what will happen but we always have the power over how to react and manage.

We will discover together during this chronicle the surprises that Madam life has served me, who thinks she can do everything possible but do not think that this life that I am about to tell you is only mine, it is also yours, that of someone you know.

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