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CHRONICLE - Shores of Despair: My life between happiness and sorrow (3), by Safinousta - SEYTOO.COM



Shores of Despair: My life between happiness and sorrow (3)


Mina revealed to me that she was still single that she had found a guy but… he was white and his family was racist. She preferred to end the relationship and focus on her career; she always argued that men were in the background, that she would never make a man his priority, so she quickly gave up.

Published on June 12, 2020, Safinousta

The weather is nice outside today, unlike the last few days when the rain kept falling, believe that nature has sought its roof so much that it has watered the thirst it had accumulated during these last months of heat wave, I even think that it has built up a beautiful reserve, in addition to these stagnant waters which that trap certain houses and tarnish the image of the capital. There's a lot to do in this country. Friday, not very sunny with a soft wind, it was the ideal conditions to go to do some shopping.

It was 10:45 am on my watch, I have time before picking up my little girl, I enrolled her in an institute so that she could take some Quran lessons before the big start of the school year. First I need to choose a few decorative items for the decoration of my apartment, it's been 2 weeks since I was there and I still haven't finished unpacking my boxes. But I didn't have enough time, between looking for a job and the hassles of divorce, and above all, I didn't have the head on that.

How can we wish to brighten up your living environment when your whole life is almost over. The divorce has just been officially declared, yes two years of fighting against Momar who never wanted this break up. Fortunately for me, I was able to have custody of my baby with child support of 250,000 XOF. I would have given everything so that she never grew up with this man.

Now that there is really no more tensions mainly on the side of my family which did not appreciate the fact that a woman in the process of divorce can go live alone with her daughter. I preferred to get out of the family yoke especially that the real link that kept me there, my mother, died 3 years ago. As the only daughter I grew up with my mother who never go remarried and with her little brother and her family… I had to open a new page in my life, a space where I will stand on my own two feet, a space. I will live this time for myself and not for others…

Last step, Casino Supermarket, I was already able to find the items I wanted, and I was able to negotiate for immediate delivery. I was heading to the toiletries department when bammm! I came face to face with an old friend, she was my best, but the distance, the silence had kept us away.

-… Mina !!!!!!!
-...: Mayriam !!!!!!!

We cried together, at that time, the years of relational emptiness had given way to a crazy need to manifest the happiness of being together. After a few hugs and a few discussions where she summed up her few years spent in France we decided to go have a drink.

- Mayriam: You know I always told myself that you had forgotten me, that you had other relationship priorities
- Mina: Imagine that I also thought about you, and I really regret that these misunderstandings made us suffer, but what matters is that we are here now. I am back and this time for good. So tell me about your marriage, I learned about it from Ishmael. The poor man he really loved you.
-Mayriam: Really? And what has he become?
-Mina: He lives now in Paris; he has become a brilliant Financier and got married last year.
-Mayriam: oh that's good, I'm really happy for him.

Mina revealed to me that she was still single that she had found a guy but… he was white and his family was racist. She preferred to end the relationship and focus on her career; she always argued that men were in the background, that she would never make a man his priority, so she quickly gave up.

- Mina: so, who’s the lucky one !?
-Mayriam: ... actually I got divorced.
-Mina: wakhall diamm! lolou kagne la? (Oh my God. When did that happen?)
-Mayriam: for me this status is the best thing that happened to me.

She looked at me with such compassion that I couldn't help myself, I exploded in front of her.

-Mina: Come on…

She took me in her arms and offered me to comfort me.

- Mina: Don’t cry my beautiful. Please tell me everything.

I started to calm down and decided for the first time to confide to her about myself...

-Mayriam: it was never my choice, it was imposed on me. You know the day of your departure (10 years ago), after having dropping you at the airport, Ismaël had convinced me. After having insisted so much I ended up going home with him. He wanted me to present him to my family, he was very well received…
-Mina: Bilay (I swear), I thought it was a miracle back then when you saw your uncle who overprotected you.
-Mayriam: You know “Antiphrasis”, right?
-Mina: nooooo, they “massacred” him?
-Mayriam: I prefer to be “massacred” than to have to undergo this humiliation. As soon as I said goodbye, I could already see my aunt watching her from head to toe. She barely answered our greeting.
-Me (Mayriam): auntie where is mom?
-Auntie: in the living room
-Me: thank you, aunt this is my boyfriend, his name is Ismael.
-Auntie: What’s your last name? Where do you live?
-My boyfriend: Gassama, I live not far from here.
-Auntie: I hope you do not live at Wélé’s house, that lady who is cooking for us when we have to celebrate something?
-My boyfriend: No, I don’t live there. However, Wélé is my aunt.
-Auntie: Mayriam lately you are going out too much. Be careful, you may get into some troubles. You better adjust. “Tchiiiiiiiip…”

I was speechless; I couldn't believe she told him that. And my mom was watching the entire scene from where she was sitting. She got up immediately and came.


- Mom: Hello, how are you…

She didn't even give us time to answer her. Hey, you took too much time. I want you to go finish the dinner. You’ve been with this guy since this afternoon… a sheep should be with sheep.

- Me: ... yes.

I almost could not talk. I felt that the ground was shaking under my feet as I was ashamed, so I was sorry for Ismaël. He barely whispers “I have to go…” I didn't even have time to walk with him home.

-Mina: What?! They believe in these medieval stuffs?
-Me: you haven't heard anything yet, this is just the beginning...

From the same contributor, Safinousta

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