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CHRONICLE - Shores of Despair: My life between happiness and sorrow (2), by Safinousta - SEYTOO.COM






Shores of Despair: My life between happiness and sorrow (2)


She began to recognize that men were not all monsters, that there may be good men in this world, but the distrust that she had developed in recent years took over and she promised herself to never contact him…

Published on June 09, 2020, Safinousta

I looked at her from the stand where I was, running on the fine sand of the beach, the wind in her loose hair, she wore a smile up to her ears when she saw a stranger come and bring her beach mat. She came to see it fly away a few minutes before. He helped her to spread it out well, something she refused me arguing that she was big enough now. Leaving her to manage a little, I took the opportunity to go get us some food and some refreshments, I returned to her when I heard her conversing with this stranger. Usually I overprotect her, I don't trust anyone when it comes to my little girl. But the face of this man gave me a touch of sympathy that made me feel reassured when I saw him with her.

- The Unknown: Hello little lady!
- Asta: Hello sir!
He knelt down and took her hands which he tried to get rid of the sand.
- The Unknown: So what is the name of such a pretty girl like you?
- Asta: my name is Aissata, but all my friends and my mom call me Asta.
- The Unknown: And what would you prefer me to call you?
- Asta: Ah for you, I will say Asta because you are nice to me.
- The Unknown: Oh, I'm honored, I'm Cheikh. But tell me what is Asta doing alone here? Or someone accompany you?
- Asta: yes I'm with my mom, she went to buy some things, she comes back... By the way, she is there
- The Unknown: Ah yes? Where?
- Asta: right behind you
- Mayriam: Hi!

He turned around, then turned a little before finding his balance (he was still on his knees). It took more than a minute for him to respond to my greeting, as if he had just seen a ghost. What I was for him, now that I see him more closely, I realize that it was not the first time that I met this so captivating look, these eyes of such intense black, this fine nose, those lips so well drawn… I found myself admiring the handsomeness of this man, but I pulled myself together straight away.

He stood up and hastened to shake my hand.

- The Unknown: Excuse me, I allowed myself to chat a little with your daughter, my name is Cheikh Ndiaye and you?
- Mayriam: Mayriam Chehab, delighted!
- Cheikh: The pleasure is all mine! If I am not mistaken, I have already seen you somewhere ... (He was sure to have already seen me, because this face haunted many of his nights)
- Mayriam: Indeed, that is what I said to myself.

They were there playing those who were desperately trying to remove the veil over a vague memory of an encounter, when Asta made them jump with his crying.

- Asta: Mom my juice is getting warm. Can someone please open it for me?

They laughed and realized that they had completely forgotten about the little one.

- Mayriam: Oh honey, excuse me, come on.

Cheikh was about to leave when the little girl asked her mother if the nice man could stay with them for a while. Something that did not displease Cheikh who, having lost his means could not have said much to keep the conversation going. He tells himself that he would do everything to see Mayriam again.

- Mayriam: (she seemed to hesitate a bit then), yes darling, he can stay a little if he has not planned something else of course.
- Cheikh: oh no, it would be my pleasure!

They were there chatting, then when it was time to bathe, Cheikh volunteered to give a few swimming lessons to Asta. Mayriam preferred to watch them because it was more to console herself and clear her head as she had come to admire the sea and the magic of its landscape.

They watched the sunset together then the girls decided to go back. He offered to drive them home on his car, but Mayriam refused and thanked him. He wanted to ask her number, but Mayriam somewhat closed face did not encourage him, he decided to give her his business card.

He watched them drive away in the taxi he had paid for them, then decided to get into his car, and there he stayed for minutes still remembering that famous day when he met the woman he was desperate to find…

«« « A little step back: 5 years ago » »»

- The voice of a nurse: Mr Ndiaye we ask you at the reception
- Cheikh: Thank you, Madame Ba.

He was entering the great hall when he saw that face which expressed deep sorrow, but at the same time so magnificent; he suddenly wanted to help this woman, this complete stranger sitting in one of the luxurious armchairs of the reception of the Azura clinic, but who seemed completely indifferent to the warmth of the decor. He was about to walk over to her when someone called out to him. It was his little sister who came on summer vacation to see him before going to find the rest of the family in Thies, Senegal.

- Binta: She almost knocked him down, taking him in her arms, (she was so happy to find him, her little brother), how are you?
- Cheikh: Ah well little sister! Happy to see you again
- Binta: What about me...
- Cheikh: And your trip, not too tired?
- Binta: No, just a little bit, however I'm hungry like a wolf!
- Cheikh: wait for me to fill out some paperwork and be yours, follow me!

A few moments later they came out of Cheikh's office, but to his disappointment, the mysterious woman was gone. After asking the receptionist, he learned that the woman had received a phone call and that she was quick to leave without consulting her. Cheikh chooses the restaurant right next to his clinic since he only had a 45-minute of break. It was when he left his sister and headed back for the clinic that he witnessed a scene that did not leave him indifferent.

It was a young couple in a car parked near his building. His curiosity was heightened by the threatening tone of the guy who almost slapped the woman at one point, the latter did not cry a word. Having never endured the violence, he decided to go to them.

- Cheikh: excuse me, it seems to me that the lady forgot to undergo a last test, I would like to make sure, I introduce myself Mr. Ndiaye I am his doctor. Would you be so kind as to let her do this test or my diagnosis will be incomplete?

He discreetly winked at the stranger.

The man, not knowing what to say, gives him a yes that he barely pronounced.
- Mayriam: she hurried to follow the doctor, still silent and thanked him once they were away from the guy.

But unfortunately for him, he did not have time to know much about her because his beeper told him that he was needed in the emergency room…

And since he swore to find her, he didn't even know why he cared about this stranger but had a mad desire to protect her.

«« « Back to present time »» »

Mayriam had just put her sleeping daughter in her arms a while ago and promised herself not to shed a tear, to sleep that night. She was thinking of the day when Cheikh had saved her from the hands of his tyrant husband. She began to recognize that men were not all monsters, that there may be good men in this world, but the distrust that she had developed in recent years took over and she promised herself to never contact him…

From the same contributor, Safinousta

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